Best looking Blogs 2016

Most Beautiful Blogs 2016

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20 most influential personal style bloggers: issue 2016

It' s been almost a ten years since the phenomena of the mode blog was first launched, and after a lot of bloodyness, perspiration, crying and torn stitching, mode blogs are now an acceptable part of the mode establishments, seen in the front ranks of big mode shows, where they land celebrity advertising campaign and play on newspapercover.

Consistent with our perennial traditions, we publish our 2016 rankings of the most authoritative blogs in person in the world. It differs considerably from the ones we released in 2013 and even 2015. On the one hand, we no longer involve founding fathers whose pages have become much more than just blogs of their own styles, which is why you won't see Garance Doré, Into The Gloss's Emily Weiss or The Man Repeller's Leandra Medine on this page.

We' ve hired more talents internationally, and we' ve eliminated blogs that are more focused on photographing (Jamie Beck), beautifying (Tanya Burr) or living outside of fashions. In addition, as Instagram and Facebook become more and more important to the audience and brand, we've given them more weight. Trailers and commitment on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest as well as website trafficking.

Those numbers gave us a glimpse of how many folks these blogs reach every workday. Certain plattforms, such as Instagram, were given more weight than others. Blogs were awarded for introducing their own line and/or cooperation. We' ve given bonuses to those who have worked with high-end brand blogs and those who are said by trade experts to be particularly liked by marketers.

The 28-year-old Italian from Los Angeles has for the second time in a row taken first place on our shortlist, with more than 5.6 million Instagram fans, 1.2 million Facebook users, a site that is hugely loved in both the US and her home state, and the capacity to move many products.

It will open its own Milan branch in 2016 and open an e-store at Recently, Ferragni has also been appointed Pantene Green Messenger and is the face of Amazon Fashion in Europe. The 29-year-old L.A.-based decorator, Aimee Song, with an open-minded Californian feel for music, was one of the first blogs to become famous - and at the age of 3, she was the first to be a blogger.

Four million Instagram follower, robust website traffic, beloved Pinterest page and a powerful YouTube site. Kristina Bazan has more than 2 million users, the highest fan base on all bloggers on the site, and more than 2.3 million Instagram-Follower. Julia Engel, 23, from San Francisco, started her 2011 blogs as a collegiate assistant and turned them into a full-time company at the end of 2013.

Lauren's Conrad-style looks and beautiful female styling have brought her a large public at Pinterest, Instagram and especially her own website. Featuring more than half a million Twitter follower, a large Pinterest fan base and the most watched YouTube TV among all bloggers on this site (it has nearly 650,000 viewers and her 25 Ways to Tie a Scarf was watched more than 35 million times), L.A.-based Wendy Nguyen is a power to reckon with.

Whilst others have extended their blogs to include new areas such as travelling or interiors, Nguyen has remained true to the classical form: publishing fashion photographs several days a week. What's more, Nguyen's blogs are a great way to get your message across. 29-year-old Julie Sariñana is also located in L.A. She launched her 2009 blogs and has accumulated an Instagram series of 3.4 million and a favorite Pinterest bankroll.

Your laid-back, approachable styling has fit well into a range of T-shirts with inspiring slogans and industry-specific jokes. As she studied the trend blur in her Gap Inc. merchandise employment six years ago, Blair Eadie chose to launch her own blogs. Today she works as Tory Burch's New York based Tory Burch Marketing Manager - her real pastime, she says, is merchandise - and has one of the most famous online lifestyle blogs, with an amazing Pinterest fan base.

Chriselle Lim is one of the most powerful fashions on YouTube, with more than half a million viewers, and also attracts stunning levels of visitor numbers to her website. Lim, a professional styler, started her 2011 blogs, and her high-quality tutorials have drawn high-profile contributors such as Estée Lauder, Bvlgari and Viktor & Rolf.

Nowadays she blogs almost as much about beautiful things and interiors as she does about fashions. The 29-year-old 29-year-old in London living Clothes model/blogger/DJ has already brought her own line of clothes on the market, which was created in cooperation with her grandson, the Spaniard Adolfo Domínguez. Their high traffic website and powerful Instagram and Twitter coverage have contributed to winning them in Loewe, H&M and Mango campaigning among others.

Stein is also from Sydney, and with 2.2 million instagrams and 1.1 Facebook fans, she is superior to most of her colleagues on this team. As one of the first blogs to reach prominent stature (along with Beast Rumi Neely), the Philippine-born and former "America's Next Top Model" judges is an integral part of Modewoche and attracts a number of men's and women's wear professionals, among them Ralph Lauren, Valentino and Gucci.

One of the most blunt voice in the fashions world, it's no wonder he has the biggest following on twitter in the group with 591,000 people. Helena Bordon, who is the daugther of the Brasilian director of Vogue Style, Donata Meirelles, visited Chanel shows in Paris before she even went to secondary education.

Bordon has attracted the interest of customers like Salvatore Ferragamo and Chanel and has published their profile on both and the W-Magazin website. Daniel Bernstein made news last year when she declared to Harper's Bazaar that she could make up to $15,000 for a one-instagram pole - and that's when she had only 70 per cent of the 1. 4 million supporters she now has.

A 23-year-old New Yorker, she began her blogs as a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology and recently worked with Nike and Amazon Fashion. Perfect-combed 27-year-old bloogger from the Netherlands launched her 2012 blogs after graduating with a master's in economics - "I didn't want to find an ordinary career in an agency or anything," she commented.

More than 9 million Instagram fans and a widely viewed blogs have drawn such as Bebe, Philosophy and Revolve Clothing and recently brought her the Cosmo Netherlands artwork. A California-born Rumi Neely, 32, one of the OG mode loggers, used her passionate fan base to make her own Made-in-L. You Are Am I, late 2014.

While Nicolette Mason may not have the highest number of followers on this chart, she is a much sought-after asset. As well as a chronicle of her wardrobe, Mason uses her blogs to debate topics related to physicality, sex and raciality. As one of the first women to make a name for herself as a blogger of fashions, Susie Lau, a writer, continues to be a favourite in the sector and a strong representative of young talents who appear in London and elsewhere.

Her and her man, Kiel James Patrick, are playing an ultra-satisfying New Camelot Fantasy on Instagram, and the web is addictive: It has one of the highest Instagram engagements and blogs publicity values in our rankings. If she doesn't update her very beloved blogs, Sydney-based streetstyle favourite Margaret Zhang will design (and photograph) articles for big names like Marie Claire and Harper's Bazaar Australia or advise for names like Yeezy and Swarovski.

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