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Were you looking for a template for a good news site that you could use for your newspaper-style online site? Shout is the website template that is ideal for blogging and news sites. Best featured news pages "What do you think are the best news Web pages out there? Well, I don't think there's a "best" out there already. Things can be better on some sides than others, but overall we still feel driven through the darkness.

The majority of news pages have to satisfy so many interests to try to be profitably that their identities are wasted.

It' s this sneaky, incredibly long, sneaky, with too many options that are meant to be navigational, filled with things folks don't even know, Left Rail! But I am very upbeat about the design of news pages in the near term. I am firmly convinced that good design is good design. These design principals are valid for all media in which you work.

Someday it will leak out and we'll see how the pages improve (and visible journalism will dominate the globe! Ups, did I say that out loud?). Okay, I'll do my best to reply to Dan's questions with the following categories: Undoubtedly, these three locations know who they are and mirror the brand names of their motherlines.

I' ve selected these pages for their content pages, like homes. Christian Science Monitor has a very pleasant equilibrium and hierarchical design. The CNN has a beautiful quick links navigator and selects the top headings for each section shown at the bottom. Top story headings with a brief text section highlight the top story, while basic navigational guidance takes you to a section or area in an easy-to-use drop-down list.

One of the weaknesses is the apparent shortage of photographs of stories that need this relevance to give the readers a full image. These two pages' substantive profundity is well translated on their home pages. In the middle part of the BBC News website there are beautiful, bulky promo icons that highlight the big story of the moment, and a pretty easy navigational toolbar on the links.

It' the best photocontrolled area on the web. Design is easy, but at the same time it gives a person a name. Well, I know this isn't a full listing, and some of these pages have issues, but if you go straight into it, it's the best we have right now.

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