Best Graphic Design Portfolios

Best-of-breed graphic design portfolios

Seven design majors with a crazy graphic design portfolio Several of the HOW team's favourite designs come from design studends who believe in their work to earn the credit they earn at the HOW International Design Awards. Oh, and Jiaojiao Xu, who as a pupil provided a ministry that allowed artists in fine arts galleries to exhibit their works made in the gallery workroom. The award of the designer who has just been put into practice is one of the many ways we look forward to naming the winner of the HOW International Design Award every year. On the occasion of our approaching early booking period for the prizes and the outstanding work being done today at the design academies, we went in search of design studends all over the globe whose on-line portfolios make us envious.

Hopefully all those who read this will find inspired work in their colleagues and we sincerely expect those of you who own design firms or are internal directors to keep an eyeball on these gifted people. The work he created during his graphic design studies shows his passion for type and photograph.

Lee, a Rhode Island School of Design undergraduate, is about half way to a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design and has already done unbelievable work. We love this work of the Tel Aviv students of Steinberg Visuelle Kommunikation. Hunt is a Senior at the Rhode Island School of Design, specialising in design for industry, and has created a series of works full of attractive, practical items and various other designs, as well as effective upholstery.

HOW International Design Awards students await your work. Join HOW's affiliate PRINT to get your inspiration from this year's New Visual Artists - a compilation of the 15 best creatives under the age of 30 today, as the beloved edition arrives in your letterbox at the end of September.

Tran is currently working on his graphic design at the Maryland Institute College of Art's graphic design institute and says on his website that he likes working with rasters, contorting characters and tearing at poor design. DalĂ­ah Ammar, a Palestinian-American painter and graphic design graduate from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, currently holds a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design and Interactive Communication.

Designer students: Create a truly overall impression with your design before you even close. HOW International Design Awards are open for contributions! Here is what Sarah Faust, a graphic design teacher at Columbia College Chicago, has to say about her students' victory last year: Register today in the Pupils section!

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