Best free Wordpress Templates

Top Free Wordpress Templates

Top 40 free WordPress themes for 2018 Selecting a topic for your WordPress page is similar to selecting a WordPress hosting. The large variety of free topics on the open source web - both in the WordPress Topics Directory and on third-party websites - makes it hard to limit your possibilities to the best. Fast Google searching for "WordPress topics" delivers over 819,000,000,000 results.

Whilst we certainly can't provide you with an overview of all available topics for your website, we can point out some of the best free WordPress topics from across the web. They can find topics for almost any niche in this listing, covering e-commerce, breaking news, economics and photographing. This article will focus on the importance of choosing the right topics.

Then, we'll give you a look at forty of the best free WordPress topics you might want to consider for your website in 2018. Put in simple terms, a topic is a set of data that controls how the content of your website is viewed. In the absence of a suitable topic, your website would appear in essence as a sceleton.

There would be the major ingredients, such as your contents and functions, but there would be no concomitant "skin" that controls the look. They can find website topics that are suitable for many niche and purpose, especially for WordPress pages. While some are free (like the ones we presented below), others are paid for ( "premium" with enhanced features).

However, the choice of a topic can seem daunting, especially with the thousand of choices available. Main characteristics and functions. As you search for topics, think about the different functions and functions your website needs. It would be very useful to have a high-performance page layout page templates for a specific topic. Past and present user ratings can give you an idea of each topic, as well as its pros and cons.

It is possible for a topic to become outdated without the right kind of assistance. The choice of a topic with regular updating and constant development inputs is important if you want to preserve the health of your website. In order to make your searching even simpler, we suggest that you first consider the functions you need for your website.

Next, you'll find some topics that contain these functions and reduce the listing based on our other two criterias (Ratings/Reviews and Support/Updates). Taking into account the above mentioned criterion lists, the forty topics below have been selected for their multiple functions and functions. If you are not sure where to begin your topic discovery, these are great starting points.

Sydney is an ideal destination for freelance professionals, agents and businesses looking for a business-oriented and adaptable subject. Featuring a full-screen slide bar, gooey browsing and the ability to post logos, this topic provides many features aimed at professional-looking web sites. Yet with full Google font accessibility and full controls over layouts and colour choices, there's a lot of customisation to help you tailor your designs to your unique brands.

Further functions are mobility reactivity, inclusion of societal symbols and complete translating capabilities - basically everything you need for the operation of a fully functioning corporate website. When you need a design that' loaded with premier functionality - plus user-defined Widgets, a drag-and-drop page creator, and an integrated suite - but without the pricing label, Flash should be at the top of your agenda.

The ThemeGrill Demo Importer is a free, uniquely designed tool that provides several pre-built demo files that you can simply import and download to your website. Flash lets you build a blogsite, corporate website, or one-page web site to showcase your work. Beginners and seasoned developers alike can take advantage of free online support.

Emphasizes the various functions and styling choices of the topic, and you can refer to it to get your website up and and running as quickly as possible. It is a contemporary and appealing storefront themed website that fits perfectly into WooCommerce. There are also a number of useful e-commerce functions, such as an option to scroll to top key, shopping spreadcrumbs and the possibility to add your own trademark name.

Joining Shopera is easy and makes it a great starting topic for beginners who own an on-line shop. The available developing and designing features are sufficiently sophisticated to be suited for more experienced WordPress user and developer. In the creation of a professionally designed website, a hint of sophistication can go a long way.

Llorix One Lite lets you build an stylish website with a contemporary and minimalist touch. The design contains a full picture on the title page and can be integrated into a wide range of favorite plug-ins (such as WooCommerce, MetaSlider and bbPress). Indeed, his offers are impressing for a free subject.

The Llorix One Lite offers out-of-the-box premier functionality so you can quickly build a working website. Accessing the Premium Option, Space can be used to smoothly build a professionally looking website for companies, agents, freelancers and more. It is a topic with a certain amount of variety, encompassing ready-made page layout, templates, and 13 user-defined widgets.

Whilst you might be trying to pick a topic with all the little bell and whistle, sometimes it is simply the right way. Stroker is one such topic, ideal for beginners and blogs looking for a sound starting point. Stroker provides a clear styling that you can use as it is, or personalise as you wish.

Customisation includes the possibility to customise your own logos, headers, backgrounds and link to people. Beginner as well as intermediate learners will appreciate the ease and customizability of this bootstrap-based design. With Virtue you can build just about any website, whether you are a marketeer, an agent or a blogshop.

One of the perhaps most useful functions of this topic is the inclusion of schema micro data. Sapely is a one-page WordPress topic that lets you create breathtaking Landing Pages, Portfolio Pages or your own website using versatile Widget tools. Basically, as a one-stop store for WordPress topics, Swapely is conceived. Among the available choices are test stories, portals, service information, and much more.

The free design also contains lots of documentations that show you how to correctly setup the design, setup your site, and easily integrate any widget area. Customizr, as the name implies, is an easily customizable design that is suited for novices and pros both. It lets you build nice and portable web sites, be it for your blogs, your e-commerce store or your company.

They can also add premier functionality to your website - incorporating bubbles (containing a symbol and text description) and socially relevant images - and integrating the topic with favorite plug-ins such as WooCommerce and cbPress. Customizing provides you with a set of documents that makes it simple to understand how to make the most of the topic and its many functions.

Designed specifically for shopkeepers and sales agents, iFeature is a multifaceted piece of furniture that you can use for almost any use. You can apply the styling choices on a global scale, or you can customise your website page by page - giving you almost unlimited opportunities. iFeature is also fully reactive over favorite touch-friendly peripherals, such as smart phones and tables.

To make a nice landing page you can integrate the imageslider or use the high-performance themes option to build a web site that presents your best work.

Nearly everyone can take advantage of the functionality offered by optimizers, small business, agency, freelancer and more. IsleMag offers a rotary slide control, a place for screen advertising and even a reviews system and can help you design the contemporary and eye-catching magazines website you want. Featuring a default homepage artwork for the magazines, this topic allows you to construct a high-performance website that is targeted to your business of interest.

Furthermore, this topic can be integrated into many other favorite plug-ins, such as SiteOrigin Page Builder, Jetpack and Contact Form 7 (to name a few). Using this topic, you can build a vibrant and diverse website with its draft and fall themes and 13 Widget areas (including bottom and side bar placements).

Now you can design almost any lay-out you can think of, for practically any alcove. Optionally, you can update to the MH Magazines topic, but we find that the free edition contains almost everything you need for your journal page. Contemporary blends with tradition in this fully customisable design for your website and your businesses.

The Moesia site is very flexible and professionally run, and it is a great starter topic to start with. After all, this topic provides opportunities for integrating your site with your site so that your users can interact with you through your online presence. This is the central issue for your commercial or pro portfolios and represents a minimum and appealing choice for your entire website.

Integrate a full width slide control, section, services area and contacts area into your home page to create a fully operational one-page website. Alternatively, you can include these functions on different websites for a multi-page excitement. And if you want to extend your range of businesses, you'll be happy to know that your company is WooCommerce-compliant.

When you want to set up a real estate investment project, you should use a neat, professionally designed office. This is where Vantage comes in, providing a clear and contemporary look for creative and entrepreneurial professionals equally. Probably Vantage's most powerfull features are its tight integrations with high-performance plug-ins, such as Page Builder and Meta Slider, which allow you to create an appealing and highly responsive website.

Furthermore, Vantage allows shop owner to seamlessly integrate Vantage into WooCommerce. Noteworthy additional functions such as a customizable raster view for photos, artworks and publications, and thread annotations make it easy for your users to get in touch with you and each other. Given so much growing opportunity in eCommerce, it's never too early to get on the train and open your own eCommerce shop - and Storefront can help.

As this topic comes from the WooCommerce developer, you can easily embed the e-commerce solution into your website and start to sell immediately. You can also include a breathtaking wallpaper of your own on the front page and build custom products using the various choices available. It is a blog-style topic perfectly suited for blogs, editors, journalists and budding editors who want to let their creative juices out.

It is a minimalist design that uses a lot of room for a clear look. It also allows you to include widgets in your page bar - such as archive, browse and category - to make your website more user-friendly. In addition, the design is optimised for the use of searching machines so that your website can be found more readily in the Google results pages.

oceanWP is a multifaceted topic with a multitude of applications, encompassing e-commerce, web marketing, web marketing, web marketing, web marketing, web marketing, web marketing, web marketing, business publishing, web marketing, web blogging and portfolio sites. Especially developer will appreciate the versatility of this nice yet still highly developed topic. Featuring a full-width title and cover screen, 13 demonstration modes, and a dozen enhancements.

No matter whether you want to integrate your own presentations, spotlight your latest blogs, or sketch out the range of goods and service you are offering, this is an opportunity you may want to look into. Unilateral topics are becoming more and more important for good reasons. When you choose this topic, you have full visibility over what your visitor sees, when and how they see it.

The One Page Express provides a pre-built homepage and the ability to include more than 30 areas oftent. Whilst you can use a one-page design like this for virtually any use, it is perfect for target pages, corporate pages and portrait pages. It is a feature-packed, palladium WordPress topic that is perfect for companies, creative professionals and blogs.

Featuring a slide bar and motion descriptions as well as a useful grid-style blogscape, it provides many extra customisation possibilities (including colour selections, widgets, menu bars and even searchable search links). Perhaps the most useful Athena features, however, is the ability to customize your own music. Save a lot of processing effort because you can see changes in Real Times and is a great complement to a free topic.

A fast-reacting and minimum topic, Wedge can help you turn your blogs into a nice website that' s worth envying. Its look is easy and straightforward, and its customisable templates help you build a professionally styled website. It' is a good choice for a business or agencies blog, especially because it contains templates for contacts and galleries, both of which can be used to enhance your company's website.

Moreover, this free topic is easily available and reactive. This is not something you will see with many non-premium topics! A lot of free topics are created with only one look in the back of it. Make, however, is a redesign that allows you to tailor your website exactly to your needs. Featuring a high-performance drag-and-drop page editing and innumerable customisation possibilities, this look is truly yours to customise as you please.

Make allows you to set up a professionally managed web site repository, set up an e-commerce shop or simply set up a minimum and even better targeted weblog. When you' re looking for a free WooCommerce compliant WordPress topic, you won't find much better than ShopIsle. Shop Isle allows you to run a professional-looking e-commerce shop without a pricing label and integrate functions such as parallel effect, customisable contents areas and full-screen pictures.

The ShopIsle allows you to choose the top or bottom of your design. You can use the topic, for example, as a one-page website - whether to showcase your product or make a Landing Page - or to set up a fully operational on-line shop. They can even incorporate this topic into a dozen of site enhancement plug-ins, such as Jetpack and SiteOrigin Page Builder.

As the name suggests, The Minimal is a neat and easy WordPress word. Using the blog-friendly Widget of this topic - such as for current contributions, favorite contributions and socially linked - you can organise your website at will and make your best contents available to your readership.

Pictorico offers a singular and elegant single-column design that allows you to present your latest work - be it artwork, photos or featured work. Instead, you can direct the spotlight on your work with this grid-based design that stylishly presents your stories and your medium. Pictorico also offers you many ways to customize the remainder of your website.

User-defined header, background and symbol view area allow you to build a nice website in a few moments. A FlatOn is a design created with this kind of design and with little expenditure a multitude of convincing web sites can be created. FlatOn uses a grids frameworks and fits into the Jigoshop plug-in and is an ideal option for shopkeepers, agents and contractors.

Topic Option panels also offer a number of other choices, such as using this topic to build a blogsite. Experienced programmers can even integrate user-defined styles in the design. Just go to the Topic Option Area, where you can easily insert your own style without tampering with the style sheet.

While there are many multi-purpose topics, it can still be difficult to find a truly high-quality one. There is much to offer in the way of customization, and its apparently boundless features supporting many different website lifestyles. With Freesia Empire you can build a website with a lightweight but yet fun website look.

It works easily with many favorite plug-in choices - for example, WooCommerce, BiblePress, Newsletters, and Breadcrumb NavXT - which means you can easily resell, link, and provide the best possible customer experiences to website users. There are also various templates for pages such as Contacts and Picture Gallery.

Every one features unique Widget and Sidebar with its own unique recess in view so you can make it for your audiences. The Accelerate is a good fit for its name as it allows you to accelerate the website designing for you. The multi-purpose topic can be used to build almost any website, to include commercial pages, e-commerce shops, blogging and portfolio.

It''s features allow you to view pictures throughout your website as feature driven pictures, and the use of whitespace is fresh and keeps the emphasis on your contents. In addition, Accelerate provides many useful supporting features and simple designing tool. The Portfolio Lite Thema provides a minimum and contemporary website look that is very recommendable for artist, designer, photographer and other creative people who want to give their best.

For example, you can show your best work with the theme's slide show ad style or use a multi-column portfolios look for a more classic look. As well as the standard design customisation features, you also have full controls over your backgrounds, header and menu. In this way, you can build a website that really does complement your work.

TheFour Lite is the right option if you are looking for a contemporary and stylish design for your website. With TheFour Lite you can quickly and easily set up your own web site, your own web site or even your own web site. With TheFour Lite, you have a large and eye-catching Heroes' Area where you can bring your guests closer to your company for the first time.

Design is very easy to set up and adjust. This offers the flexibility to modify the website according to your needs. Using this topic, you can display the places you are visiting, the foods you are eating, and the memoirs you have. This topic also concentrates on type and lets your reader comfortably read long contents.

The Yosemite Lite is a neat and minimal WordPress topic for your blog. Furthermore, the design is completely reactive and works perfectly on all machines. There is also great tutorial that shows you how to set up and adjust the design. The Riba Lite is a fun and classy topic for blogging or storytelling sites.

This WordPress topic will show you wonderfully on the home page if your main attention is on blogs postings or storys. Can also support rotten image load and many other functions that increase speeds and power. And last but not least, this topic facilitates the incorporation of online content into online communities. The Orfeo is an elegantly minimalist subject.

It gives you plenty of latitude and choices when you choose to adjust it. Blog, restaurant, personal portfolio are only a few applications for this WordPress topic. In addition, the Orfeo topic is SEO-optimized and mobile-friendly, which helps to increase your website visibility. Overall, Orfeo is a dignified subject because of its simple design, simple adaptation and sleekness.

The Zerif Lite is a one-page free WordPress topic. This topic is continuously upgraded and enhanced to achieve the best possible results. The WordPress topic is ideal for enterprise, portrait, freelancer, photo, and more. The Ashe is an elegantly designed selection that earns a place in this compilation of the best free WordPress topics.

Distinguished by a clear, attractive and classy look. The Kale is a WordPress topic that is easy but classy. Fr├ęddo is another dignified participant in our compilation of the best free WordPress topics. It' a multi-purpose style sheet that you can use to create a fully functioning website on a page. It' a great choice for any kind of blogs, whether it's a photo, a meal, a trip or a life style.

They can even adapt it with page creators (SiteOrigin, Beaver Builder) to make something really great and eye-catching. The Elara is a breathtaking and sleek subject of the blog. Due to its classy styling and display, it is best suitable for foods, apparel or fashions blog. This topic has built-in socio medias icon and a simple feedback integrator.

Elara includes all the main functions a successfull blogspinner needs. Choosing the best WordPress topic for your website doesn't have to take an armchair. Indeed, free designs can be just as powerful as premium choices and often offer you most or all of the functionality you need.

As soon as you select the correct templates, the remainder will log in with a high-quality web hosting, start a WordPress blog, and provide some high-quality feed. We' ve explored the importance of choosing a premium topic for your website and forty of the best free WordPress topics to select from.

This includes pro topics (like Coporate Plus and Sydney), blog-style topics (like Accelerate and Writers) and even e-commerce topics (like ShopIsle and Shopera). There are almost unlimited choices available, which means you can build any kind of website you want. What of the above free topics will you use on your WordPress page?

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