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Where Indie magazine could save print and where to start. It is a legendary magazine that summarizes the most important news events of a week in each issue. Best 100 independant magazines Densely and thoroughly in the best way possible, with Literary extracts, photo shoots and interviewing describing a singular area from California to Scotland. The Quarterly ConcernQuarterlyA radically new edition of the literature magazine as a media, no two editions are alike. Supplements Genuine Feature Story and Poetic with Literature Critique, Writer Interviewing and Foodwriting.

Ford Coppola's literature magazine is at the interface of science and movie, with a streamlined index (3-4 floors) and a visiting trustee from the folk cultural scene (Nick Cave, Julian Casablancas) in each edition. Based on the beloved Australia streetstyle blogs, MITT concentrates on "catching men with an unmistakable look in their own homes " - in other words, spotting periodic guys with a doping lifestyle on the streets around the globe and then interviews them to get a glimpse of the remainder of their life.

BiannualA globally authoritative interface between road and popular cultures, Highsnob is the man who thinks for sleek, beautiful, filmed trendy stories about sweaters, roadwear, music, arts and designs. Print pageBiannualA shipping from the outskirts of the contemporary arts with friendly cultural cursors on the website It's Fine That. Published BiannualA which integrates as much as it does within its contents, ExposedBiannualA magazine: an appropriate application allows you to search symbols in the magazines for associated videos and/or sounds.

Music MagazineQuarterly A compilation of stories and essay by some of the best thinkers in contemporary culture: thinkers, experience, technology, strategies and more. BimonthlyA maker's, tweaker's and violinist's magazin that includes everything a do-it-yourselfer ever wanted to do. Explore this universe through interviewing the movers and shakers in the business; think of bits and bobs about brand-new gifts and technology.

StandardQuarterlyA dip into your breakfast truck: from barista to bean to your own tea cups. LoversQuarterlyOne Man and Women Cockpit, dedicated to finding the best Cocktailbars in London (and sometimes abroad). ImbibeBimonthlyPretty much the alcohol book, Imbibe is the attempt in the contest for drink direction, hot motion content and non-boozy helping direction.

It is a retromotive quarterly standing alone to get closer and more personally with the automobiles (and automobile owners) at automobile exhibitions. At the intersection of concept and Formula 1 racing there is a magazin that you want to disassemble and glue to your wall.

Outland JournalFive issues/yearLooks like an eco-friendly adventurous trip guide, actually an tribute to the cars that make these trips possible. Gasoline MagazineIntermittentInternational automotive heritage about Australia that puts cars as much in the spotlight as the transmissions they worship. Below the Radar QuarterAn US musical lobe co-founded by a man and a woman called "the cure for musical pollution", Under the Radar musical symbols are sometimes tapped to interact with other symbols, with unforgettable results.

A new Australian track whose feature set keeps an an eye on emerging young people' audiences, cultures and arts around the globe. Watch your favourite songs in our waxy poetics quarterlyIt's vinyl-like style, featuring stories about hip-hop, jazzy, Reggae, blues and more, as well as historical education and take-aways about important movies and literature.

Shindig! uncovers the present and past musical story with a serious vocal that remains unaffected by Pitchford's intoxicating, sticky styling in the spirits of teenage musical lumpen and once old fans. Dedicated to researching "the many aspects of radically different cultures," HuckBimonthlyHuck offers not only a healthful dosage of skating, surfing, and snowshoes, but also a bold, realistic view of everything from rock and roll to rock and roll, arts, pop cultures, and activity.

Featuring a truly outstanding photo section, our highly artistic images of the skating and surfing arts, as well as much travelling and cultural life, make a great impression on your team.

Arts and literature journal that divides essay about everything that' is epicurean and celebrate eating in its most basic form: such as the joy of making sandwiches. An edition is meditating on a series of great movies that begin with the same character about writing verse, illustrations, fictional and essay. The next is H. Cahiers du CinemaMonthlyQuite, the most authoritative movie journal in story, which has virtually coined the term "auteurism" and whose editors include Francois Truffaut and Jean-Luc Godard.

Traditionally in cinematic form - with director engagements, festivals discussions, critic essayaries on the movie - and no less radically in political terms, CineasteQuarterlyThat Cineaste has been a pioneer of freelance, alien and avant-garde cinemas since its 50th anniversary. Movie CommentBimonthlyPublié par la Society du Lincoln Center depuis 1962, America's Answers to Cahiers critique le cinéma et sa place dans la société avec une rigueur et une lésinerie.

High ( "Agnes Varda's Faces Places") and low ("Dwayne Johnson's Skyscraper") are rated with the same passion in this trendy movie diary. A cultural review by an architectural reviewer who explores what it means to be living and to share spaces with others in today's world.

Due to the fact that immigration is accelerating (in relation to humans, goods, ideas), Migrant Journal is slowing us down to debate its impact on journalists, science and more. The Good TroubleIntermittentOld-school journalists in formats (broadsheet newspapers), new-school protests in contents (cataloguing opposition movement all over the world). For 20 years, GertrudeBiannualThe Gertrude literature has been the longest running publication of a magazine - although unfortunately it recently put the section "Magazine" on line.

Today, however, they are publishing literary works and non-fiction books (in printed form) under the motto "Chapbooks" and have their own quaterly subscription-based bookshop. "from a cakeboy's perspective." In 1952, the company established itself as one of the world's leading photography companies. The company is run by a non-profit organisation that aims to connect photography with the wider world.

The Foam MagazineTriannualAn edition is issued on a particular subject, with each edition being produced on a specially chosen piece of hard copy. MagazineTriannualA photojournal with a self-proclaimed shortage of category and stylistic scope that only aims to offer a broad palette of works across subjects and experiential stages. A further EscapeBiannualBlue combines an earth-like touch (themes are called Altitude, Frozen or Woods) with individual storytelling accents in adventures through the real state.

At the core of the launch strategy, CourierBimonthlyThis Magazin (and agency) advises brand owners on how to remain pertinent in an ever-changing world.

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