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We' ve discussed all the best here. Now, let's focus on some of the best Android Launcher applications to change the look of your home screen. Best 20 Free Android Launchers Apps (October 2018) In search of the best Android Launcher? Visit us when we present the best Android Launchers Apps in today's article. One of Android's special features is its flexibility and the variety of available optional extras.

Most of us who love Android must have been intrigued by the wide range of uses and adaptations on have.

Such an offer from Anroid is the Anroid Launcher. Even though the stick release comes with its launcher that pays tribute to their skin types, the adjustable options allow you to interweave with various other options. This launcher ranges from minimalistic to feature-rich, highly individualized launcher.

Having a good launcher for your Android skins will almost be like a full facelift of the telephone with so many different functions like changing fonts, topics and more. We recently unveiled the best iPhone launcher of 2018 to make the user experience of your Android device look almost the same as these iPhone icons.

That' s why we thought about finding the best Android Launchers available in the App Shop for you. Visit us when we present the "Best Android Launchers in 2018" in today's article. At the top of the ranking is one of the best Android launches ever, the Nova Launcher.

A launcher comes with one of the gentlest touches there is. This can be further adjusted at the user's discretion. A little more than 15MB of Ram, it delivers high power to the limit. Comes with the plain awesome launcher model and has seen over 50 million apps downloaded from the App Store.

In search of something that comes near perfect, Action Launcher 3 can be your response. Comes with one of the best themes and has fast navigational choices to browse the onscreen. The Apex Launcher is another one that has seen a lot of downloading over the years and is the next one on our roster.

Concerning the facts, the launcher has seen over 50 million hits. There are several adjustment possibilities. It allows the users to modify and diversity any of the components of the home page and also provides support for Google's AOSP Launcher. If you want a clean Android feeling with your unit, then search for the Google Now Launcher.

As part of Google's portfolio, this is a easy yet effective and high-performance launcher that is available everywhere. Comes with the clean undroid feeling desired by many, and has numerous adjustable features. Although you won't get an abundance of customisable features like those of another launcher, this one works great with its straight out of the box Andreid-mode.

Estimated by more than 100 million user, as the statistics of downloads from the App Shop show, the Solo Launcher is still a trustworthy partner for many. This launcher is neat and pleasant to look at. There are several customisable features along with built-in storage boosters, case cleaners, and more.

There are also topics, Widget, App Lockers and much more. Yet another of the most beloved Android launchers, Buzz Launcher, comes with great, adjustable sounds and more. The launcher is advertising-free and can be adjusted according to the user's wishes. More than 800,000 topics to select from and an excellent system of customer service.

To date it has already seen over 50 million hits and is still powerful. A Microsoft offerer, this one comes with great usability interferences that will surely brighten your experiences. There are a variety of call logging features, 3 layer draw-deck, meteorological and more.

Delivered with a customisable launcher with Arrow's lcon package. GO Launcher EX is a classy and intelligent launcher for your Android phone. This app provides customisable features and performance-related optimisations. the Themer, the Launcher and the HP Wall Paper Acces App is a great launcher because it provides the one-click customisation feature.

This app provides customisable features along with other features such as built-in flash drive boost and full range storage. When you are looking for a 3-D launcher for your handheld Next Launcher will help you. Provides the user with 3-D motion interferences and is characterized by seamless operation. This app provides great adjustment possibilities and has motion control features.

There is also a high-tech starter, which works excellently. It is practically one of the quickest launch vehicles there is. The Line Launcher (formerly known as Dodol Launcher) has robust and clean interferences that work well. In addition, it provides intuitional features and prompt updating. There are also great customisable app features that can be adjusted according to the user's taste.

Featuring beautiful looking wallpapers and topics provided with the Launcher, it is not necessary for a missile scientist to know why Apus Launcher has seen so many launcher files. Launcher has infinitely adjustable features. Launcher comes with a personalised customisation. The next is the Hola Launcher, which provides the operator with a cold and intuitively interaction.

This app comes with a fairly quick launcher that is lightweight and doesn't load the OS very much. Well, it works quite well on your android. The C Launcher is another Android launcher that doesn't take up much room, but delivers a great performance.

It comes with a free launcher that includes the optional built-in power booster, along with full power back-up, unlock memory and more. There are preset settings for meteorology, messages and more. Android is a quick and easy solution for senior citizens and those with visual impairments. A bit of the old-style launcher you can find in the App Shop, this is for those who are looking for a real launcher.

All Android operating systems are compatible and the system has a stress-free navigational system. Someone who can be securely watched to provide great power and back up batteries, Nano Launcher is a good choice to have. This comes with an efficient user interface that always provides the best bit. Designed by the Asus Group, for their line of smart phones, this has seen a large number of downloads in a brief while.

This app has awesome functions that provide a great usability environment. There is a quick search feature that is not available with other launcher. In addition, the app has a categorization feature to better administer it. Among the all-rounders of the pile, Everything Me is a great app launcher that you can have on your mobile phones.

This app contains great launcher choices that have a unique look and feel along with a friendly interface. There are a number of customisable features and it doesn't take up much memory at all. These Android launchers are a great choice that you can have on your phone. There is a broad palette of customisable choices that can be put together at the user's discretion.

Take a look why the number of android launcher files downloaded is so high.

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