Best Live Themes for Android

The best live themes for Android

Nothing is more reassuring for many people than a coniferous landscape. Best 15 free live backgrounds for Android (2017) Speaking about the customizing capabilities of Android, we are speaking about launcher, widgets, icons, Packsetc, but there is another thing in Android that many folks like. We' re discussing the live backgrounds of Android. In the past, live wallpaper was known to be a gimmick and a rechargeable pig, but things have turned for the better now.

New live backgrounds help preserve your batteries and offer a wide range of customisation possibilities to make your Home screen look the way you want it to. It is also assumed that only live backgrounds that are already payed for are good. Now, this is not true, but the choice of the best free live backgrounds can be difficult as the playlist is full of average applications.

That' s why we took things into our own hands and selected the best free live wall papers for you. These are the 15 best free live wall papers for Android: Forest, as the name implies, is a minimalist live paper that takes you directly into the countryside. You can also select from different themes, along with the possibility to adjust the amount of light in the landscape and modify the colours of the skies, mountains, tree and hill.

Recreational paper is certainly a delight for the eye and its changes in context make it valuable. 2. 2. 2 and higher. The Muzei is a favourite live wall paper offer that is a unique place for all your wall paper wells. First, the application lets you select between art works or your own background image, but you can use plug-ins to create additional source text.

You can find a plugin for Bing-Pictures, Google-Dudel, NASAs everyday room picture, Tumblr, Flickr, Instagram etc. You can also add blend & blend effect to make your home screen look alive. Overall, Muzei is a refreshing new live wall paper application that is quick and offers great visuals along with various picture source plug-ins.

4. 2 and higher. This minimalist live wall paper application features a number of themes that feature art pictures as backgrounds. Smudges and darkens your backdrop and incorporates Touchs & Tils to bring things to life. You can also get the Live Wall Paper application in a Pro edition, with which you can work on topics, create them randomly and much more.

3 Android. 1 and above. Best of all, it is fully compatible with Android 5. 0 Lollipop and higher. 4.0 Android. KLWP should be your best bet if you want to make your own individual live background. You can select between desktop wallpapers or select your own picture and then apply fuzziness, dates (date & time), wheather, animation, layer, location and more.

Plenty of other adjustments such as tilts, transitions, user-defined scripts, etc., that you can work with. It is certainly a powerfull application to build a user defined live background image. 4. 4. 4 and higher. It may not be very loved by live wall paper lovers, but it' certainly worth taking a look at it.

It' the funniest live wall paper we ever saw. Wall paper application puts a number of Android boots on the home screen that move when you tap or bend the screen. 2. 3 and higher. Don't be afraid if you're not a tipster, because HPSTR is for those who enjoy geometric or fully customisable live backgrounds.

It collects pictures of sizes like 600px, Reddit etc. and allows you to apply your own effect, shape and filters. Can also randomize your Home screen with backgrounds, special affects and forms that change. We have just talked about the basics that are available in the free edition, but Pro does bring more picture resources and more adjustments.

4.0 Android. Panoramas look beautiful, so what if you could use one as your backdrop? That' exactly what it does. You can use the application to create both predefined and your own panoramas as backgrounds. In addition, it also transforms ordinary pictures into a landscape. There is also the possibility to modify the zoom mode, the viewing angle and much more.

So if you want to get the coolest panoramas as background pictures, try Panorama Screens. 2. 3 and higher. Firepower 500 uses high-quality stereoscopic pictures as its sources, so you can rely on nice background pictures. This changes these pictures into live backgrounds and allows you to adjust the picture's luminosity, sharpness, saturation as well as parallel effects.

Optionally, you can include control or gesture in a live background. It uses high-resolution pictures, so if you have a reasonably operated phone, you might experience some stuttering. 4 Android. 0 and higher. The mountain topic of Google Now is the source of the live wall paper of Mountain Now and certainly looks wonderful.

Background image fits perfectly to the latest Google theme language and offers a look at picturesque mountain scenery with small craft in motion. 2. 2. 2 and higher. The Paperland contains some nice background images that will make you think of scroll-papers. There are minimalist prints on papers together with different themes for different events like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter and other season themes like rain days, fall, winter and more.

There is also a themes management and the possibility to modify scenes, object and time. It is also possible to define different themes for different periods of a single workday. In summary, if you are a big fan o pure and stylish wallpaper, Paperland should not let you down. 2. 3 and higher.

Yes, live Oceans wall paper provides a nice look at the seaside with ripples and sounds that fit any hour of the night. They can also be used to create an effect that changes the lightness, contrasts and satiety of the image. Regen-Live background is for you. Like the name says, it provides live backgrounds with storm features and more.

Our application provides different looks for our loved planets like Classic, Future and even Post-Apocalyptic.

Thou canst change the rotational speed of the planet, i. e. change the speed of the planet, change rates of speed, change the speed of the planet, change the fps and more, which means essentially that it will bring divine power to thee. 2.3 Android. Vortex live galaxy wall paper fulfils our dream of getting wasted in the universe, and it's really gorgeous. 2 Android. 1 and above. With the same old wall coverings your home screen may get boring every day, but luckily you can jazz up your Android home screen with these great live backgrounds.

Would you like to completely change the look of your wall paper? Do you want a background image that corresponds to the Android user interface? Are you looking for wall coverings that will take your breath away? The Vortex Galaxy, Earth HD or Panoramic Screens ensure this. Or you can make your own live background with KLWP or have a good time with Shake Them All 2.

Now, try these free live backgrounds and let us know your favorites from the game.

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