Best Iphone Theme for Android

Best-of-breed Iphone Theme for Android

The easiest way to get an iPhone X. One Launcher. The One Launcher is one of the most stable iOS launches to get on your Android phone. iLauncher X. Control Panel - Smart Toggle.

As with all launchers, the app is filled with cool designs and widgets.

Ninety-seven Best iPhone Themes for Android

The purpose behind our collection of the best iPhone topics for Android is to provide some fresh features amid the common ones. Yes, the Android Market has stocked up on topics that look like they've been pulled directly from the phone of a certain fruitiant. So, if you're a big Apple icon enthusiast or just get tired of the same old Android icon, have a look at the other possibilities.

1- Go Keyboard iPhone design: Once you've already got the latest Go Keyboard on your mobile device, it's one of the favorite apps that reflects the look and feel of the Apple iPhone. If you don't own the Go Keyboard well, simply get it from the Android Market because the iPhone design is not a stand-alone appliance and needs the higher-level one.

You can download it directly from the Go keyboard's'Display Settings' and it will appear on the Topics page when finished. Use the design, say good-bye to your Android keypad and use the much hyptated iPhone touchpad on your Google machine. 2- iPhone Go Intro theme: You don't just want a simple piano to play, you want a full-blown design to make your machine look like its equivalent?

If so, focus your interest on the next iPhone theme for Android that appears in our list of iPhone Topics. To do this you need to download and run Go Launcher Ex. This theme is intended to convert most of the built-in iPhone applications into iPhone applications. Also, since the program's code is associated with the symbols, the same topic holds true for the apple tray.

Together with about 604 apple buttons, the theme provides several major and apple shop backgrounds that you can customize. You can also select from three components: Basics, I-Book and White Topics. 3- Go contacts iPhone theme: Android Market's next installment of the iPhone is the Go Contacts iPhone Theme.

Again, this is not a stand-alone program and must be donwloaded after you have the Go Contact Ex on your Android phone first. If you want your contact lists to look similar to those of the iPhone, this is for you. If you' ve covered your phone with the iPhone keypad and the topic above, this contact topic adds the latest enhancements to give you the iPhone-like user experiences.

4- Counterfeit iPhone 4S: If you want to get rid of the "Android ness" of your mobile and get the iPhone 3S feeling, we have added the iPhone 3S to our range of iPhone designs for Android. Not only does it provide the ability to use most of the symbols shown to connect to the real Android app, it also substitutes for your phone's progress bar to give the illusion that you're using the latest Apple handheld.

Even though the programmer says that the program allows you to get your buddies to believe that you are using an Apple iPhone 4S, we very much question the ability, as the appearance of your telephone will choose to act as a killjoy. However, it's still a great way to see something other than the Android user interfaces.

5- iPhone iPod Extremes theme: Go Launcher Ex has another app that lets you get the most out of your iPhone on your Android mobile device. Essentially, a series of custom symbols based on the Apple operating system are designed to improve your phone's user interface, replacing most applications with their respective iconic versions.

In fact, even the tabs panel, tabs symbol and button have been changed to look like iPhone icons. Also, the iPhone 4 replica of iPhone 4 comes in the iPhone 4 HP ADWTheme, which is the backdrop to the iPhone 4 application tray and folder: The ADW Theme iPhone 4 High Definition is for all Android users out there who don't use the Go Launcher.

As the name implies, this special theme allows you to exchange your existing user experience for that of the 4th edition iPhone. However, similar to all Go applications mentioned above, this app only works if the ADW launch is installed on your mobile as well. Seven - iPhone VB Theme Lite:

The last one on our iPhone theme page for Android is the VB Theme Lite, which is intended for ADW launchers. Your mobile will not see the design of the program on your mobile until you have downloaded it with the ADW launchers. Together with the mobile unit screen, this changes the symbols and backgrounds as well as the sounds to those of the iPhone.

After reviewing our list of the best iPhone themes for Android, what choices would you make to substitute the Android Themes and Symbols in your phone?

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