Best Online News Magazines

The best online news magazines

The oldest weekly news magazine in America, with political news and commentaries. Which are some of the best online papers and magazines in English? Now, you can't go wrong with the New York Times - the news items are generally clear and well spelled, and the comments and columns ask very interesting questions about what's going on. Concerning magazines, I suggest Time, The Week, Slate and Peoples (a good source of information on US VIPs and pop culture).

Vox is an online publishing company with interesting and generally well researched essays on topical topics. Even while you may already know about Voice of America, your online site has three stages of English reading from the base (which clearly, you are far beyond) to an intermediate stage, and it does a good job to explain colloquial and idiomatic Americans.

Study US English with VOA Learning English - Levels Three. Obviously there are some scholarly papers that can be found online if you also want to look at material at college as well as postgraduate levels; but unfortunately some of the writings in scholarly magazines can be quite thick, so I don't suggest it.

The Economist, Esquire, New Yorker etc. are very good from a technical point of view. And if you want well spelled, though thoughtless things, I would point you to America's Finest News Source for outstanding humor. To me, The Economist is the best paper and online paper we have. Although one forgets that there are some first-class papers on a broad spectrum of subjects, the spelling technique is first-class.

Sometimes some intriguing tales fight to come out of outrageous and exaggerated typing. Still worth reading! _GO ( Even if it serves as an example of what to prevent when writing). So far well spelled, every big US news agency is essentially the same. However, Reuters often tends to have a set of heels, which is a stylistic mismanagement.

Associated Press has published a few essays here and there with some somewhat apparent mistakes. So if you really want to study how to spell well, you should go to The New Yorker and reread it. There is well spelled and description in it. Yet another outstanding journal (in terms of authoring, but it's not a news magazine) is Coastal Style.

By reading Coastal Style, you'll be able to teach yourself how to make a story like a championteller. Phrases in news items are often brief and concise. So if you haven't taken up the newspaper or reread its website, I would try. I' m always amazed by the coverage and qualitiy of the writings of "The Atlantic" and despite its big current "Faux Pas" I think that the "Rolling Stone" is able to do good reviews and writes well.

One example of consistent bad handwriting is the Foreign Policy journal, which does its best to make the most important issues illegible. In general, good (not too good) handwriting is required of "Esquire" and "Forbes". New Yorker" is good at themes, but so damn full of himself that I'm tired of most of her lyrics on half a theme.

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