Best free Portfolio Sites

The Best Free Portfolio Pages

There are 6 large portfolio pages for freelance authors (most of which are free). Anything in the era of everything on-line, your web site can shape or interrupt your professional life - especially if you're just getting started. Whilst societal medias can do miracles (a few thousand Twitter follower never damage the credentials of a freelancer), you need more than that than your business cards can.

This is where your portfolio comes in. Generally speaking, a website that encourages your freelancing must have two things: Clear design: It' s not that difficult to build a website that meets these two fundamental requirements, and you have many good portfolio designing utilities to help you get there.

We' ve seen how Pinterest works as a write portfolio, but here are six more of the best places to showcase your work and help you find your next free-lance work: Pinterest: Journo Portfolio allows you to build a simple, up-to-date portfolio for your business. It' simple to use: customise the look of your website with six different topics and arrange your clip into any number of pages or block of contents.

Another neat thing is the variety of ways you can split materials: just directly hyperlink to clip (just enter the URL and Journo Portfolio gets the titles, publishing, date and content), or load almost any kind of media, incl. PDF, video and pictures. It'?s a cool feature: Journo Portfolio is a blogging tool that allows you to directly log into Journo Portfolio.

FOR FREE for a name.journoportfolio.comURL ( 10 items max), or $5 to $10 per months for the trial version ( the limitless pages, item backups and the option to use your own domains, such as Klippings. me was developed especially for free-lance journalists. As with Journo Portfolio, you can create hyperlinks, post PDF files, or even embedded multi-media content, complete with Podcasts.

It'?s a cool feature: This is a good option if you just need to do your job on-line and don't worry about it. FOR FREE for the base edition (max. 16 items), $4.99-$11. The best part? Since Muck Rack will create and manage the portfolio for you (by automating the compilation of items, outlet and community profile ), this is one of the simplest ways to manage both setup and upkeep.

Easily customise your site by including a biography, list your beat, and highlight your best music. It'?s a cool feature: A fantastic thing is the possibility to pose the particular themes or beat you don't want to discuss - which restricts the number of off-targetitches you have. Complimentary for journalist.

Press folios is another portfolio location specifically aimed at reporters. Press folios cuts a PDF file every single times you load a play and stores it in theoud. This way, you don't have to be worried that your letter will disappear even if the initial sites go down. It'?s a cool feature: Press Folios has a Google Chrome expansion that lets you expand your portfolio with one click from the sources of a single storyline.

This is not a classic portfolio site (nor is it intended exclusively for authors), but it's a really good option if you integrate graphic art or styling into your work. It' s fast responding designs are extremely robust - an important element when potential customers want to see your texts on their mobile phone or tablet.

Whilst there are many website creation utilities - such as Wix and Weebly - Squarespace stands out for its slim graphical look. It'?s a pretty good feature: The ability to interact with a genuine person when you have a problem or problem can make freelancing so much simpler. Pricing: $12-$26 per monthly for trial version (which includes all limitless pages, space and a free customized domain).

WorldPress is the grandfather of CMS platform. Although not specifically designed for author portals, the pleasure of WordPress is that you can do just about anything you want with it. It' s available as a completely free, straightforward blogs, as a paying subscription site with more chimes and pipes, or as "install it yourself and do whatever you want," as webmaster Jon Norris put it.

While your default WordPress topics are not perfect for portfolio work, Google is looking for "WordPress portfolio topics" and you have everything you want - WordPress even has this special portfolio split page! It' a great place for those who want a lot of choices and full creativity controls (and who don't mind grappling with a little CSS).

It'?s a cool feature: Because WordPress is so customizable, it can be a good starting point if you think you want something beyond a portfolio site somewhere on the line. In this way, if you realise that you want to be both a free-lance author and a professional photographer, you are not trapped on a stage where you cannot show off your other abilities.

GRATIS for a simple blogs, the heaven is the frontier for more creativity. Which are some of your favourite free-lance portfolio samples?

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