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Without a doubt, WordPress is the best CMS to run a blog or other content-based website. We have tons of great WordPress themes available for all industries. The Builder Lite is the best drag-and-drop design for website builders.

Top Free WordPress Themes for AdSense 2018

Since Google introduced AdSense to the market, its attractiveness has only grown. To create a website where you can make a living with AdSense may sound easy, but requires a great deal of work and optimizing your SoEO. I am sure that you are already conscious of this because you are willing to find a topic, so let us come to him.

The Publishable Mag WordPress theming has a clear and minimalist newsprint look. Its statistics are great on hard copy, quick loading times & good sortie, it also has a lot of great functions. AdSense best part is that you can include ads both in the head and in the side bar.

Super Landing Page is a feature-rich, quick and optimized WordPress topic for your website. It is free and comes with a variety of customizations. There is a large number of widget areas available so that you can fill your website with advertisements or singular contents if that is what suits your needs.

The ColorMag is a favorite old WordPress topic. It has a beautiful page rate and a great page optimisation engine. What makes it special for AdSense sites is that it is place for advertising along with the functions. It' s a progressive subject with a variety of functions so you can devote your entire time to building a website that is just right for you.

The reason we decided to include Noteblog WordPress in our Topic Guide was because of its sleek, uniquely designed page layout and high page throughput. This topic is mainly designed for searchengines, which is a great affiliate/adsense related topic. There are 4 different widgets where you can place your advertisements. The Envo is a WordPress issue with a progressive layout.

And the best part is that it is optimised for advanced users and has a quick load times, so it gives you a good chance to place well in your ranking if you optimise it well. There is also a large amount of advertising area, there is almost too much of it so you can go crazy to fill your website with advertisements!

NewPaperly is a free WordPress topic mag designed for message sites. This is an SEO-optimized site with a high page rate and plenty of advertising room. xMag WordPress themme is a minimalist WordPress themed - it has a lot of functions so you can adjust most things, which is the best part of the design.

Provides room for advertising in the side bar and foot area. Well, the optimization of the system is very good. Your website can be designed almost exactly the way you want it to be, which is one of a kind for a free design. A journalistic is a great-looking blogs topic. There are a good amount of customizations so that you can customize your website.

It has an amazing page rate, some testing shows a loading of 0.5 seconds. MinimumistBlogger is a minimalist blogs topic, as the name suggests. First, it is SEO-optimized, second, it has a great loading times. And the third area where it is useful for ad-sense is that there are many widgets where you can place your advertisements.

There are more than 7 widgets in the topic, divided at the top, bottom and sides. It is an enhanced WordPress web shop, web shop, web shop and web page blogs topic. There are many adjustment choices, a great set of SEOs and a great load times. But the best part of this topic is the personalization settings, there are many so you can spent countless hours customizing your website.

Lateral velocity is great, it is SOEO optimised and has a good number of widgets. There are a variety of customisation options so you can personalise the look. Best part is the adjustment and loading times, it is loaded very quickly. The Oblique has a very special, nice blogsign. There are many great functions, so you can customise the look and give it your own individual look.

has been fully optimised and the side speeds are great. OceansWP is a nice SEO-optimized and comprehensive WordPress store and store themed. It' lightweight and has a high lateral velocity. Most breathtaking thing about this topic is its amount of specialties, you won't find another topic with the same amount of specialties as this one.

Pageily is a good looking online store with many widgets available, faster page speeds and great looking web page optimisation. Optimizing the topic's advanced search engine optimisation combined with ad booking capabilities makes it ideal for AdSense sites. The Buildr is a model with many possibilities of advertising placements. Comes with a plugin that will unlock an unbelievable number of functions so you can build your own website.

Also the side speeds and side EO are optimised. It is a good option when it comes to the topic of adopting adsense business.

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