Best free Wordpress Themes for Business 2016

Top Free Wordpress Topics for Business 2016

We've tried the best free WordPress themes for business and selected our 15 favorites. The best free WordPress themes for business: Restaurants, retail and more It' hard to know what to get from a free WordPress topic. We' ve tried the best free WordPress themes for small business for this guidebook. We' ve chosen our 15 favourites that look great, work well and offer functions specifically for business. We will cover topics in 4 different headings, under them: - Theory - Theory - Theory - Theory - Theory - Theory - Theory - Theory - Theory - Theory - Theory - Theory - Theory - Theory - Theory - Theory - Theory - Theory - Theory - Theory - Theory - Theory - Theory - Theory - Theory - Theory - Theory

Branch topics: Complimentary themes specifically for restaurant, retailer, developer, property, catering and more. Proffesional services: If you find a topic you like, please read our How to Make a WordPress Website How -to Do.

Create a WordPress website with your own WordPress domains for just $2. 95/month or less - and you'll get 5 business e-mail adresses. Brewery is a great topic for small companies looking for a basic yet stylish one. Its focus is on the two most important things that companies want to communicate: Braasserie has a top toolbar that shows your telephone number and e-mail throughout your site and your search able contacts in the right hand side area.

The homepage offers a wide range of choices, such as an advertising icon, a three-panel screen, the Today's Features option, and much more. For more information on how to set up and customise your website, see our Brasserie website creation guidelines. Have a look at an example at and see how we did it here.

is a free one-page website thread that bundles all your business information on one easy, engaging title page. It' perfect for retailers and professionals who want to keep their website easy. In the upper section "Hero" you can insert your principal call to the promotion (e.g. your opening times links, on-line shops, appointments page), below which you can insert a large number of areas, such as " About ", " Product ", " Service " and " Contacts ", which have a customisable e-mail contactsheet.

There is a top menubar that can be linked to your other pages with ease. You can find step-by-step guidance on how to use this topic in our How to create a website with OnePress. Upgrading to the Premier for:: Modify section order, customized types, custom section choices such as Google Map, pricing, testimonial and more.

The number one free WordPress topic for properties, Modern Estate offers simplicity, elegance, IDX capability and useful properties functionality. For information on how to use Modern Estate to build your own home pages and home searching tools, read our step-by-step instructions. The Movers and Packers is an outstanding topic for B2C service providers who want to present their business information on a clear homepage.

On the bottom of the page an icon slide control emphasizes different features of your company. Upgrading to the Premier for:: Added sliders preferences, more scrolling symbols, more blogs layouts choices and more. Although it may take some set-up times, Auberge is a great free topic for those who want a website full of contents.

Next, show your menus on a special page. You can also show parts of your menus on your website. They can also be sorted by tags so that users can see all their vegetable or gluten-free choices. Some of the other advantages of the Auberge topic are user-defined Widgets at the top of the homepage that allow you to see your business times and descriptions.

And you can even modify the fonts throughout the site, which is rarely the case with a free design. The Travelify is a clear, easy to use online form with many possibilities for customizing. It has three characteristics that make it particularly special: On the one hand, you have the possibility to modify the page design for each page or every article.

For example, if you want to emphasize a photograph in a posting, you can choose the full width layout: Very few scripts make it so simple to modify the site design in general, let alone for every single entry. Thirdly, Travelify does not provide a complimentary up-grade. At the time of this letter, the free edition is the only edition, i.e. you have full control over all possible functions.

Ultimately, you won't notice that you have to spend money to modify the text colour or load up a logotype, as is sometimes the case with free designs. Upgrading to the Premier for:: Currently there is no free trial available. The free WordPress topic is developed to do one thing: provide you with a easy, professionally maintained website that can be converted.

The Lawyeria is developed to make your phone/email and contacts form easily viewable. It has 3 features with which you can emphasize different service in your company. When you want to modify the symbols, the Iconfinder has many symbols free for free use in a business environment. For companies who want to get to the point and present their company in full width with pictures.

This free edition gives you almost full color and font controls as well as various blogs layout and menustyle. It is one of the widest selections of choices we have seen in a free design. One of the most adaptable free designs available is optimized. When you' re not satisfied with one of the other themes out there, you' re almost sure to find a look you like with Optimiizer.

Select from a wide range of typefaces, change all colours, customise page layout and even set specific settings for the portable part of your website (e.g. hide sliders, sidebars or page headers). Although it' re conceived for reviewing books, it works great for any kind of reviewer it is.

This works with the WP Product Review plug-in, which offers you all kinds of revision-oriented functions. By adding a vote (blog entry), you just type your text along with a vote of 100, prize, picture, affiliate link and a listing of advantages and disadvantages. NewMag has one of the hottest themes we've ever seen for a free, news-oriented WordPress themed.

The focus of this topic is on the appealing homepage widgets. Here you will find a list of the most popular homepage products. Below, you can view more items in a grating, columns, or other style layouts. Easily post a picture or add a Google AdSense subscription (you can also delete this section if you don't want to serve ads).

Upgrading to the Premier for:: Added blogs posting placements, related blogs roundabout, added colour choices and added advertising banners. This is a brandnew free WordPress topic with a great homepage look. User-defined Widget (included in the free design) lets you view your latest entries in a uniquely rastered format.

Underneath, you can put even more contributions in the columns or lists view - a favorite option if you want to emphasize contributions from the different category you are covering. It offers you a very good range of design choices, such as the right side bar, right side bar, or full width designs, and the possibility to insert up to 4 widths in the bottom line.

Not least, the Editorial is only a free topic - there is no free edition. That means you won't find any "locked" functions that need to be upgraded. Upgrading to the Premier for:: Currently there is no free trial available. The Storefront is a very favorite eCommerce WordPress topic developed by WooCommerce kernel developer.

Although not the most progressive design, it gives you a good choice of customisation without being too overpowering. You' ve got almost unlimited colour choices and you can include Widgets in several different places on your website. WooCommerce can also be integrated with Unite, an image-oriented WordPress theming. Ideally suited for companies who want to present their products/services on a broad slide control and also want to resell them in an on-line store.

Very adaptable, Unite offers 10 different fonts choices and infinite colour variation. It is also an exclusive free topic - there is no free edition. This means that you will not be installing it to find certain functions "locked", as is sometimes the case with free designs. Upgrading to the Premier for:: Currently there is no free trial available.

With free WordPress themes, you can build almost any type of website you need. Whether it' s just plain one-page design or overwhelming blogging or feature-rich e-commerce shops, it's amazing how much performance you can get from a free design. If you are willing to begin to build a website, be sure to read our How to Make a WordPress Website with Bluehost manual.

BlueHost lets you set up a website for just $2.95/month or less - and you get your own domains and 5 business e-mail accounts at no additional charge.

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