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Pages and blogs are the playground of web developers everywhere. Come visit and bookmark these pages for your regular dose of fun, inspiration and motivation. Fifteen beautifully crafted WordPress lifestyle blog samples Life style blogging is the "it" side of 2017. Let's face it, who doesn't like to visit these nice, fun, interesting and informative sites in their spare hours. However, if you want to create your own blog, the contest is tough and you have to have your A-play with you.

Londoner is a minimum website that uses nice pictures shown in a raster with blank edges. Colour schemes with blues give this blog a relaxed and calm feeling. The Jorden Bunker uses a colage of pictures in a slide control on the homepage. In this way, the bandwidth of contents offered by his blog is presented, from life-style plays to fashions to travel.

WordPress website uses a gooey menubar so that the navigational possibilities are always available to its public. Subdivided into sectional pages, the homepage features top stories, instagram pictures, current blog postings, and more. At the bottom of the page, a "Follow me" section provides a hyperlink to Hannah's YouTube channels, six different types of follows, and an e-mail registration area.

The site has everything you need to expand your blog with a large fan base. As a rule, lifestyles bloggers choose a blank backdrop, dark text and an extreme reduced styling. The Poppy Love uses a textured wallpaper, a colored logotype and picturesque pictures instead of text in the menus. It gives this site a warmer look and feeling and immediately gives it an advantage over other life styles blogging sites.

Nice, clear pictures are also the keys to this website. Mantelligence uses large, clear pictures and a clear, concise outline. This homepage is subdivided into chapters that contain the latest articles, favourite articles, community service button, an e-mail registration page and an ad space with Google Adsense ads. In addition, a fixed pop-up window remains at the top of the page at all moments so that users can simply choose another page if required.

The blog of Jess Ann Kirby is full of contents. Topics range from lifestyles, fashions, hair care and aesthetics to travelling and more. Since Jess publishes a periodic blog, her audiences can view her video on the website or via her YouTube canal. Ein'Shop' also shows pictures of Jess in different clothes. When you are interested in buying one of these garments, there are hyperlinks that will take you to the websites that sell these garments.

affiliate branding like this is a good choice for those who want to monetise lifestyles blog. Quintessential Man contains a high degree of sophisticated contents that are mirrored in the blog's styling and layout. This homepage contains a listing of the latest blog entries that have been posted on the site.

The side panel shows all the additional information a visitor needs, such as an e-mail opt-in request as well as a seek panel, as well as additional information such as your favorite postings, Twitter feeds, etc. There is a large instagram feeder showing her current pictures and encouraging patrons to watch her. You will see the following button at the top of the page and in the bottom line.

On the homepage there is a large slide control with text onlay. Below is a list of blog posts, sorted by contents. Side bar shows a number of Widget, among them include following button via CSR, e-mail opt-in and some advertising area. The addition of ads to life-style blog posts, side bars or top of page ads can be a great way to earn income for your website.

Combining vibrant colours, fat and clunky text and vibrant pictures, this life style blog attracts the public's eye. There is a large drop-down list of pictures under each page header to help users see what the site has to offer. Gentry Street uses a mixture of blacks, whites and greys to give this blog a more masculine look.

Dropdown menus show the most recent items published on each page. There are three broadgets in the bottom line, among them follows button support for online services, an e-mail opt-in request and the latest blog entries. One large Instagram feeder is running at the bottom of the home page to help encouraging Twenty First Century Gent users to join Instagram.

At the end of each page, the website's latest videos are also advertised to encourage spectators to join the blog's YouTube channels. Ms Critique is another life style blog that sets itself apart from the masses. It is a funny and vivid WordPress website that uses a light colour pattern and vivid pictures to attract the reader's interest.

Dropdown menus list the large amount of contents available on Ms Critique. There is also a side bar showing "must have" product, with affiliated link that helps the site make cash. On her homepage Hello Gemma shows a big logotype, followed by a choice of beautiful and colourful pictures.

Every picture scrolls over the picture, displaying a text overlays, and when you click on the corresponding blog item, it is loaded. On the homepage you can see a choice of the latest items, and a drop-down list shows pictures of the latest items in each categorie. A large bottom line shows important information, among them current commentaries, a subscription page for the newsletters, as well as the blog's text and search functions.

With so many nice and well-designed life style blog's out there, the selection found in this item was a difficult one. When you come across WordPress lifestyles blog posts that have interesting, eye-catching or useful designs, please let us know in the comment below.

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