Best free Wordpress Themes for Artists

Top Free Wordpress Themes for Artists

Dessign offers another theme for this collection. The Pictorico is an interesting Free WordPress theme from Automattic. Top Free WordPress Themes for Artists Portfolio You have therefore chosen WordPress for your website. The only difficulty is to find the right topic for your character and work. Fortunately, the WordPress fellowship is extremely kind with tens of thousand free themes to choose from.

This is a whole bunch to see through, so I have enumerated my most popular arts portfolios below.

Everyone has their own personal styles, so there's sure to be something you'll like. I' ve never seen anything like Thumbs before, but it does feel like a genuine asset class. And I think this would be one of the best themes for a working artists to focus his work.

The thumb may seem a little narrow to some but it' s a good WP topic to present your work of art on the screen. It' a free topic of the guys at Catch Themes, where they publish the free versions on-line with restricted functions and then provide an upgrading to the fully functional professional one.

They can see what the topic looks like on the demonstration page just to get an introduction. However, I wouldn't think in person that someone needs the professional functions for a basic asset management suite. The Minimalist Portofolio for WordPress can be integrated with some neat plug-ins like the Easy Photography Portofolio (also free). That means that the subject is aimed at the photographer, but has not only been developed for this public.

Everyone can get this topic going without a hitch and take full advantages of the lay-out architecture. Admittedly, I think it's a really fundamental piece of art and it's actually a children's subject from Hamilton, which makes it a bit complicated to work with. Little note: A WordPress children topic is essentially a topic based on another topic.

So, if you are installing Minimalist Portfolio, Hamilton will also be installed. That' s why I like the York site layout and page layout very much. Again, this is a free topic where you get the free lifelong look, but can always update to the professional one. Take a look at the York demonstration to see how it works in your web browsing experience.

You can edit the whole page with the WordPress Customizing tool, so it is definitely an easier choice for newer WP people. The majority of the programs' functions focus on additional advantages such as user-defined picture slider, moderate slide shows and topic developer assistance. Take a look at the York Topics page to find out more and see what it's all about.

You will find a whole new way of designing your portfolios with gridster. Therefore, I suggest this topic for multi-disciplinary artists who perform many different types of work. Gridster comes as a free download and you can view the complete demonstration here. Side bar styling is very neat and really feel naturally on the side.

This is one of the best characteristics of this layouts and a way to make your product range look great. Personally, I like big page headlines with a lot of pictures. Illdy topic is perfectly suited for this. There are some fantastic page functions like user-defined portfoliogalerien, testonials and smaller CTA button at the top of the page.

So, if you want to get your audience into your portfolios more deeply, you can include a pushbutton that links directly to your portfolios page. That' really awesome! Watch the video to see if this topic is right for you. It' s completely free so you don't loose much when you try it!

Here is another very detailled, header-oriented topic named Brilliance. It' one of the many "lite" themes in my listing, but it's also a topic you can do with the free one. Notice that many WordPress designer use the free template because it works. Don't be disheartened if you can't find 100% free themes without upgrades - these are difficult to come by these days.

Nevertheless, the brilliant topic looks great with a powerful headers, neat nav and a really easy content page. A thing I don't like here is the complexity of the bottom line designs. Brillance contains a number of column in the bottom row where you can insert blogs, current commentaries, current tweets, and more.

Email me more for artists who want a portofolio + blogs combos. You would be amazed how profitable this can be and it's quite straightforward to set up your own blogs on the same WordPress installation. This is the best way to describe X Portfolios for WordPress. Think it' a little bit straightforward and maybe too straightforward for my tastes.

If you don't know how to make things simple, your boyfriend is. This is exactly what you will see on your homepage with the X portfolios topic. The " per " versions include a special plug-in, so you don't have to install your own one. This alone may be a good price, but even here the free edition is more than enough.

Watch the video to see what you think. It' definitely easy, but this can be exactly what you're looking for. The thing I like about the Ignis topic is the personalisation. It'?s showing you as an actor! The Ignis comes with a whole range of different layout, among them many different blogs.

This makes it much simpler to start your own WordPress blogs and guide them through your portfolios. There is a demonstration if you want to try it too. These qualities alone are pushing me away from this topic. However, the additional bonuses of customized blogstyles, a customized store function and a very customized look and feel help Ignis create this listing.

When you look at the Allergiant themed, you'll soon realize that it's not just a matter of a private theming. You' ll have to put in some pictures of yourself, put in your own "About me" page and improve the contents a bit. However, overall the look and feel is very professionally designed, which is the ideal starting point for any serious arts website.

Have a look at the livestream to see what I mean. This homepage contains a few current blogs postings, current elements of your portfolios, even a few articles that probably run on WooCommerce. None of these functions can be ignored just because the subject is technical for agency. When you are ready to schedule some extra editing effort, you can start a WordPress eco-system powered house asset management site.

When you like the side bar vertically designed, you will like WP Portfolios. It is probably the best free topic that this kind of layouts offers, and it is tailor-made for a visually rich library. The problem is that so many artists use this subject. It' s actually a cliche now. Admittedly, that's not a bad thing because it clearly works well and you can customise the look with your own custom font, your own logotype and the like.

However, when an artist directs to look at 10, 20, 30+ web sites in a single viewing session, you may not be noticing yours. The WP Portfolios is very beloved because it just frigging works so well. It is one of the best portfolios in general, not only for artists, but for all kinds of work.

Have a look at the demonstration and click around. You' ll quickly see why so many artists enjoy this subject. When running WP Portfolio, simply make sure you customise it a little with your own logo/branding and perhaps an alternative typeface. With the Easy Google Fonts plug-in you can insert user-defined fonts into the website.

Completely free to use for living and it gives you instant acces to any fonts in the Google Fonts libary. In that sense, that's my Iist! I' m sure you can find a few more if you search for new topics in the topics area. However, this should be enough to find something free that can work with all types of work.

Whether you do paint jobs in ZBrush or make models in ZBrush, this page will contain something you can use to start a funky arts site on WordPress.

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