Best looking Wordpress Websites

The Best Looking Wordpress Websites

This is one of the best WordPress themes for artists who want to make a bold statement and a big impact with big pictures of their work on the homepage slider. Twenty-five stunning Wordpress topics for performers Nearly 50% of arts and artists' websites on the web are based on WordPress, an on-line open resource website-builder. WorldPress is probably the simplest and most efficient web site blogs and web site contents managing system available today. WordPress for Painters - Why? WorldPress is a user-friendly, eerie plattform for designer and technophobic as well.

Wordprocessess is particularly suitable for performers, most of whom would rather sit in their studios than on a computer monitor; it makes the entire creation proces of an on-line portfolios quick and easy. Another big benefit of WordPress is that you don't have to pay large amounts of money just to a design professional.

Indeed, the only investment are your domains name, your web site and the purchase of a WordPress topic, none of which are costly. Throughout the years we have assisted many artist in the creation of their websites, among them Daren Redman and Elisabeth Rutt, and lately we have been dealing with topics that can be used in an updated version for our own website.

Each of the topics we have selected uses a clear, clear lay-out that is perfectly suited to an artist's website. Hopefully they will provide a source of inspirational and perhaps even an encouragement to you to start building your own on-line portfolios page to present your work of art today!

This is a minimum topic specially developed for the presentation of the works of art and photography. Dorsey WordPressTheme is extremely easy to set up and makes your site structure free of headaches. And for the more daring creator, there are ways to customize colors and type to give your site more personality. This is one of the best WordPress topics for performers who want to make a brave declaration and a big impression with big pictures of their work on the homepagelider.

Its strength is in its simpleness and its dependence on the art work's qualities. Detailled documents that come with the Peak Topic make it simple to get it up and running for even the most technology-mad of us. Stylish and beautiful minimalist, Peak is the ideal model for an artist's website.

There is also outstanding client service, which means that even if this is your first try at creating an art site, you will be accompanied every step of the way.'s art gallery topic is specially designed for professionals. It is the best looking and working website I have ever created.

However, unlike some of the other subjects, Simfo has a strong character; it would be good to present idiosyncratic or very modern work. Beautifully chic designs, a nice choice of typefaces, and plenty of image display choices make your artwork the stars of the Workality Plus show.

And as a special feature, the Visual Composer Page Builder, the much-loved WordPress plug-in, allows you to create any page in just a few clicks using an easy-to-use simple page drag-and-dropditor. This is a rugged topic that provides great opportunities for performers who are also frequent contributors to blogs. You can customize the look and feel of the templates, with different color palettes to select from and a number of Widgets that can be linked to your community account and your mailinglist.

The Photocrati is an affordably priced yet extremely flexible way to build breathtaking websites for art isans and photography enthusiasts. More than 60 launch choices, integrated gallery, e-commerce and blogs, and unlimited customization features in one smooth suite. Photocrati has the possibility to do both, and much more, if you want to present a wide variety of works on the homepage or if you want a large, effective picture, Photocrati has the possibility to do both.

The Reframe Plus is a high-resolution (up to 1600px), adaptable and extremely versatile WordPress portfolio themes for professional use. Offering a beautiful sleek and smooth look and feel, Vivi compensates with the high-performance homepage slide that presents art work with security. This WordPress topic makes a basic job (creating your art website) even easier with its sophisticated drag & drop feature!

That' the subject for the most techno-phobic artist out there. Thanks to the attractive and varied range of product line choices, you can get exactly the look you need. Full -screen presentations are excellent for print templates, and the ePix WordPress design makes very good use of this. Using various homepage choices that allow pictures to be displayed in full, this topic is intelligent and clear.

The Artist Portofolio WordPress is an appealing topic especially developed for artist, photographer, designer and creative. Minimum and clear styling with a full-screen browser that allows you to click and browse artwork in more detail. Mad is a nice designer especially created for artist by the MadebyMinimal. com boys and offers 4 galleries as well as customizable artwork viewing tools, the possibility to adjust the width of the side bar, 2 menus and advanced customization tools.

There are 6 different homepage layout and 2 option for blogs, which makes it one of the most versatile for artist. Like many of the WordPress submissions presented in this review, it is highly reactive, i.e. it adjusts and looks good on all machines and in all major webmasters.

Comes with a easy page designer and offers dragging and dropping boxes and custom features to change the design of your website slightly. Essenza's themes have been created with great care for detail and are a great choice for any artist's website. Our goal is to give the users the greatest possible amount of creativity, which means that the topic is very customizable and offers you a beautiful, personalized work-kit with a minimum of work.

This is another beautiful, simplified version designed specifically for use by performers. This is a great, simple to use website templates where the performer can present a wide selection of works on his homepage. Made ByMinimal. com, the same guys who gave us Dorsey and Wright. Classics is an adaptive and neat model for designer and performer.

Multiple bright and shadow background choices, as well as color and fonts customization, make it a great WordPress topic for performers who want to communicate through their websites. That is the topic we created DarenRedman with. com - checkout it out! ThemeForest. net has generally got excellent user and 5-star ratings on Recital, not least because it was developed specifically for the creation of artistic websites with WordPress.

WordPress Wave is not the easiest of the designs offered with many customization possibilities, but if you are paid in advance for a little work, you can build a truly impressive suite for your work. One of the things that makes the subject of Others so special and attractive is the Homepage Galery, which presents your work to your audience in a user-friendly and vibrant environment.

Ideal for those who want to be inspired with their website. Exquisitely sleek in appearance and exquisitely intuitive in use, this topic is great for large pictures, neat style and ease of surfing. It' the ideal subject for the most technologically unexperienced artist out there. Sleek, classy and sleek, Centreal offers a great opportunity to showcase works of art at their best.

Centrally oriented designs set this topic apart from the masses in a subtile and discreet way. An efficient product range that is equally suited to individual clients and businesses. Though I claim that the best way to present your artwork is with minimum effort, Wonder provides ways to add color and interest to your website if you wish.

It also makes the addition of sound and visual items simple and straightforward.

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