Best Iphone Launcher for Android 2015

Iphone Launcher for Android 2015

The Espier Launcher is one of the most recommended apps that can give the Android surface the look of an iPhone. Hello launcher iOS 7 theme. jbOS7. Counterfeit iPhone 5. iOS 7 Lockscreen Parallax HD.

iOS 7 Live Wallpaper. Replyed on May 7, 2015 - The author has 217 responses and 390.9k response views. These are the latest and greatest iPhone Launcher for Android, offering you the iOS 9, 8 experience on your Android.

Top 5 of the best 'iPhone Launcher Apps for Android'.

So what on Earth is an iPhone Launcher application? Do I need one for my Android unit? Which one is the best, anyway? We have three major portable platforms on the market: iPOS, Android and Windows Phone (yes, apparently it's still one thing). In the second quater of 2015, the company held a solid 82 percent of the shares.

8% (iOS, the second best, is not nearly as near with 13.9%), one can almost say with certainty that Android fully dominating the wireless OS segment. Android' domination is of course due in part to Samsung's Galaxy model - Android's high-end high-end phone and the iPhone' major rival. However, Samsung Galaxy's mere sale is not enough to warrant such a large discrepancy in terms of the company value, especially as Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge have so far been a disappointment. iOS only operates devices.

Android on the other side supplies a multitude of other smart phones both at the upper end of the market (Google Nexus, HTC One and even the new Blackberry Priv) as well as on medium and cheap phones. The price was initially over $250, the now obsolete iPhone 5c was by far not the budgetary telephone for which it was announced.

On the other hand, you can buy a fully functional Android phone for less than $200. Actually, some so-called budgetary phones are supposed to wipe out the iPhone entirely in regards to tech specs and power (I'm looking at you, OnePlus). So what exactly is an iPhone Launcher application? Ok, so we've found that a) iPhone's are pricey and b) Android supports an unbelievably large variety of iPhone options, plus many of the cheapest gadgets on the net.

What if you want to try iPhone and can' t buy an iPhone? Maybe the Android user interfaces are just boring and you want to try something new? Of course the answer is an iPhone Launcher application. Like the name implies, an iPhone Launcher is an application that replicates your iPhone OS experiences on your Android mobile device.

When you installed BootCamp to make your Windows experiences on a Macbook or iMac, do you recall that? A iPhone Launcher application does the same thing, but vice versa. Bringing the imos expertise to your Android, it converts the user surface of your phone and makes it look like imos (Oh, how things have changed!).

However, so that my BootCamp review doesn't give you the false idea, I should caution you that the iPhone Launcher application modification is just cosmetical. iPhone Launcher application makes the user surface of your iPhone look like iPhone OS, but it doesn't allow you to run iPhone OS applications on your mobile device.

Once that's cleared up, let's have a look at the best iPhone Launcher applications in the Android stores. First on my shortlist is the appropriately named One Launcher, which also gets one of the highest scores for an iPhone Launcher application in the Google Player stores.

Whilst the UI comes quite near to the replication of eOS, the symbols are more of a reef on the eOS look than an accurate copy. However, the overall usability is very similar to the replication of ifOS. For example, if you hold down an application, you can move your applications or make a folder.

And you can go into "one-handed mode" if you have trouble operating the entire display with one touch, just like with the recently released iPhone accessibility feature. One Launcher also has a variety of functions to help you recharge your mobile device. After all, the application has a number of natural applications, among them a Storage Washer and an All Applications symbol that sort all your applications in alphabetical order. After all, the application has a number of natural applications, among them a Storage Washer and an All Applications symbol that sort all your applications in alphabetical order.

Otherwise there is not much for which one can blame the One Launcher. Similar to the One Launcher, the iLauncher OS has a high score in the Google Playlist; it's free and works as announced and does an excellent job of mimicking the iPhone OS experiences. In contrast to the One Launcher, you can refine your locking monitor with the iPhone without having to install a seperate application.

However, the iLauncher OS is a rather straightforward application. And the Launcher application doesn't have any of the extra functions you'll find in the One Launcher. That' s all well and good if you just want the surface of your telephone to look like your iPhone, but not so good if you want to charge your telephone with some extra useful functions.

Unfortunately, opening the launcher application's preferences will expose full-page ads, which is a little banal. 6+ Launcher is another free iPhone Launcher application named after iPhone 6 Plus, and one of the newer iPhone Launcher applications available on the Google Shop.

Its overall score is 3.8, which is not as high as the One Launcher or OS launchers score (in both cases it is a solid 4.5). However, it's not so serious when you consider that the 6+ Launcher is still in alpha state.

While the 6+ Launcher doesn't aim for an accurate reproduction of the iPhone's surface, it comes quite near and has some good-looking background images to offer. There is also a My Apps monitor. A long press of an application on the My Apps monitor, which you can drag with the mouse pointer to open, attaches it to your home monitor.

Since there are other free iPhone launcher applications on the open source iPhone launcher scene, with more inconspicuous advertisements or no advertisements at all, this is quite a blow. The iPhone Launcher application is not free (you can get it from the Google Store for the relatively small amount of $1.15), but it gets my voice because of the fun name and logos.

The user interfaces as well as the symbols have come amazingly near to the classical iOS look and feeling. Obviously, the symbol of the Game Store could be confused with that of the Apple Store. iPear HD iOS Launcher is totally ad-free, but since it's a pay iPhone application, you should take it for granted.

It' quick, doesn't require much storage space (only 1.2 MB) and also has high definition screen resolution. All in all, however, it is a straightforward iPhone Launcher application that does nothing at all. Although they might be sharing a name, this is not the same iLauncher (developed by KT Mobile) that we've been talking about before.

It was developed by another designer who called himself suggestive Suckgamoni. It is also a pay iPhone launcher and, frankly, at $2. 56 the iPhone launcher is relatively high. Featuring an iPhone Launcher application that offers infinite possibilities for customisation. And if you get sick of the Android user surface and want to enjoy the unpriced iPhone Launcher iPhone experiences, there are many iPhone Launcher applications that you can get from the Google Player stores that will do just that.

A lot of iPhone launcher applications on the iPhone launcher scene are free and will work exactly as announced and almost completely reproduce the iPhone launcher experiences, but the One Launcher seems to be the best in its category. It not only replicates smoothly the existing iPhone experiences, but also offers some extra sophisticated functions to recharge your mobile device.

On the other side, if you prefer customisation choices over recharging your telephone (and as long as you don't care to pay anything special for this privilege), the iLauncher designed by suitgamoni will certainly give you the agony of choosing.

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