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The best websites with minimal portfolio

Storefront of the best minimal and portfolio websites. Visit our website at The minimalist portfolio websites are great for presenting your work.

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The Bestfolios is a galery with the best portfolio and CVs of top UI/UX artists, graphics artists and movement artists. Clark is Correlate's founding and creative director. He is a CMU HCI alumnus and will switch to Instagram as a toolmaker. Shapiro is a professional design professional working for VICE in Brooklyn, New York.

Anne Zhou is an interaction designer at Google and works on Voice UX. Would you like more inspiration for your portfolio?

More than 50 inspiring & creative personal portfolio websites

We presented the web pages of the web designer a few month ago. Yet many designees like to work alone and their portfolio is also valuable. There are 50 different creativ portfolio which will take your feet off! Considering that most of our agent websites are based on "Logo - Tagline - Best Work - Contact Info", we were excited to see if this would work for both free-lance and web designer companies.

Yes, it works sometimes, and you can see it in the samples in this post, but it seems, as you might expect, the primary emphasis of most portfolio pages is to attract visitors' interest, present the designers and then encourage them to dive further into the portfolio to see the best works and learn more about the designers, their abilities, distinctions and experiences.

Lots of fashion houses favour one-sided portfolio designs; some put face-to-face photographs on their pages; many of those whose websites are below are enthusiasts of minimal designs and so on. Several of the other featured elements and trending available in developer collections are white space, illustration, large backgrounds, shallow designs, large typefaces, and geometrical forms.

If you think that it is not enough to read to comprehend what an inspiring portfolio site is, please take a look at the following examples:

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