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Top Medical Wordpress Topics

Medicare is a charming and professional multi-purpose website theme. The Infinite is a competent and responsive WordPress multi-purpose website theme. WordPress health and medical center theme. WordPress medical, dental, family medicine. Healthcare and Hospital WordPress topic.

Thirty+ Best Health and Medicine WordPress Topics 2018

The medical service is one of the most sought-after and customer-oriented service in the whole hemisphere. Here is a 30+ best medical WordPress topics listing, with an appealing look and feel that is simple to use. The Divi is a great subject with a contemporary and versatile look.

It has been designed as a one-page topic and offers useful and simple to use choices that can be used for any kind of website. It' s proffesional and fully customisable styling makes it more than suitable for medical facilities. Functions: fully reactive, drag-and-drop page creator, parallel axis and background videos, ready-made layout, fully customized. Functions: Real-timeditor, multi-layout, translation-ready, simple page creator, more than 30 user-defined Widgets, fast response and retina-ready.

The Regina Pro is a great subject for healthcare and medical use, with a contemporary and memorable look. Comes with a fast and neat lightbox-like termination sheet, great symbols, an intelligent contents texture and a clear and easy look. Includes: fast-reacting layouts, SEO-enabled, limitless color, limitless slider and carousel, WooCommerce assistance, limitless Goolge font, customized logotype.

An issue that can turn your website into a useful tool for your website users and customers. Topic allows you to post your portfolio, current affairs, blogs and a store section. Functions: fast response design, infinite slider control capability, extended administration adjustment, infinite portfolio, work schedule forms, short key generation, pricing charting.

Homecare is a breathtaking topic for medical and healthcare facilities. There is a contemporary, stylish and interactively designed. It has a clear and clear look, dominates by white space. Characteristics: fast reacting and fully customizable designs, user-defined mail type and format, multi-lingual, over 80 shortcuts, customizable portfolios, various colour choices.

This is a clear and straightforward subject for healthcare hospitals and medical centres, with an elegantly contemporary yet plain look. Featuring an inviting and highly polished user experience, a video/diashow headers, prestigious symbols, and well-organized block contents. Functions: Enhanced page creator, 20 demonstrations for different uses, infinite colour scheme, fast response and retina layouts, WooCommerce capable, several shortcuts, Revolution Slider and Layers Slider inclusive, back-up-mode.

It is a topic that you can manage very easily, the information is well organised and the menus allow you to quickly find what you are looking for. Functions: fast response lay-out, work appointment forms, extended administration customisation, infinite slider control capability, infinite portfolios, short key generation, broad and packed designs.

In contrast to most medical WordPress themes, this one avoid the classical blues and flirt with a mix of whites, pinks and reds. Functions: shortcuts, localisation, colour variation, user-defined menu, topic option, cross-browser interoperability. This is a clear and effective topic for healthcare and nursing centres, with a blank backdrop and coloured areas.

It has a clear look and feel and the lay-out allows you to make the contents available to you. Functions: card with user-defined symbols, user-defined backgrounds, softkeys, quick -response designs, user-defined logos, sliders. WordPress's first medical topic on the mailing lists includes a stylish look, an organised and straightforward texture and colours such as whites, blues, greys and reds.

It looks like a good place to make the link between physicians and customers. Includes: reactive style, multilingual WPML plug-in assistance, powerful search engine optimization (SEO), simple and powerful themes option, Google font assistance, children topic inclusive, revolutionary sliders inclusive, various style option, simple and complete doc. The Dental Clinic is a breathtaking full-screen medical subject with a distinct para-lax effect, many different kinds of animation and other memorable specials.

Comes with a contemporary look and a cheerful yet professionally designed. Functions: fully reactive theme, fully customizable, user-defined mail type and format, translatable, over 80 shortcuts, several colour choices, user-defined Widgets. Quite a straightforward theme with clear themes leads the visitor to the information they want very simply.

It is the combination of red and green that gives this subject its classical look, which is typical of the medical sector. Functions: fast response time, broad and packaged layout, paginator display, over 60 page creator parts, topic option control box, over 20 page layout, 6 pre-defined colour skin. It is a very lively and pleasant topic for medical use, with an interactively designed look.

Contents are very well organised and textured, alternately appearing in blues, whites, pink and greys, making the topic attractive and game. Functions: convenient page creator, 16+ user-defined website contents items, infinite side bar management, fully reactive, multiple languages - available with localized administrator. There are two different variations of this theme: one-sided and multi-sided. It is very neat and professionally, yet kind and inter-active.

It has a contemporary look, memorable look, embedded content, embedded community and many broads. Characteristics: fully reactive, multi-page and single-sided, broad and punched layouts, parallel effect, speed-dial generators, various mailings. Featuring a neat touch and some engaging animation, this topic looks quite interactively and kindly to customers. Characteristics:

This is a beautiful topic with five kinds of home pages. It is a challenging topic, with many different kinds of animation, paragraphs, widgets, softkeys, full-width motion controls, a simple contactsheet, para-laxes, and many functions to help visitors navigate. Overall, Medicom is a very advanced topic for medical centres.

Functions: fully reactive, timetableable scheduling plugin, premium layerslider, premium video composter, extended mega menu, 50+ page builders items, This topic provides four kinds of home pages, with various functions such as date sheets, user-defined services box, home block parallax, one-page list. It' re fashionable, neat and professionally designed.

A minimalistic texture and styling is used in the designs. Featured: fully reactive designs, 500+ scripts, Google scripts included, infinite colour scheme, normal and brick (interest-like) blogs laidouts, customized widgets (opening times, field reports, Twitter, Flick and more).

This is a clear and stylish subject for medical centres, with a straightforward look and delicate animation. The MedicalDoctor solution is distinguished by its ease of use and good information transparency. Functions: built-in schedule, composite page building tool, LayerSlider feature, reactive architecture, six mail types - default, picture, video, galleries, offer, links. Totally is a topic with nine demonstrations for different uses.

The HealthCare demonstration has a minimally invasive look and is best suited for small medical centres or private companies. It has a neat look, a store and pallax scroll. Featuring: Drag-and-drop graphical composite, slider revolution, nine different demonstrations, fast-response designs, limitless color, WooCommerce integrations, optimised for rapid prototyping, customized mail type and super-logos.

Featuring a more vibrant WordPress theme combining a blank backdrop with greens, reds and greys. Somewhat unorthodox, one would say, in comparison to other topics in the medical alcove. Functions: simple to use and comprehensive topic option, extra revolution slide control, fast response desing, searching machine friendly, short code ability, multiple browsers compatability, children topic inclusive, WPML-kompatibel.

Medicine is a minimalistic topic for medical centres and clinics. Its appearance is neat and professionally designed to process a large amount of contents, while the homepage items are well organised and organised. A widgettized bottom line and several page styles are included in the overall look. Overall, the Medicus look is very easy and beautiful.

Functions: fast-reacting lay-out, dynamical homepage creator, living customiser, SEO-friendly, translatable, retina-capable, multi-page documents. Medicaid is a contemporary medical subject with a memorable look. Featuring a full-width motion fader that provides great transition from one transparency to another, soft scroll, colourful compartments, and a clear and attractive look that makes navigating easier and helps you quickly find what you're looking for.

Functions: fast response time, Visual Composer integrated, 2 schedule modes, Slider Revolution, user-defined header, user-defined page template, schedule page, shortcuts. The Wish is a multi-purpose WordPress topic that comes with 15 different demonstrations, each for a particular use. Its medical side is contemporary and memorable, with colourful symbols, palladium-scrolling, and a clear and easy-to-use user experience.

It comes with many nice and brilliant customisation possibilities that can make your website even more interesting. Characteristics: Fifteen ready-made layout templates, 106+ user-defined composition visuals, reactive look, Slider Revolution, WooCommerce interoperability, six styles of footers, translatable. It is a contemporary and attractive topic for medical practices, e-commerce and healthcare trainers, equipped with 3 different themes for each of these uses.

Functions: fast response time, WooCommerce compatible, WooCommerce compatible, WooCommerce compatible, WooCommerce compatible, visual page building, endless colour variation, ECWID Shopping Cart plug-in, extremely fast, custom post type UI compatible. The BeDentist is a WordPress topic for medical and dentistry use. The clear styling and well-structured lay-out make it simple to present your company and keep your customers informed about your service.

Most of the topic is a drag-and-drop page Builder that is made up of standalone components that allow you to organize your contents in different ways. Functions: page creator, schedule plug-in, multi-layout, custom WP customizer, user-defined widgets, reactive interface layout, free technical assistance and free software download. It is a contemporary topic for hospital and healthcare centres that puts all your needs at the forefront and offers very easy and intuitively navigable options for everyone.

Characteristics: 100 percent fast response, Visual Composer + All In One contain powerful software plug-in, 30+ different demonstrations, bright and dim patterns, endless layouts, endless colours, WooCommerce prepared. The Infinite is a breathtaking medical topic that is perfect for large healthcare centres and clinics. All in all, the topic looks very contemporary and gives clients a signal of confidence and service excellence.

Functions: fast-reacting and retina-enabled page format, drag-and-drop page builders, full support for WPML and WooCommerce, many page formats, 19 headers modes, user-defined skins colour + indefinite colours. The EightMedi is a contemporary and good-looking medical subject that offers your guests a cosy, inviting look. Functions: fast response and retina capable lay-out, box and full width lay-out, limitless slide control option, date sheet, section with tagged articles, high configurability home page, user defined shortcuts.

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