Best free Wordpress Themes 2015

Top Free Wordpress Themes 2015

The Zerif Lite is the free version of a beautiful one-page WordPress theme from codeinwp. The Lovecraft is a nice two-column blogging theme (named, I suppose, after the writer H.P. Hemingway.

Best 90 Free WordPress Themes for 2015

When the New Year is just beginning, you need to do your best to enter the web age. WorldPress has become the Internet's native language, with over 60 million Web sites supported by this pervasive Web based CMS solution. Most WordPress editors still shy away from the non-existent restrictions to customizing their blogs or web sites.

WordPress is by far the most multifaceted web application with a wide range of plug-ins and themes. A WordPress website's appearance varies depending on its topic. When you' re not ready to encode the look of your website, or do it for a few hundred dollars, or spend the money on premier WordPress themes, there's still room for improvement.

WordPress has tonnes of free themes, although it's not too thrilling to find them. So we' ve done the boring part on your site and found the best free themes for WordPress that you could use in 2015. The Flozo is a free WordPress topic for companies and business owners who want to have an on-line WordPress experience.

Featuring fast response and voice and streaming content assistance, this free topic is a great way to get your message across. Created by Flyerzone, this topic is great to have an on-line visibility for companies such as advertising and community service companies. The Revera is a free/premium topic from Fabthemes for WordPress based web sites. The free design is quick to respond and based on Twitter Bootstrap, which gives your website an sleek look.

You can use the slide control on the home page to present your best works. You can upgrade this free themes to its premier edition available at Themeforest for $14, Florence is a nice, minimalist corporate themes on WordPress. It is a great free topic with a minimalist touch to present your work and your product along with your customers' experiences.

Featuring user-defined background, fast-response designs, different mail sizes, and advanced picture controls, this is a great topic for individuals in online community organizations and other creative firms. The Invert Press is a free WordPress topic for companies in the production and advertising sector. SketchThemes develops this free SEO-optimized sketch themes look and feel easy to customize and can be up and running in just a few moments.

The Customizr is one of the most widely used free WordPress themes for businesses. It comes in eight different colour themes and can be customised using the WordPress Customisation tools. Aside from being fast reacting, this free design provides functions you wouldn't want from it. This is a free, fast and sophisticated web based application that runs on bootstrap and parallel scrolls to give your advertising company or other company a competitive advantage over other free applications.

Fully customized, let the wallpaper, image wallpaper, headers, Google scripts, and retina-capable symbols of this topic remind you it's a free WordPress drawing. The Magee WordPress Thread is a free, fully reactive thread with an amazing look and feel and extremely adjustable administrator panels. Topic is based on boatstrap and symbols and scripts are fully adjustable.

Design is fully compliant with all Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari editions. The Bizz WordPress themme is a neat and simple, free-reacting themes for companies and portals. The free design comes from WPexplorer and includes several user-defined mail items, a homepage slide and eye-catching symbols. Create boundless web pages with this topic for your company's online content or your own brand.

The WordPress topic is from ThinkUp Themes and features an appealing styling that integrates smoothly into any device in any shape or size. It' s reactive, net-rich, contains over 600 Google scripts and over 10 side bar widgets. What's more, it's easy to get on and off the web. Companies in the production sector can also make use of this topic by stylishly presenting their wares.

It is a neat, free, minimum, fast-response topic for WordPress-based companies to present their collections. You can use the administrator topic field to adjust symbols, logotypes, headers, shortcuts, and slider images. A free, reactive WordPress topic for the photographer to present their photo collection in a fun way.

Using user-defined wallpaper and color matching many things can be modified about this free design via the themes option. This WordPress theme's minimalist way of presenting your own portfolios is astonishing. What this free topic is about is a nice, net containing and fast reacting topic.

There is a high-performance administration control panel with which you can adjust the design of your website and all the associated important functions. The WordPress topic for the photographer is extremely adaptable, with over 17 user-defined themes to select from. The free design is completely reactive and can be adjusted via the topic option.

The minimalist design is suitable for translations and contains various homepage layout options. A freely reactive, touch-sensitive WordPress experience, Intuitive offers a way for the photographer, designer, and artist to present their work easily across a variety of media platforms. There are two kinds of galery screen and a superspeed intuitive screen and it is optimised for advancedEO.

The Snapshot provides your pictures on the WordPress plattform clear as glass. The SKT Full width is a free-reacting topic that focuses on spanning the full range of your visitor's onscreen area. The topic focuses on making your pictures stand out and is best suited for photographs, performers and designer. For WordPress, this free minimum raster photo motif provides a first-class, fast-reacting image design for your work.

Present your work with this free WordPress themed book, which includes interiors, photographs, and more. Free, minimalist and highly reactive, this WordPress topic is designed to take over the grid-based representation of your portfolios. Ideal for graphics artists and photo professionals, this free topic presents their work on a self-adjusting raster and minimum layout.

is a free, fast reacting and minimalistic topic for professional photography and designer on the basis of WordPress. Fast-response styling makes your portfolios look good on both your portable device and your computer. The Shuttershot is a free, full-screen, appealing WordPress topic for the photographer. You can now present your message shovels in a comfortable and visually appealing way.

The Hueman is a free and fully reactive WordPress topic for blog and magazine newscasts. Featuring subject documentary assistance and translations, Hueman is a very much-loved free message topic with over 100,000 viewpoints accessed from his Landing Page. NewPress Lite is a fully reactive free WordPress topic that displays your stories on multiple machines.

It gives them a great benefit for on-line newsblogs, journals and newsgroups. There is a multi-layer slide control, which can present the presented novelties on your homepage. The JustWrite is a free, fully reactive, magazine-style WordPress topic for your newscasts. It focuses more on your contents, which form the foundation of your whole message log or your journal.

Featuring a themes customization, option panels, user-defined widgets, location, fonts, jQuery sliders, and more, this free design provides everything you would normally expect from a WordPress topic. WordPress TheNews is a free and attractive WordPress topic for current affairs journals and blogging. Contains topic choices, a tagged mail slide, shortcuts, widgets and is WooCommerce-enabled and SEO-optimized.

FastNews was created by KopaTheme and runs on its own branded platform. It is a free, highly reactive WordPress newsmagazine. Multi-layout, an infinite side bar, a slide control for tagged articles, translatable and feature-rich widgets are some of the added advantages of using the FastNews topic. is a free, fast-reacting WordPress messaging topic created by Fabthemes.

The free design is based on the Bootstrap frame, making it an expandable design. The design includes support for user-defined menu items, selected pictures, a widget side bar, and a bottom line. Messocoloumn is a free eCommerce topic for WordPress messages containing eCommerce messages. It is fully reactive and cross-browser compliant. This topic promotes the incorporation of BuddyPress and WooCommerce to expand your message channels into a communal newsmagazine or website.

The WallPress is a free, fast and minimalist WordPress message topic. A DW Web site DW Web site DW Web site DW Web site DW Social feature is a DW Web site DW Web site DW Social feature that allows you to incorporate the Web site's Web site DW Web site DW Web site DW Social feature. Featuring a raster design, endless scrolling and laziness to highlight your message contents. It' s adjustment control would allow you to take control of the main design parameters such as colour, logos and so on.

Very few of us web surfers have ever listened to the very much-loved on-line community messaging site - Mashable. Now if you are a supporter of not only the website, but also its subject, you can get it for free. WP MashThirteen is based on Bootstrap 3 and gives your blogs a Mashable-inspired feeling and works with TwentyThirteen Mother Thread.

Fast response layouts and customisation make the design work well. Magazines styles WordPress blog can make the most of Fashionista free theming. Its design is fully reactive and based on Bootstrap 3. It' s easy, clear and stylish to present your contents in an elegantly way. Featuring topic choices and user-defined Widgets, this topic is fully customized to meet the needs of your WordPress publication.

The BoldR is a free, fat and reactive WordPress topic for journals. Based on the IceFit frameworks, this topic offers you a premium-style look for your websmagazine. is a free and reactive WordPress topic for minimum on-line journals that are based on WordPress. There are some great things about the look, such as skin adjustment settings, auto updating, preparation for translations, customized page styles, and customized menu items.

The Gadgetry is a free WordPress topic developed mainly for technological journals that run on WordPress. Design is fully adjustable, includes color, background, layout, sliders, and more. Fully reactive and retinal. The design is based on the Fuse Framework and all its options can be accessed from the administration control panel. What's more, the Fuse Framework can be used to control all its options.

The PlayBook is a free and highly reactive WordPress issue that comes with a two-column post-layout. Featuring user-defined widgets, limitless wallpapers and color scheme, this free design is fully customizable via topic choices. The ComboMag is a free and attractive WordPress topic created by MagPress. Design is easy to customize with built-in color scheme, headers, navigation, sidebars, and footers.

More than 600+ Google Web Phone topics, perfect for blogging and publishing on the web. The Sparkling is a free and fully reactive topic created by Colorlib. This topic provides a new outlook on e-zines and is both appealing and enjoyable. Featuring the full-screen slide control and customization of the design make it equivalent to a few high-quality WordPress themes.

One of the latest free, highly reactive WordPress themes, Fullby is built on the Bootstrap platform. Topic support includes picture galleries and video embedded, fast-response grids layouts, feature rich contents, and many adaptable Widgets. All Fullby is about is a slim blogs topic with a newspaper look and feel. Created by Dialablo Themes, Why hello there is a free and reactive WordPress topic.

Its reactive styling, full-width page layouts, many typefaces and post slide make it an ideal magazine styling. Resolutions is a free, fast-reacting WordPress topic for journals created by Kopathemes. Fully adaptable, this advanced, versatile styling offers a variety of functions. There are a variety of page layouts available, Google web Fonts, headers and more.

The Twenty Fifteen is one of the standard themes that WordPress offers. Elegant WordPress design allows you to present your contents in a raster or on a slide bar. Use this free, fast-reacting topic, which takes both pictures and contents into account and is well suited for your triplog.

With Travelify, you can record your travels in a painterly way with a free, reactive WordPress topic. It''s a topic that places great emphasis on the way your contents are viewed, and with proper cover for your pictures, it's an excellent argument for blogs to share your own experience. The Adelle is a free and reactive WordPress topic for modellers.

When you are one of those fans of fashions with an eyes for pretty clothes and make-up, Adelle is a great topic for your weblog. A well-known couturier, François Et Moi, uses the tailor-made versions of this topic for his own style blog. Designed by ThemeGrill, this free, highly reactive WordPress topic is a great addition to many on-line blogs, as well as providing the latest news on fashions and lifestyles.

The " Lovers Guide " is a popular mode Blog that uses this free WordPress topic, and you can add similar functions to your Mode/Lifestyle Blog. TechMag was created by WPDance and is a free WordPress topic for tech blogs. Its design is not fully reactive and offers a 3-column view of your contents and is cross-browser compliant.

Its design is SEO-enabled and can be adjusted via the easy operation area. Creative WebPress topic is a blessing for creative blogs. A free and fully reactive metro-style WordPress topic built on masonry and optimised for all instruments. Its design is SEO-enabled and downloads quicker than you would think because it has been encoded that way.

Point is a free WordPress topic for on-line loggers. The WordPress topic is versatile, i.e. it can be used by various blogging sites that range from travelling and lifestyles to technologies and community outreach. Several website layout, background and color scheme, homepage sliders and an option pane are the most important functions.

A free, fast-reacting, multi-purpose WordPress topic, Drop is suitable for travel/lifestyle and personal weblogs. DesignWall created the DW Time Line, one of the most beautiful free and reactive free WordPress life style and blogging themes. The free topic is also great for travelling blogging, with a Facebook timeline-inspired look.

The design is based on Bootstrap 3 and supported themes-wrapper. Incness is a free, fast-reacting WordPress topic that has been beautifully designed for any type of blogs, covering everything from fashions and travel/lifestyles to face-to-face blogs. It is based on the bootstrap frame and contains a fast-reacting picture slide, topic option, SEO-optimized and a 4-page-leaflet.

MyStyle is a free and reactive WordPress e-commerce topic created by WooCommerce. Assuming that it is designed by WooCommerce, this topic gives an advantage over the others. Beautiful presentation of your e-commerce product in this versatile format. When you plan to start an e-commerce blogs targeted at the younger lottery tickets, KidShop is a great free e-commerce topic for your WordPress blogs.

Topic is fully reactive and you can build a fully customized eCommerce website with the WooCommerce plug-in. So if you plan to start with a minimalist eCommerce blogs, don't look any further at SoCute. Sociute is a free, minimalist and fully reactive design for WordPress. WooCommerce plug-in in the background supports this extensive and multifaceted e-commerce blogs on the basis of WordPress.

A free and fully reactive WordPress eCommerce website topic built on a UI-based flat UI style. WooCommerce plug-in supports this four-column e-commerce blogs on the basis of WordPress. Makes is a free and fully reactive WordPress eCommerce topic. WooCommerce plug-in and the Bootstrap frame. There are a variety of customisation possibilities and everything can be easily edited using the administration themes radio button.

The topic is fully optimised for Jetpack, WooCommerce and Gravity-Formes. Virtues is a free, reactive and extremely adaptable WordPress eCommerce topic. The design is based on the Bootstrap frame and contains the WooCommerce plug-in to run this beautifully designed shop. is a free, neat, minimalist and reactive WordPress topic for eCommerce sites.

Its clear and concise look looks classy and sleek, making it a perfect addition to your WordPress-based e-commerce website. There are jQuery, Nivo and Flex slider controls to give it an advantage over the other themes when it comes to presenting your eCommerce product. Designed by Colorlib, Unite Demo is a free and highly reactive WordPress topic for e-commerce sites.

It is fully customisable via the custom configuration and is based on the WooCommerce plug-in.  Simple is a free, minimalist, highly reactive WordPress e-commerce website topic. Shopify supports this topic and it also works on mobiles. With its slim animation, clear layout, customization and adjustments, this is one of the best free eCommerce themes for your WordPress website.

The ARTworks is a free and fully reactive WordPress topic that offers nice image presentation and endless scroll. Ideal for artist, photographer, designer and other creatives to present their work in a nice raster. The Suburbia is a free, reactive and extremely adaptable WordPress topic for creatives.

Although the topic is integrated into the layout of a magazin, the construct offers enough for an artists to establish his own webpage. Exposition is a free and reactive WordPress topic, and as the name itself implies, this topic was developed to display your artwork and other artistic efforts of yours on-line.

Ideally suited for artist to present their works on the Internet with WordPress. Cerifelite is a great, free and reactive WordPress topic for small business to present their business solutions on-line. It is a very adaptable topic and will work for many on-line companies to present their portals. A versatile WordPress topic that is SEO-optimized and scripted with neat HTML coding.

Writr is a free, fast-reacting and minimalistic WordPress topic for the imaginative fate of a writer. Tumblr is the inspiration for the topic, which is offered in six different colourways. StanleyWP is a free and reactive WordPress topic for on-line authors who want to present their works beautifully in a slim format.

Design is extremely customisable with themes choices, page styles, great typefaces and homepage creation. The Wilson is a neat, free and minimalist design for WordPress editors looking for a cool and handwritten, word-oriented blogs. Topic contains user-defined Widgets for quotations, pictures and video and topic is translatable with multiple language supports.

Danko is a free and reactive WordPress topic for your good cause for non-profit organisations that use WordPress. The topic was developed especially for charitable organisations to present their work in an efficient way and to receive contributions from the homepage itself. Findations is a free WordPress topic for nonprofit and charitable organisations to help disseminate their messages in an effective way.

This topic is very suitable for non-profit organizations with a donation acceptance hyperlink on the homepage. When you run a website for your favorite tunes, Our Band is a great free and reactive WordPress topic for presenting your tunes on-line. It uses the HTML Musikplayer so that your users can listen to your works on-line.

The OneEngine is a free, fast-reacting and highly-skilled one-page WordPress topic for your web trademark. Rich one-page WordPress themes feature a drag-and-drop design that makes it one of the most adaptable designs. Created by aThemes, Quill is a free and highly reactive WordPress topic that is perfect for businesses and corporate communications.

Full width sliders, a full width wallpaper, fantastic font symbols and a widgettized bottom line are some of the main characteristics of this appealing topic. Designed by Fedeweb, Minimable is a free and reactive WordPress topic that is extremely scalable and allows you to use the functions of your employees in a nice way. Colouring of this topic can be fully adapted to the needs of your trademark.

A further free offer from aThemes, Intro is a free, appealing one-page WordPress-topic. Topic option panels, parent head and background, Google scripts and turnkey is what this topic is about. One is a free, fast-reacting, one-page WordPress topic for businesses and corporations. Design is extremely adaptable, optimised for advanced analytics, bootstrap 3 base, Google font, themes customisation and more.

Onesia is a beautiful, hand-made, one-sided, free and reactive WordPress topic that is built on pallax scanning. It is fully customisable and ranges from the color scheme of the artwork, the background, the logotype, the cover picture, the favicon and so on. A free, highly reactive and one-page WordPress topic, Halcyon Day is HTML5/CSS3 authored and its clear styling makes it a great solution for your business and your online environment.

The Launch Effect is a free and highly reactive one-page design for WordPress. It' a straightforward but strong subject with a retro-parallax effect for your website. Topic will include a para-laxe website living statistics and a customizable Landing Page. Starter was created by ShapeBootsrap and is a free, reactive and one-sided design for WordPress-based portable developer.

They can use the topic to present their portfolios in a parallel way. Legends is an elegantly appealing and free one-page WordPress topic. The design by Dyzingiri is exquisite and modeled on the Twitter boatstrap. Thematically, it is a free WordPress topic frame that is optimised for searching engines and is extremely individual and fully dedicated.

This topic is ideal for pro Blogger and WordPress pro developer. The PressWork is a great WordPress application with a great front-end editing tool that allows the user to modify the look and handling of their website over time. Featuring Google scripts, widgettized side bars, and footer lines, this is a great free tool for programmers and blogs alike. What's more, it's a great place to create your own blog.

White board is a neat, minimalist and efficient platform for WordPress user. Using this frameworks you can accelerate your WordPress developing time. It contains the most important WordPress functionalities and removes the remainder. HybrideKore is a free WordPress programming language that allows you to start your WordPress programming by modifying a few line of coding in the functionality. pdf files.

Hybrids enable you to design your themes in your own way. Created by RocketTheme, Gantry is a free WordPress and Joomla application. GANTRETY is one of the most rich and efficient WordPress platforms and does not restrict itself to a CMS. The UpThemes is a free WordPress publishing tool that uses the preferences API as well as a customizer to create your own designs according to your wishes.

Advanced setting API makes the topic option pane very lightweight and intuitive to use. The Reverie is a completely flexible, yet sleek and straightforward WordPress application platform founded on ZURB Foundations, a high-performance prototype building utility. Clear and uncomplicated, this topic is structured on HTML5/CSS3, Sass and Scss. Bones is a free and efficient WordPress application platform designed for HTML5 and designed for precise integration into your network.

Developed primarily for the developer, this frameworks provides the most complex customization possible. No sub-topics are required and the frameworks can be used for specific projects. The majority of WordPress themes start developing with HTML and base HTML and CSS and HTML5 Reset makes it simple for WordPress themes to develop.

Accelerate your WordPress topic creation by using the HTML 5 Reset-Framework to avoid the fussy HTML and CSS encoding. is a free WordPress language tool designed for clean HTML design and a single design wrap for headline style marking. HTML 5 Boilerplate, Twitter Boatstrap and Grunts are included in this frameworks.

Keep in touch for more information on the best WordPress themes and let us know in the comment section below if you know of a great topic that should be on this 2015 best free WordPress Themes Worldwide.

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