Best Online Magazines 2015

The best online magazines 2015

What online magazines have the best reputation? Answer by Anneta Greenlee / 14 August 2015 20:49. The site revives the magazine in electronic form from issue 100 (summer/autumn 1998). More than 20 examples of well-designed magazine style websites. From Steven Snell - January 13, 2015 - In galleries.

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The first of a string of "Best of 2015" listings that have been endorsed by the whole civic arts Entropy audience begins today. Here you will find some of the best small press, publisher, magazines and literature magazines of the year 2015. Dorothy, A Publishing Projec. Dorothy, a publisher's work dealing with works of either near/fiction fiction or works on the subject of it, mostly by female authors.

Campaign books. The Deep Vellum publishing house. The Deep Vellum is a nonprofit organisation for literature that aims to promote the open sharing of ideals between different civilizations and link the world's greatest authors with English-speaking audiences through genuine English interpretation, while providing training possibilities for student translators in the Dallas region and fostering a more lively literature society in northern Texas and beyond.

They were praised by The Brooklyn Rail for having published "some of the best works of modern day science in recent years," and The Los Angeles Times for giving the business "a touch of opportunity, the faith that the futures were very much in the game. "Publishers Perspectives called Two Dollar Radio "a burgeoning literature movement"; The Seattle Stranger imagined they would lead a "dream industry" out of the wreck of corporation publishing. What they called "a burgeoning literature movement" was a "dream industry".

Naemi Pressa. Headquartered in Las Cruces, New Mexico, Noemi Media is a literature art association devoted to the publication and promotion of the work of young and accomplished writers and performers. The Broken Riverooks. The Broken River Book was formed in 2013 in Norman, Oklahoma, by J David Osborne. BRB has started from a strange detective story news and has divided into a number of different books: Horizontal, bizarre and even non-fiction.

The Birdcage Bottom Books. The Birdcage Bottom Books was established in 2008 by J.T. Yost with the help of a scholarship from J.T. Yost under the auspices of J.T. Yost Simon Bird. The Jellyfish Highway is a new media that presents singular and transformative music. Curbside never really went anywhere, but Curbside was formed in autumn 2009 as an independant group.

It publishes literature, nonfiction and poems that celebrate exceptional vocal and artistic expressions and works firmly anchored in the Midwest. The Coffee House range. located in Minneapolis, MN; through its literature publishing and works in actions programme, KWK serves as a catalyser and link between writers and readership, idea and resource, creativeness and fellowship, inspirations and actions.

Kopilot Push. Co-pilot Presse published as an art praxis. The Bloof Book. Headquartered in Central New Jersey, Bloof Book is a joint poetic publication that produces perfectly tied pocketbacks, as well as hand-made pocketbacks, pocketbacks, and limited-edition booklets. Project Gutenberg was the first supplier of free electronical or e-books . is a small Oakland newspaper that produces modern writings with a trend towards experimentation, radicals, and mysticism.

Engaged in the promotion of critically charged poetry by aspiring and incumbent novelists, they prioritise novelists whose identity is often barred from the literaturestream. Two-line press. The Two Lines Press is a programme of the non-profit centre for the art of translation. The Two Lines Press was created to give Americans the chance to view some of the great works from outside our boundaries that they wouldn't otherwise see.

At Two Lines Press, we strive to give our readership another point of access to this important global debate - to see that great literary works are made not by the backgrounds of the cultures in which they are made, but by the talents of the writers who produce them (and the translators who translate them into English).

Rotten fascist press. The Lazy Fazist is a print from Eraserhead Press. They have released everything from minimalistic darks to metafictional SF, but also historic stories, adult fairytales and hybrids. Eraser head press. Since 1999, Eraserhead Press has been an independant publishers of bizarre film. It'?s known as theark house press. A reprint of Curbside Splendor, which publishes neo-noir, fantasy, sci-fi, horror, literature, magic realisticism, transgression, crimes, surroundism and grotesques.

The Graywolf Press. The Graywolf Press is an independant publishers of sophisticated and fanciful modern music. The Phoneme Media is a non-profit publishers and producers of films devoted to the dissemination and promotion of foreign literary works through the use of films and works. Untitled press. Published by the Press from all over the globe. No matter if it' re stories, memoirs or something in between, they are always interested in unlikely characters, unexplored areas and brave people.

Turnback books. The Switchback Books is a non-profit, feminist journal that publishes poems by mothers. Pioneering presses. The Pioneers Media is a publisher and a small media event that focuses on surviving and sustaining on the farms and in the cities, as well as on healthcare, sex, sexuality, sexual ity, equity and nutritional movement, and works by young people.

The Ahsahta Press. The Ahsahta Press advocates for unexpected, meaningful and approachable experiential poetics that avoids small, commercial-oriented press; with their wide availability, they want to expand their audience. The Figues Press. The Figues Press is a non-profit literature organisation and award-winning publishing house for literature, fiction, visual arts, conceptional authoring and translations.

It also curates and organises literature activities, which include lectures, talks, concerts and artshows. The Figues Presse encompasses critical feminism and journalistic visions. Duckling Presse is a non-profit publishing house for literature, translations, experimental non-fiction, non-fiction, performance text and artist work. The UDP was converted from a 90s zinc into a small Brooklyn newspaper by a voluntary editing group that has so far released more than 200 magazines.

The UDP prefers aspiring, internationally acclaimed and "forgotten" authors, and its novels, chapterbooks, artist's novels, wide pages and magazines often contain hand-made items that draw people' interest to the work and story of the bookmaker. It is UDP's goal to keep its publication in circulation with our online archives of out-of-print chapterbooks and our digitally proofed work.

The Civil Coping Mechanisms (CCM) is a Die Push machine. And we take the feeling of doing it ourselves as we say before the weary publication proces: "To hell with it. Magazines & Magazines. The Offing is an online literature journal that publishes creatively written work in all styles and arts in all types of medium.

Offing releases works that challenge, experiment, provoke - works that advance literal and art form and convention, but understand that this demands a precise grasp of these form and convention. Every edition contains feature films, poems, essay, review of books and one or more extracts from books published in (mostly) independant journals.

The Collagist aims to offer a growing public ever greater online accessibility to advanced high quality works by both new and existing authors. Atlas Review was set up in 2012 to fight the increasing importance of the European Union's cultural heritage. Firflies is a half-yearly printed movie journal that was made between Berlin and Melbourne.

Literature Centre. Literature Hub is an organizational policy at the disposal of literature and culture, a unique, trustworthy, everyday resource for all the latest information, thoughts and riches of modern literature. More great literature is online than ever before, but it's dispersed, easy to lose - with the help of its editors, Lit Hub is a place to depend on when it comes to intelligently, engagingly and entertainingly posting about everything.

" Featuring regularly updated contributions, critiques and essays, Fanzine has become an established part of the literature world. This is Staging Ground magazines. The Staging Ground is an on-going experimentation with the organisation, presentation and publication of literature, theatre and film. Founded in 2011 with the intention of creating a lean, appealing publication for experiential literature and fine Arts, we soon decided to present theatre, translate and release artists' webatures.

Katapult is an innovating publisher founded by the founding members of Electric Literature and Black Balloon Publishers. Offering a best-in-class printed and e-book publication programme, a solid set of high-quality courses, a day-to-day website with storytelling, subject and literature, and a collaborative forum for aspiring authors to showcase their work, the firm is committed to providing the best possible service to its readers.

The Hazlitt is a home for authors and performers to tell the best tales about the things that are most important to them. Whether it' s music, text or sounds, literature or literature, humor or critique, Hazlitt is an indispensable Internet: human, versatile and dedicated to storytelling and writing that cannot be found anywhere else.

The Bone Bouquet is a half-yearly printed publication that publishes the best new texts by woman writers, acclaimed and aspiring contemporary artist. It aims to promote the important works of literature by young writers who are often under-represented in the written word and populace. The Berfrois is a literary-intellectual online magazin. The Nautilus magazines.

The Nautilus is a different kind of scientific journal. Every edition brings together the fields of scholarship, cultural, philosophical, fictional and graphical arts into a unique narrative narrated by the world's top minds and authors. Vol. 1 Brooklyn aims to encourage our fellowship to discover and live new authors, performers, musicians and others and engage in activities that we consider important.

The NOON is an independant, non-profit literature yearbook edited and edited by NOON, Inc. The Lute & Drum is a wonderfully crafted art literature review. It is an authoritative periodical devoted to translating literature and brings together the best of modern literature in one place. Blogs - Police Foundation. This is the Foundation's website for literature and related topics.

Volta is a multi-media, online site with poems, reviews, poetics, videos, conversations (audio) and interviews (text). It' s missions are to make sure that writing stays a living legacy in pop cultures by promoting digitally innovative, empowering authors, creating communities and expanding audiences for literal comedy. Toast is a diurnal blogs that posts feature stories about everything from novel tycoons that never existed to women pick-pockets from the Gold Rush San Francisco age.

Prélude is a New York-based magazine for literature and critique. Fence, a magazine created in 1998 by Rebecca Wolff, is a semi-annual magazine for literature, science, art and critique that aims to re-define the notions of barrier-free access by producing provocative texts characterised by peculiarity and intellect rather than loyalty to camp, school or clique.

For a long time now, the company has been involved in external and internal publication in mainstream write societies, always trying to question, cooperate with and confuse other schemes that reveal new forms of writing. What is more, what is new is that there is a new way of working with the different types of write. Entropy is a website that tries to deal with the literature society that becomes its own society and provides a place for literature and non-literary idea.

Have a look at our Small Media database. You' re a little paper who wants to get involved? Send an e-mail to our Small Media Editor Dennis Sweeney.

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