Best Magazine Websites

The best magazine websites

Awards for the best advertisement on the website The best sites will be chosen by jurors who will check the sites submitted against the following seven criteria: The best websites will be chosen by evaluating the submitted websites according to seven categories - style, usability, text, interaction, use of technologies, innovativeness and contents. Sites that have not been chosen as the best site are also entitled to an Outstanding Website Award or a Standard of Excellence Award.

Newsletters will want to be covered to provide you with extra exposure within your business sector. 2016Risdall WerbeagenturConsolidated Communications, Inc. 2015Nationale Partnerschaft für Frauen & FamilienWeTweet. org : 2015MailerMailerEasy E-mail 2016Risdall WerbeagenturConsolidated Communications, Inc. 2015Nationale Partnerschaft für Frauen & FamilienWeTweet. org : 2015MailerMailerEasy E-mail 2015Risdall WerbeagenturGreat Bay Software, Inc. 2015AlphaSense, Inc. 2015PlanetMagpieA est à Apple, Inc. 2015PolicyGeniusL'assurance fait des emplettes !

2015Global reach Web productionsCourt Avenue Restaurant & Brewing Co. 2015Marcus Thomas LLCAkron Children's Hospital LLCAkron - Why not? 2014Risdall Advertising AgencyTrust Point Inc. 2014OptumCMOspark! 2014Artonicidit inc. 2014PlanetMagpieDiablo Precision, Inc. 2014TopSpot Internet MarketingMagnus Mobility Systems, Inc. 2014Amicus Creative MediaManos & Associates, P.L. 2014ArtonicKenneth J. Wolnik, DDS, Inc. 2014Ceridian Canada Ltd.

2014drumBEAT MarketingDie Anwaltskanzlei von Christina Lesher, P.C. 2014Inklyo. comInklyo, Inc. 2014Pharmacyclics Inc, Janssen Biotech Inc, Team ChemistryIMBRUVICA "The Store Within" 2014TopSpot Internet MarketingHunterLab Inc. 2. 2014Scorpion Design, LLCStein Home Solutions Inc. 2013TopSpot Web MarketingO'Neal Steel, Inc. 2013TopSpot Web MarketingCreative Engineering Inc. 2013 Équipe marketingDun & Bradstreet Credibility Corporation. 2013Small ArmyBe Lold, Be a Soon !

2013DASH Co.DASH Co. 2013TMP WorldwidePersonnellement... 2013Euroweb Internet GmbHBaby and childrenshop 2013Risdall Advertising AgencyAPI Outsourcing, Inc. 2013Risdall Advertising AgencyTrust Point Inc. 2013Sabre Hospitality SolutionsThe Study of..... 2012Marketing TeamDun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp. 2012pilottobock. 2013WebbMasonFinding the Perfect Home with Apartment Services, Inc. 2013Rental Roost, Inc. 2013Rental Roost, Inc. rental Roost, Inc. 2013Project6 Design, Inc.

2012Atlantic BTADS Inc. 2012Euroweb Internet GmbHEast Germany's largest toys collection. 2011Carlson MarketingJetBlue ? "TrueBlue Be True" 2011BlenderboxThe Cleveland Street District, Downtown Clearwater, FL. 2011Asian AccessA2 | Executive Development. 2011Arc Worldwide, A Leo Burnett CompanySobeys - Saisonal inspirierte Frische. 2011Michael MothnerWpromote, Inc. 2010? A one-stop 2011Michael MothnerWpromote, Inc. 2010 A one-stop website for all of your online advertising needs.

2010Interactive Media AssociatesGenta, Inc. 2010Bold ?stanbul Interactive Marketing AgencySeraPool A.S. 2010Kas Design, LLCSportcraft, Ltd. 2010THER INTERACTIVE Casting? 2010Asian AccessA2 | Executive Development. 2010Matrix Group InternationalGoodwill Industries International, Inc. 2010Arnold WorldwideDo you have what it adopts ? 2009Arc Worldwide - A Leo Burnett CompanyEggo - Où est cette gaufre ? 2009Fulbright & Jaworski L.L.P. The international law office Fulbright & Jaworski L.L.P. 2009Miles & StockbridgeMiles & Stockbridge P.C. 2009Page 1 SolutionsKline & Specter, P.C. 2009Duo ConsultingcomScore, Inc. 2009Euro RSCG 4000 GmbHSAre you perfec?

2009Asian AccessA2 | Executive Development. 2009ADHS BBCd MarketingVenomocity. com. com: 2009Market LeaderNew Website for Market Leader, Inc. 2009Firstborn and Droga5PUMA L.I.F.T. 2009Marketing Partners, Inc. NRG Systems, Inc. 200941? 2009Red Sound InteractiveWhat is your thrust? 2009Triporati, Inc. Triporati, Inc. 2008AdReadyAdReady, Inc. 2008MyRide. comAutobytel Inc. 2008TravelCLICK Internet marketing Services TeamTravelCLICK, Inc. 2008Clarity Coverdale FuryAre You Ok with That ? 2008SyrupHopeSync.

2008Avid Technology, Inc. 2008Azavar Technologies CorporationUniversal Building Products, Inc. 2008Tnemec Company, Inc. 2008Tnemec Company, Inc. 2008HowStuffWorks. comDo You Know ? 2008TMP WorldwideWith the Progress to Life Spirits. 2008Risdall Advertising AgencyFood Perspectives Inc. 200815 Briefe inc.Bing! Bing! 2008Body1, Inc. Diabetes1. org - Great Information.

2008TravelCLICK Internet Marketing Services TeamTravelCLICK, Inc. 2008Risdall WerbeagenturSpanlink Communications, Inc. 2008Avenue A | RazorfishFord GO ! 2008EllianceSophisticated Alloys Inc. 2008Asian AccessA2 | Developing Leaders. Mm-hmm. 2008EllianceSophisticated Alloys Inc. 2008Asian AccessA2 | Developing Leads. LLC, 2008CommonPlaces e-Solutions. 2008Atmosphere BBDOWhere Do You Live? 4. 2008Delvinia InteractiveGuess Ce qu'ils ont dit ? 2008nCircle Network Security, Inc. nCircle Network Security, Inc. 2008World Golf Tour, Inc. 2008World Golf Tour, Inc. 2008Ihre Majestät, monoTurboChef - der Ofen.

2008Mark - About beliefs and beliefs. 2008Hubbuzz. comHubbuzz. com. com - Cities. 2008DVC Inc. DVC Inc. 2008Securenet SystemsSecurenet Systems, Inc. 2008usdm. net(R)How do you APL ? 2008Virginia Tourist AssociationDiscover your passion! 2007Wilson Architects Inc. 2007Avatar New YorkBullseye Tattoos Inc. 2007TheBroth Pty LtdTheBroth - Spaß mit Live Art now !

2007Progressive Corp. Progressive Corp. 2007Entrepreneur. comEntrepreneur Media Inc. 2007180 InteractiveLandmark International Group, Inc. 2007Xylem CCI, Inc. Davines, Inc. 2007Todd Blank DesignScript Frenzy ! 2007Texas Department of TransportationWho's leaving this evening? 2007Logical Images, Inc. 2007DxHealth - better images, better responses, better wellbeing. 2007Fulbright & Jaworski L.L.P.The International Law Firm of Fulbright & Jaworski L.L.P. 2007Reinhart Boerner Van DeurenReinhart Boerner Van Deuren s.c. © 2007Thomson - FindLawHalling & Cayo, S.C. 2007180 InteractiveRLR Industries, Inc.

2007eBusiness GroupSouthco, Inc. 2007EllianceMiller Welding & Machine Co. 2007The HealthCentral NetworkThe HealthCentral Network, Inc. 2007Rare Bird, Inc EHOB, Inc. 2007Monty Ma, Marketing ManagerLive365, Inc. 2007Asiaan AccessA2 | Developing Leaders. 2007EllianceMiller Welding & Machine Co. 2007New York Cares, Inc. New York Cares, Inc. 2007Skoll FoundationSocial Edge - For Social Entrepreneurs. 2007ShirleyBOARD. comShirleyBOARD.

2007Arc Worldwide Toronto - A Leo Burnett CompanyKellogg Frozen Mini Wheat - Keeps Arc Full. 2007Arc Worldwide, Toronto - Leo Burnett CompanyJames Willy Beer - Help us, help you, help you get paid less. * 2007Biggs * * GilmorePop Tarts "Off The Charts" * 2007Biggs * * GilmorePop Tarts "Ready. "2007Body Health Resources FoundationAssess your exposure to HIV and other STIs!

2007POPNew Super Mario Bros. 2007Tribal DDB SydneyBudget Direct'Smart Selection Challenge' 2007ZipRealty, Inc. 2007ZipRealty, Inc. 2007MagneticErgo Works, Inc. 2007Northern Response International LtdShopNorthern is the Canada election for TV product! 2007AGENDA (Taiwan) Ltd. 2006CIBER, Inc. CIBER, Inc. 2006Vision Internet Provider, Inc. Vision Internet Providers, Inc. 2006Intramural Loan Repayment and Scholarship Programs, National Institute of Health.

2006IDIInterconnect Devices, Inc. 2006Tribal DDB CanadaGatorade "Sticks Email" 2006BIG InteractiveBIG Noir.blanc. 2006BlackDoctor. orgBlackDoctor, Inc. 2006Fulbright & Jaworski L.L.L.P.The International Law Firm of Fulbright & Jaworski L.L.P.2006Asiaan AccessAsiaan Access | Developing Leaders. 2006BlackDoctor, Inc. 2006Bridge WorldwideUNICEF : 2006Apollo Interactive, Inc. comCOMM Group, Inc. 2006Cool Blue InteractiveOverdrivePC - La performance de demain aujourd'hui !

2006Embarc, Inc. AVEO Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 2006Apollo Interactive, Inc. 2006Apollo Interactive, Inc. United Supermarkets, Ltd. 2006TM InteractiveHow Swiss are you are you ? 2005Intellithought, Inc. 2005Mediapulse, Inc. 2005Mediapulse, Inc. 2005180 InteractiveID Concepts, Inc. 2005PacificLink iMedia LimitedSony VAIO Fifth anniversary ? Lasst uns feiern ! 2005The international Anwaltskanzlei Fulbright & Jaworski L.L.P. 20059. sphereSprott Asset Management Inc. 2005Bowman Design / Backbone MediaSchwartz Communications, Inc. 2005BrowserMediaLuxner News, Inc. 2005Civil Society Institute40 Max.....

2005Web Marketing & StrategyOnline Community: NetPro, Cisco Systems, Inc. 2005Zunch Communications, Inc. 2005Zunch Communications, Inc. Zunch Communications for Correct Products, Inc. 2004Gigapixel Creative, Inc. 2004Gigapixel Creative, Inc. 2004Abengoa BioenergyAbengoa BioenergyAbengoa Bioenergy Corp. 2004Adobe Systems, Inc. 2004BDO InterOne GmbH, HamburgDie nouvelle BMW 6er Reihe convertible. 2004BBDO InterOne GmbH, HamburgWho murdered the notion?

2004BBDO InterOne GmbH, HamburgThe BMW S5. 2004BBDO InterOne GmbH, HamburgThe new BMW X3: Discover the new versatility. 2004Freerun TechnologiesPortal Publications Ltd. 2004Progressive Color Media and Fry, Inc. Progressive Color Media, a division of Flint Ink, Inc. 2004ReebokRBK Whiteunit? 2004TellusM. 2004The Wellness Community NationalGroup Loop: Teenagers. Speak. Liver. Online.

2004Aristotle, Inc. Stephens, Inc. 2004Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc. 2004Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc. 2004Corporate Web DepartmentNew York Life Insurance Co. 2004Estco MedicalOriGene Technologies, Inc. 2004Gigapixel Creative, Inc. 2004Grand Expeditions, Inc. 2004Hanger Orthopedic Group, Inc. 2004Hanger Orthopedic Group, Inc. 2004Hollister Co. Hollister Co. 2004Imirage, Inc. Mack Trucks Inc. 2004InetSolution, Inc. Groen, Kluka & Company, P.C.

2004Internet Speedway, Inc. 2004N.A.D.A.N.A.N.A.A.D.A. Official Used Car Guide Co. 2004Shreveport Bossier Convention & Tourist BureauCome Game our way to Shreveport Bossier City, Louisiana! 2004SSM Health CareSt. Mary's-Good Samaritan, Inc. 2004The Corcoran GroupCorcoran. com| Where would you like to be? 2003Aprimo, Inc. Aprimo, Inc. 2003Freerun TechnologiesOilstop Inc. 2003Tribune Entertainment/Tribune InteractiveAdventure Inc. 2003ATI Technologies IncATI Technologies Inc. 2003BACARDI GmbH / cosmoblonde GmbHWalk to the flavour of MARTINI!

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