Best Magazine Layout

The best magazine layout

Best magazine design of the year Society of Publication Designers, SPD, has selected the nominees for its annual magazine award. Distinctions are regarded as one of the most important accolades in the sector. Blender, under the direction of Dirk Barnett, has been completely redesigned this year and has been called upon to do so in the section redevelopment as well as in several section scatterings like this one:

GQ's Fred Woodward is already a big player in the industry of graphics that brings originality to the fore: Breathtaking and funny work for W, staged by Edward Leida: Edward Burtynsky, who has been photographing man's environmental impacts for many years, created a breathtaking photographic report on stone pits for Dwell at the photographic awards:

The SPD divides its distinctions into multilateral and one-sided classifications. Below are some one-sided photographers' champions. Appetite Bon, under the imaginative guidance of Matthew Lenning: Happiness, under Robert Perino: The illustration was very powerful this year. For the New York Times Magazine:

This is a brilliantly illustrated photograph by Andrew Nimmo and Beth Bartholomew for Vanity Fair that says much more about Bob Dylan's thought room than most 4,000 words: Infographics today are incandescent, and they have their own area for awarding. Catalog tree is one of the best in the industry.

GOOD creatives Scott Stowell: "Scott Dadich of Wired is only in his early 30''s, but he has made the magazine one of the most respected in the designer work. Since working for Texas Monthly, he has been a frequent contributor to the SPD prizes. Here he instructed Stephen Doyle to present the worldwide harvest yields:

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