Best Minimalist Wordpress Themes

The Best Minimalist Wordpress Themes

It is a minimalist and elegant theme that serves several purposes. Looking for a WordPress theme for authors with minimalist design? Take a look at our expert selection of the best minimalist WordPress themes for authors. It is best suited for those with creative projects, but also versatile enough for commercial or private use.

Best 26 Minimalist WordPress Themes for Writers (2017)

Looking for the best minimalist WordPress themes for authors? A lot of WordPress layouts are written for today's web sites and focus more on sales than on legibility. Here we show you some of the best minimalist WordPress themes for authors and blogs. A lot of novices don't know that there are actually two kinds of WordPress.

One is WordPress, also known as WordPress. org sites, and the other is You need a Domainname and a WordPress Publishing Server to launch your own self-hosted website. Let's nevertheless take a look at the best minimalist WordPress themes for authors.

All WordPress topics are free of charge as well as payable and can be used anytime. The Wilson is an elegantly minimalist WordPress topic for the blogger. There are 5 headers and 5 different types of blogs, among them brickwork grids, lists, standard and classical style. The homepage contains a contents control with 4 different laysouts.

Other noteworthy functions include Google scripts, customized widgets, a gooey side bar, and a style sheet. An elegant WordPress is a wonderful minimalist subject. It' a blogs topic, but it can also be used by dating agents, magazines sites and on-line shops. There are several headers, portfolios and teams, several colour themes and a drag-and-drop page generator.

amera is a minimalist WordPress topic for the photographer, blogger and author. Uses a smooth lay-out with foldable sidebars and navigational menu. Contains nice template for homepage, individual mail pages and photogalleries. After unpacking it works immediately and all topic settings can be set up using the customizable tool.

The Tinos is a beautiful minimalist WordPress topic for authors and blogs. The focus is on enhanced legibility with sleek typeface and trouble-free layouts. It' really simple to set up with minimum topic choices and a page of user-defined topic preferences. Do you need even more minimumism in the look of your website? Offering plenty of whitespace, clear type face and sleek styling, this ultra-minimalist WordPress subject is a perfect example of the minimalist style.

It' based on the Genesis thematic frame. Featuring adjustable header lines, a widgettized homepage design, and a topic option pane. The Pocket is a distraction-free WordPress topic for creators, blogs and blogs. It is characterized by a nice typeface and pictures that are full of expression. This works immediately after unpacking and contains only the items you need.

There is a single-column design with navigational menu at the top and a bottom header widget area. WordPress is available for translations and works with all common WordPress plug-ins. Autor Per is a WordPress topic for professionals. Based on the Genesis frameworks, Autor was designed to provide a clear, stylish look and feel.

There is a fully dedicated homepage design, a user-defined headers, customized functionality and a page with topic choices. The Brittany is a neat and roomy WordPress artwork for life style blogs and authors. There comes with many adjustment choices to select different styles, colours and typefaces for your blogs. There are also user-defined Widgets for inclusion in your site's search, find, and share functions.

The Atmosphere Pro is a wonderful minimalist WordPress topic for all types of web sites. There is a widgettized homepage lay-out with a large picture at the top, a welcome notice and an actions key. Comes with a seperate blogs page, a navigational menus, a user-defined headline and a page with topic preferences. is a WordPress blogs topic with a minimalist style.

There are 5 blogsayouts, 500+ Google fonts, various headers tyles and page masters. Noteworthy functions of the game included user-defined widgets, gooey headers, side bar generators, wallpaper backgrounds and much more. With a customizable topic option control box and built-in built-in customization assistance, it helps you set up your website quickly. It is a contemporary WordPress blogs topic with a minimalist look.

It' handcrafted to put your contents at the centre of your website with nice type ography and stylish pictures. Contains nice template for viewing gallery photos and video. Individual mail template will be delivered with nice layouts to create appealing contents. Modernizing is a free WordPress topic with a classic blogsayout.

It' s for Blogger and Authors who don't want to fight with topic choices. And it comes with multi-column layouts, full customization capabilities, customizable menus, user-defined backgrounds, and headers. is a WordPress topic for creativity pros, authors, and blogs. The nice design offers a minimum design, a homepage slide and a portofolio area.

WooCommerce -enabled, it comes with customized plug-ins for community share and online search. There is a topic option pane for easy set-up. Partallax Pro is a universal minimalist WordPress topic that can be used for all types of web sites, even blogging. It' s based on the firm foundations of the Genesis thematic frame.

There is a broad homepage lay-out with nice paraallaxffects. Comes with a customized headers, lived customized help and a topic option pane that lets you get up and running quickly. The Wisteria is a free WordPress publishing topic with a minimalist look and a classical blogscape. There is a two-column lay-out with a side bar on the right.

It' s translatable and contains functions like user-defined backgrounds, infinite colours and adjustable headings. The Heron is another easy and stylish WordPress minimalist theming. There is a single-column design with large pictures on the homepage to give your visitors instant control over your work. Functions like a full image browse overlays, softwares, greasy navigational menus and organic boxes are included.

Aesthetics is a classy WordPress publishing topic for authors, life style blogs, magazines and face-to-face web sites. Built-in page generator for dragging and dropping, allowing you to design your own customized page layout. Offers boundless colour selections, multi-layout, boundless page bars and supports for contacts forms. There is a simplified Topic Option panel that helps you navigate through the set-up and topic functions.

Are you looking for a free WordPress topic with distraction-free layouts and sleek type? The WordPress topic is beautifully crafted for legibility with nice typeface and clear layouts. Uses a single-column format for long forms, poems, shorts, and more. Element ine is a classical WordPress blogs topic with a two-column design with a right sideline.

You can also use it in a four-column or raster format. Contains light box pop-up for picture gallery, right to right voice guidance, bottom line widgets, and 11 colour scheme. Allows you to simply upload your demos or use topic choices to set up your website. Ecolipse is an elegantly designed WordPress topic for blogs, editors and author.

His homepage has a nice slide control that presents your contents, followed by links to important pages and then your last post in a raster. Comes with a user-defined Instagram photo and video widget. WooCommerce also has nice galleries artwork, portfolios section, and is fully compliant with WooCommerce. V Verbosa is a classy, free WordPress topic for creatively people.

Employing sleek typeography, effective use of contrasts, distance and a minimalist approach, it creates a compelling user Experience. Comes with multiple columns for homepage layouts, searchable html buttons, user-defined header, user-defined backgrounds and more. It' simple to use and all designs are tidily packaged under the themes of customizers.

Chatting is a WordPress minimalist topic for Blogger. Clearly designed with plenty of whitespace and a contents control on the top. There are 4 headers, footing style, infinite color, page build plug-in and multi-lingual website caption. Media is a basic WordPress blogs topic with a contemporary, nice styling.

Use a three columns homepage with two side bars on both sides. Contains a user-defined archive page, gooey page bars, contacts page, contacts page, community menus and more. It' s really simple to use and works immediately after unpacking with very few adjustments. The Pepper+ is a universal WordPress topic that can be used to create any type of website.

Comes with 6 ready-made themes and pull & drope module to make it easy to design any desired look and feel. There are Google typefaces, multi-style headers, symbol typefaces, e-mail forms, and more. It' incredibly versatile and can be used to quickly build a nice website. is a minimalist WordPress topic designed specifically for authors and blogs.

Characteristic is a generous lay-out with a lot of blank spaces and nice type. Constructed to be immediately ready for use with minimum hassle in setting up the subject. Clear and easy to use, this WordPress topic is ideal for authors looking for a distraction-free website experience.

The Sixteen Nine is a classy WordPress minimalist topic created with the Genesis Frame. This topic is designed for Blogger and Authors and has a three-column page structure with two side bars. Featuring full width page templates, user-defined headers, page templates, and more. Works right out of the box and takes very little setup work.

is a clear and easy WordPress topic with a minimalist outline. There are two layouts, a standard attractive one and a statically anchored one. The Topic Option lets you select the style, icon, background, favoricon, font, menu colour, pictures on the slide bar, and much more.

Hopefully this paper has help you find the best minimalist WordPress themes for authors. Also you can see our WordPress plugin lists for all our sites. Please unsubscribe to our YouTube Channel for WordPress Videos tutorial if you liked this one.

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