Best free Wordpress Themes for Lifestyle Blogs

Top Free Wordpress Themes for Lifestyle Blogs

Life style bloggers, as well as those who blog for personal reasons, can still enjoy Kale as an alternative blogging theme. Best 10 Free WordPress Lifestyle Blog Topics[sigma_current_year]

WordPress's simple, easy-to-use, secure and flexible design makes it one of the most favorite blogging platforms. Used by favorite Web site such as TechCrunch, Time Inc. If you start a WordPress based Blog, you need a design that fits your personal taste and gives you everything you need in the long run.

Whilst there are Literally hundred thousand of WordPress topics, it can be really hard to find the best topic for your blogs. If you choose a WordPress topic, here are a few things you should look for: Reactive design: Unless the look of the website is appealing, your website will not be available on your portable device.

An attractive look looks great on all machines. Cleaner design: Clear styling will help you draw the users' eye to the contents. When you want your reader to actually see your contents and take actions, you need a clear outline. Looking for a custom designed product that has enough room for customisation to fit your own personal taste and needs?

In order to make it easy for you to select a topic, we have put together a listing of the best free WordPress blogs on the web in this post. When you' re looking for Topic topics, take a look at our listing of Topic topics for your WordPress site. Sapely is a freely reactive multi-purpose topic from Colorlib.

It' s based on boatstrap and features a portable, reactive look that fits snugly into any size display. Easy to adjust to create any type of website. Many useful adjustment possibilities are included in this look, such as the possibility to adjust the colour of each item in the look.

There also comes with plugin compatibility for much loved like Contact Form 7 and Yoast SoEO. It' translated and can be used to quickly set up a multi-lingual website. Its also comes with WooCommerce assistance and can be used to set up an on-line shop. There is also a full-screen picture of heroes that you can customise with a few mouse clicks to show your best contents on the homepage.

Blendend is a free multi-purpose topic from Colorlib. Provides accurate, neat, modern looking, reactive styling that looks good on all equipment. Tazzling comes with WordPress themes customizer so you can modify the look and feel without the need for extra plug-ins. Although it is best for building commercial pages, you can adapt it with a few mouse clicks to build any type of website.

Supports most of the major plug-ins like WordPress Jetpack and W3 Total Cache. Translatable and delivered with WooCommerce assistance. Out of a group of premium WP template makers comes The Journal, a free WordPress topic containing many features and adjustments sufficient to fill the place of a pay topic.

Journal is a fast-reacting topic, with an sleek lay-out that meets the needs of any journalist, be it fashions or travels, and with the built-in graphical editor it's very simple to change it. The ascendant is a freely reactive multi-purpose topic. The topic is ideal for building event-driven Web sites and agencies.

Offering a minimalist, clear styling that responds quickly and looks good on all display heights. The topic comes with over five side bar layout that you can use for your postings and pages. And it comes with Easy Digital Downloads and WooCommerce so you can instantly build breathtaking shops that look great on any device.

It is possible to free of charge down load the base versions of this topic. However, if you are looking for complimentary technical assistance and upgrades, you can either purchase the complimentary $59 edition or purchase a $119 per year upgrade. Ildy is a nice free topic for commercial websites. Designed with a breathtaking, one-sided, slim look that responds quickly and makes your contents appealing on all your equipment.

The topic comes with help for WooCommerce and other favorite plugs like Contact Form 7 and YOAST SOE. It is also translatable and can be used to create easy multi-lingual web sites. llldy comes with a full size homepage that allows you to present your best work. There comes with tonnes of customizing functions like the possibility to select colours for each item subject.

There is also built-in font awesome font recognition as well. The Pinbin is an appealing multi-purpose topic that is ideal for building portfolios of websites. Comes with a brickwork look and an "images first" touch to the desig. His " first " image designs help to draw the user's eye to the contents. There are also a variety of adjustment possibilities, among them infinite colour choices for all items of the designs and font awesome override.

Also, this topic comes with backing for many favorite Plugins like WooCommerce, Yoast EO and W3 Total Cache. The Pinbin has a clear, minimum footprint that responds quickly and adjusts smoothly to all display heights. There is also a brand signage system that allows you to add/change brands on the website with just a few mouse clicks. Click ing on the brand you want to use.

is a free, nice WordPress topic for web pages of on-line newspapers and magazines. Designed to be portable and easy to use, it makes your contents appealing to all your equipment. Although it is best suited for the creation of on-line journals, you can adapt it to your needs with ease. The topic provides assistance for most of the common widgets like Contact Form 7 and W3 Total Cache.

And it comes with built-in WooCommerce so you can build your own shop with ease. It is also translatable, so you can build multi-lingual web pages without any problems. Can be used to build magazines web pages in all sectors of industry and commerce, fashion, technology and lifestyle. The Activello is a free multi-purpose WordPress topic that provides a breathtaking look.

Comes with a minimum, clear lay-out that is reactive and looks great on all display heights. The topic comes with font awesome font supports, endless scrolling and favorite plugs like WooCommerce and Yoast SOE. Comes with a marked slide control on the home page that you can adjust with a few mouse clicks to show your best work.

With Activello translated, you can quickly and simply build nice multi-lingual Web sites. There also comes with WordPress Topic customization so you can adapt your website without any extra plug-ins needed. Sparkling is a free, cutting-edge looking WordPress topic that features a nice, slim outline. It is fully reactive and its lay-out can be adapted quickly to all display heights.

Easy to customize to build any type of website. The topic includes a variety of adjustment choices and supports for favorite plug-ins such as W3 Total Cache and Contact Form 7. There is also WooCommerce assistance, so you can simply build breathtaking shops with it. Delivered with font awesome and endless scrolls assistance.

The Sparkling option allows you to match the colour of all your designs to your needs. It' translatable and can be used to effortlessly build multi-lingual web sites that look good on any device. Allgiant is a multi-purpose WordPress story with a nice, minimalist look. A clear and concise lay-out that adjusts effortlessly to all display formats and makes your contents appealing.

It comes with WooCommerce and Simple Digital download supports that make it simple to build nice shops on-line. It is also translatable and makes it easier for you to build your own website in multiple languages. There is also plugin compatibility for WordPress Jetpack and YoungStreet. Allegiant can be customized to your needs very simply.

And if you only want the base copy of the topic, you can get it for free. However, if you are looking for complimentary technical assistance and upgrades, you must either register for a $119 per year or purchase the $59 per year complimentary edition.

Designed to look slim on all machines and fit all display heights. Whilst the redesign is best suited for the creation of commercial pages, you can adapt it slightly to build any type of website. Designed to give you full editorial and page layouts controls.

Also comes with WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads assistance, with which you can easily build your own webshop. And if you only want the base copy of the topic, you can get it for free. On the other side, if you are looking for premier technical assistance and upgrades, you can get the premier edition of the topic for $59, or you can subscribe to an $119 one-year plan.

Each of these is free and allows you to adapt them to your needs with ease. Now with these themes, you can launch your blogs without having to spend a cent on redesign. Check out these free themes and let us know what you think in the commentaries. You can create this authors mailbox with the Simple Autor Mailbox plug-in, which is available for free on

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