Best free Wordpress Themes 2016

Top Free Wordpress Themes 2016

Have a look at the user statistics and the screenshot of the individual topics. Have a look at these beautiful free WordPress business topics. Top Free WordPress Themes 2016 by Category: Review 2016

The 2017 is almost here, and we thought it would be great to wind back the watch and make a summary of the best free WordPress themes from 2016. There have been many minimalistic commercial and blog themes this year, many of which are full-featured, though totally free.

Well, without further saying, here's our 2016 review of the 50 best free WordPress themes by categories. The Integral model is one-sided. Employs call to trade in the headers and feature sets for your portfolios and deliverables. is a one-sided busi-ness topic for professionals and companies providing professional as well as commercial and industrial solutions.

Allows you to use phone conversations for actions and view your most important company information. The Cafe Bistro is a one-sided subject of catering trade activity for restaurant, café, bakery, restaurant and other kinds of catering enterprises. Travelling Eye is a subject of interest for companies in the hotel, restaurant and other sectors of the tourism sector.

The Charitize is a nonprofit organization model. Provides functions for calling to actions and similar business-related items. The SKT Charity is another model of doing Business for non-profit organisations. It comes with similar functions in different lifestyles. The GivingPress Lite is another nonprofit organization model. It is a more simple subject than the two before and uses a minimalistic styling.

The Launch is a page based topic developed to advertise a new launch or launch of a new service. It is a multi-faceted enough model to be used by a wide range of different sectors. He comes with classical items of commerce. It is a key topic for the financial and investments industry. Delivered complete with business-related items.

The SpiderPrime is a commercial topic that can be used by companies from all sectors. Uses a contemporary look and classical shop items. A screen is a plain one-sided motive for doing things. Uses a minimalistic look and has common business functions. The Freesia Empire is a classical easy to handle topic. The system has characteristic commercial components and can be used by a wide range of niche markets.

The Refur is a straightforward model of doing things. Distinguished by a minimalistic look, it is best suitable for smaller companies. The Avata is a basic commercial topic that contains various items that you can use to support a company, such as a call to actions. The Experon is a cutting-edge corporate topic with a look that is best for technology companies.

Contains classical transactionals. The Latte is a one-sided topic for web development and graphics. Contains section for an About Me and your blend mix. is a WooCommerce topic, which distinguishes itself by a contemporary styling. The FashStore is a WooCommerce topic developed for clothing stores. Uses a minimalistic and somewhat female style.

LayStore is a WooCommerce topic with which you can create your own shops for a wide range of different marketplaces. It is a high-performance topic that has been developed for all kinds of editors. Shows your latest items in a brickwork raster. Environment is a magazin motif that you can customise using a drag-and-drop page.

The SuperNews is another topic in the SuperNews magazines that presents your latest news in an aesthetic and appealing way. The Magnus is a "photoblog" topic that allows you to post images and view them in a raster format on your homepage. The Pixgraphy is a special subject for photographs. Using a slide control, it shows the remainder in a brick wall raster outline.

Another photo blog topic, Photolog, enables the photographer and other creative visuals to create their own photo album. The Atlantic is another photo blog topic for the photographer, but graphics artists and other kinds of creative visuals can use it to create their own work. The Photomania project is a photographic investment for the photographer. It also allows a photographer to share or resell photographs.

The Magnus Opus is a portfolios topic for creative visuals. Shows your portfolios in a raster display that can be filtered. Seventeen is the new standard topic that comes with every new WordPress install in 2017. Centauri is a minimalistic blogs topic that shows your latest postings in a slide and raster layouts on the homepage.

The Philomina is a neat and minimalistic blogs topic that presents your latest postings in a vertically grided format. Though Dyad is a well-designed topic for foods blogs, it can be used by any blogs who use high-quality pictures in their postings. Digital splendor is a minimalistic blogs topic.

Scripting is another minimalistic topic of the blog. The EightyDays Lite is a blogs topic developed for tourist logs, although it is minimalistic enough to be used by a wide range of different niche markets. Imagine your web site being a great place to blog. It' s a great place to be, with a simple, minimalistic look. It' a great topic for professionals who want to blog. The Olsen Light is a minimalistic and feminine subject for the blog.

It' a great topic for fashions and lifestyles blogs. The GlowLine Lite is another female blogs topic with a minimalistic outline. Just like Olsen Lite, it is best suitable for mode and life-style blogs. The Boron is a basic blogs topic that shows your contributions in a large raster on the homepage. BlogsIM is a neat blogs topic developed for context lighting websites.

The Aleksandr is a neat, contemporary and minimalistic blogs topic, perfect for trendy and life style people. The Boston is a classy, minimalistic blogs topic ideally suited for mode, journey and life-style blogs. The Didi Lite is a classy blogs topic, perfect for modeblogger. Distinguished by a minimalistic look. The Martial is a strong topic in blogs developed for professionals.

The Marvy is a basic multi-purpose topic packed with functions.

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