Best Personal Blog Wordpress Themes

Top Personal Blog Wordpress Topics

Best 30+ WordPress Blog Topics for 2018 WordPress was launched in 2003 and was first launched as a blogsite. Because of its versatility and ease of use, it has become the world's biggest self-hosted blogsite, with tens of thousands of users worldwide. Remainder as WordPress there are many other beloved blogsites like Blogger, Wix, Squarespace etc..

However, WordPress makes it the best of all. Personal or business blog - WordPress is the ideal frame. We' ll be discussing 30+ Best WordPress Blog Themes that have been meticulously designed for the blogger, author and individual who wants to discover their creative potential in a breathtaking way.

And if you're a personal blogsman, you can discover yourself through the contents you post about your thoughts. So, here are the reason why blogging is important: WordPress is the best blogging site for blogs, where you can find the best blog compilation of WordPress topics. So to help you, we have put together the best blog WordPress topics that are perfectly suited for setting up various kinds of sites such as a personal blog, foods, blog, blog, mode blog, travel blog, photograph blog, etc...

These topics have many useful and enhanced functionality needed to create the blog site you want, so let's take a look: Mmagazine is an unbelievably high-performance and extremely adaptable WordPress topic for newspapers, magazines and blogsites. The subject is...: One of the best parts of this topic are the 6 beautiful demo files that can be easily uploaded with just one click.

You can even design your own custom pages using the pre-built module. In this topic, the homepage is configured to a high degree using the Page Builder and a large number of Widget available with the topic. VMware Magazine offers more than 20 Widgets with a variety of publishing choices and advanced configurability capabilities.

There are 6 plug-ins linked to the topic. The design is WooCommerce compliant, so you can even use it to market your work. This way you can find all your items quickly and simply with the topic. Blogs is easy and neat free blog WordPress topic Bloger is beautifully designed.

It' s a great topic for professionals in blogging, storytelling, writing and those who want to present their great content well. Comes with an sleek styling and many high performance functions. It is fully adaptable, giving you full creative freedom and full creative freedom. The Blog archives page can be displayed in three different layout options such as Full-Width, Full-Width and grid via the side bar.

This topic will help you present your story in style. Functions of Bloger: This is another free blog WordPress topic named Bloog Lite, which is completely reactive and optimised for advanced blogging functions. Topic is ideal for personal or corporate blog, corporate or organizational blog pages, magazines, message web pages equipped with great feature set needed for a blog site.

Designed to look good, it has many high performance and progressive functions. The topic covers the number of adjustment settings that will help any given person create the site in the shortest possible amount of work. Your artwork will be delivered with the multi-web layouts packaged and full-width designed to use your preferred layouts.

There are three different home page layouts where you can select any one of them and begin creating a great website. The design is fully browser friendly and has the ability to use awesome styles of animation in CCS3. Functions of Bloog Lite: The Max CV is a useful and feature-rich WordPress topic for CV pages.

It is fully reactive so that the web public can fully experience and experience the contents from small to large displays. Contains the easy-to-use drag-and-drop graphical composter. Designed to support all kinds of contents you can think of. It' built into the Slider Revolution plug-in, which allows you to release fast responding slider on your application page.

Design is created with current design key. WordPress Live Customizer lets you see the results of changing topic items in real Time. Characteristics of Max CV: Imagine Composer ; 1-Klick-Demo-Setup ; WordPress Live Customizer ; Revolution Slider ; Widgets personnalisés ; SEO-freundlich ; Bootstrap 3 ; thème enfant ; Kontaktformular 7 ; Dokumentation et kostenloser 24/7-Support inklusive.

Cenote is a universal issue with a clear and easy to understand styling and many customisable functions. There is a large selection of primaries and widgets so you can adjust your site with ease. There is also a completely reactive styling. Functions of Cenote: Solon is a free blog WordPress topic, free and easy to use for creating a great website.

It has a sleek and contemporary look that makes your website great and easy to use. It' s fully reactive and looks great on any device from desktops to tablets. It has many high performance and progressive functions like uploading user-defined logos, colour change for different items, FontAwesome support, approx. 20 Google scripts, etc.

Topic choices are all available in the Topic Customizing tool, where you can customise your home page, blog layouts and colour. It' s straightforward and straightforward, but you have a dilemma and the client gets the full backing of the staff.

So you can be sure that your design is encoded at the highest level because it follows WordPress encoding practice. Solon's characteristics: The Blog Way is a neat, lightweight and free WordPress blog topic developed for Class="Button" messages, travelling, personal, arts and all other blogs sites. Some of the functions that are contained in this topic are simple to use, which is perfectly suited for creating an excellent blog site.

It' perfectly suited for e-commerce pages as this topic WooCommerce support. The topic comes with the ability to modify the colour of the whole website of your choosing. This topic is fully checked by the examiner at and can be used after approval by Key Reviewers.

The subject is completely appealing and looks appealing on all machines. Functions of Blog Way: The Alizee is a grid-based free WordPress topic with a fully reactive brickwork. Topic includes many useful functions like head picture macros, Google scripts, four homepage lieouts, favoricon up-load, infinite colour scheme, switchable menus, etc.

Your head picture has a parallel effect with this head picture which is one of the greatest designer trending. From the WordPress Customizing, where all these settings are located, you can select the column you want on your homepage. Your website is designed to allow you to see the changes you have made to your website firsthand.

Alizee Features: NepaBuzz is a neat and free WordPress free blogmeal. Completely reactive, the styling has a minimalist look that looks fantastic on all current equipment. Topic choices available in this topic allow you to customize your sites with one click. The best aspect of this is that it adjusts all display dimensions that provide a well optimised look.

Presented contents help to emphasize the newest contents and favorite contributions on your website. Characteristics of NepalBuzz: Blogsmanship is a colourful, refreshing and free blog WordPress topic of professionalism. This topic is particularly suitable for blogs, but can also be used for different kinds of sites. Non-technicians can use this topic without difficulty because it is user-friendly.

Design meets the needs of the contemporary blogsman, the personal blogsman or the pro as it is adaptable design. Are you looking for a minimum amount of blogs, then you've come to the right place. Topic has topic option that allows you to customize your website.

It' s well optimised and works with all webmasters. You have four layouts available in the side bar, so select each and begin building a nice website. Characteristics of blogism: Blog Lite is a breathtaking free blog WordPress topic that is perfectly suited to build amazing sites like blog, photoblogging, authors, travellers, businesses, magazines and any imaginative sites.

This topic has many useful functions that are quick and handy, such as home layout, sliders, softkeys, headers, etc. There are many adaptable and very flexible tool that help you to administrate your website in an moment. When it is hard to get the design installed, then don't be worried, you'll get the details in the doc file section below.

Functions of Blog Lite: The Razor Lite is easily setup and extremely adaptable, free WordPress topic in the blog. It has many high performance functions that are easily operated. Its design is fully compliant with the Jetpack modules, share keys, endless scrolls and much more. Topic offers a slider window, home page menus, broadgets and menus for community linking.

It' s interoperable with all current web browser models that look the same on all machines. Razor Lite features: eBlog Lite is a breathtaking free WordPress topic for blogging, breaking news and magazine pages. It has a nice look and is fully customisable, where you can simply modify the site preferences to suit your needs.

Plenty of power is available in this topic, including categories pane, adjustable sliders, message categories types, and more. This topic contains the Customizing pane, which you can use to view the changes firsthand. A number of themes are available to help you customise the look and feel of your website.

This design is fully compatible with all current web browser and is built on Bootstrap3.x. eBlog Lite features: The Cyclone Blog is a highly customizable free blog WordPress topic specifically developed for the blogger. This topic will help you create blog posts for clothing, photos, magazines, technologies, lifestyles, sports, dining and contemporary newspaper sites.

Contains the number of functions required for a perfectly designed website. Receive a life-long free update on this topic. The free edition of this topic can be used on the unrestricted domains. The blog offers a user-friendly adaptation and personalisation feature that is a high-performance blog topic.

Functions of the Cyclone Blog: The Multipurpose Blog is a free blog WordPress topic has an sleek styling that was specifically designed for Blogger to create different kinds of sites. It has many useful functions such as readiness to translate, cross-browser interoperability, SEO-friendly, etc. Call to action buttons help to increase the number of traffic to your website.

WooCommerce is fully compliant with this topic to help you get your job done without problems any more. It has a minimalist look and is built on the Bootstrap 4 frameworks, which increases the website's performance. Functions of the multipurpose blog: Launch Blogs in WordPress is an exciting free blog WordPress topic developed for both personal and commercial blogs.

It' s a easy topic, but it has enough functions and possibilities to make a nice website. There are simpler choices to help any novice get going as quickly as possible. You can select any colour and make the page of your choosing with infinite colour choices. Although the topic has few functions, the more functions can be added as new upgrades appear.

There are many customized tool that help to make the site perfect. When there is a issue with the topic, you get free help from the staff. Functions of Start Blogging: The Bloggerbuz is a free and exclusive blog WordPress topic that is quick and fun to use. It''s a cutting-edge, imaginative subject that will help you create the website you're looking for.

It' the completely reactive topic that has a master slide area with a slide area on the homepage. The topic is kind to your Google rankings and will help you find a better Google rank. Topic includes footing widget, raster map, wide views and side bars. This topic will help to present the most stunning items in your shop with the help of limitless controllers.

This topic will be decisively shaped taking into account the velocity. Functions of Bloggerbuz: Superb Blog is an awesome free blog WordPress topic that allows you to create classy and nice blog or website. It' s a great topic for bloggers, authors, travelers, magazines, newspapers, news, businesses or other creatives. It' s full of many extended functions like e.g. Excel limit options, spreadcrumb options, customized style sheets, colour options, etc.

The topic comes with topic choices that are simple to use and can be setup by anyone with no programming expertise. This topic is SEO-friendly, which will help to be at the top of Google's rankings. Functions of Super Blog: The Weblog is a fast-reacting, free and best blog WordPress topics with a pro look and feel built on brickwork.

It is a topic that is used in a professional way for blogging, messaging and magazines websites. There have been perfect design marked sections and the most astonishing part is that you have full command over them. Its design contains many customized customization utilities that are simple to use and adapt. You can use the extended options to navigate the feature section, the side bar, the inside pages, and the home page.

Brickwork floor plan with endless scrolls makes your website look great with an appealing look. Pictures can be activated or deactivated in blog and archives pages. User-defined stylesheet and wallpaper choices help you make further changes to your website. Functions of Weblog: The Viralblog Lite is an unbelievably stunning free WordPress blog topic that is best viewed by bloggers with a lot of webmasters.

This is the best topic to deal with your user, which is very useful for you. Together with this, there are many powerfull functions that help you to get more interacting with your customers and visit them again and again. The design can be installed from the themes installation Dashboard with just one click, the process is not complex.

The topic has an Authors' Information window that allows all your website users to see the photograph and biography of the writer below the article. Viralblog Lite features: Bjorn is a neat and contemporary WordPress blog topic that will turn any personal or magazines blog into a unique eversives adventure.

One of the quickest topics on ThemeForest. Using the infinite homepage variations you can create your blog and begin to exchange your thoughts, inspiration, interesting dates and many other astonishing things. Stylish and uniquely liked blog posts are generated in this topic, which contains the most frequently watched posting on your website.

Simply click on the pre-designed blog topic and you will receive a blog with all the contents of the demonstration page. The topic contains three different headers pictures, which are easy, clear and include picture-headers. It is easy to set up the topic using a quick and easy to follow tutorial and step-by-step instructions.

Its design is fully optimised and offers excellent ease of use. Bjorn Features: Hydra is a multi-purpose WordPress topic blog with over 100 adjustment possibilities so you can adjust the topic anytime. This detail is contained in a document that contains all the information necessary to make the topic easy to use.

Collecting shortcuts will help you improve the quality of your postings. Fast-reacting layouts ensure that the page looks good and offers all the functions you expect. Hydra features: Bklyn is a state-of-the-art and highly-functional premium blog WordPress topic that presents your blog assets in an efficient way. It has many favorite functions such as bottom line area, a package of posting and layouts, full-width instagram, and a slide bar for the area.

It' a multi-faceted and multi-faceted blog topic that can be used for personal and commercial blogs. A great way to visually present your contents with the screen system layouts. WooCommerce is able to help with the on-line shop. Bklyn characteristics: WordPress topic is suited for blog and magazin websites that provide a message and story about technologies, cultures, business, arts, etc. The WordPress topic is a blog and magazin.

Also, can be used by personal user to divide your own histories and suggestions. It' s perfect for WordPress novices and even for intermediate use. Six different kinds of presented notepad themes are available in this topic, so select the one you like and begin creating a nice website in no time.

The design is fully reactive and matches any screen sizes, from low to high resolution. It' s fully browser compliant and well optimised, which makes Google rankings easier. Sharing your blog posts on different community sites. Applique is a premier-mode blog WordPress topic that was created with ease to ensure that any Fashionblogger pr IT Hintergrund can use it perfekt.

The topic is fluent, easy and intuitively to use, using neat encoding and detail designs for each customer specific function. Keeping a good equilibrium between aesthetics and technologies will help. There are five ways to help you expand your blog. Elite Author has presented the most stylish topic where you can easily download the demonstration with just one click.

The design is fully reactive, looks fantastic from tablet to tablet and works with all major browser platforms. Properties of Applique: Is a fully reactive WordPress blog topic that has been wonderfully crafted. More than 250 home page variants are included in this topic, so you can use any one of them and build a breathtaking website in no time.

It' build with Ajax and cleanly encoded, which help to quickly charge. Administrators can easily administer the site using the administration panels and user-friendly features. Design is constructed in MailChimp compatible with the unmatched customized subscriptions widgets. Click here to view the design. There is a bottom line, head and side bar builders that makes a perfectly.

Only one click is needed to download the demonstration and integrate the children's topic. Flint: Graph is a minimally high-quality WordPress topic that is perfect for personal and imaginative blogging. Some of the choices contained in this topic are simple to use, which will help to build a website that looks new.

Each page has several different choices that make it simple to adjust the page and get the look you're looking for. Choices such as selection list, checkboxes and text panels are simple to use. There is a section of this topic that contains all the necessary information for installing the software. When you have questions on the subject, you get the full assistance of the full staff.

It' s the completely appealing design that looks appealing from all appliances. Indefinite colour scheme are available in this topic, which will help to make your website beautiful. Grace's traits: The Alder is a light and stylish WordPress blog topic developed to present your contents in an elegantly way.

The topic contains an appealing section with segments and a full width Instagram Feeder in the headline. Simply use Alder's customisation tools to customise the colour of the design and select any blog from five different blog layout you like. It' s fully compliant with the WooCommerce eCommerce plug-in, which will help you open an appealing store in no time.

Characteristics of alder: Heaven is one of the quickest, cleanest and most stylish blog WordPress topic available on ThemeForest blog. Using this topic you can create a website with your own personal history about photography, fashions, news, travelling, weddings, meals and everyday life from all over the globe.

The design offers many advanced functions like infinite blog style, headers style, mail sliders design, customizable option, etc. Installing this topic is very simple; you can simply click to download the topic to launch your personal or magazines blog. You will also receive complete instructions on how to use this topic in the manual.

Subject has infinite variation, so select one of your choices. Hipsteria is a multi-purpose WordPress blog topic that is perfectly suited for all personal, clothing, photo, travel, craft, life style and foods sites. More than 120 styles are included in the design to help you customise your blog and colour it.

Provides a breathtaking viewing sensation to present your contents with the fully reactive and fast response gridsystem outline. You' ll get free lifelong updating and committed technical assistance from the staff if you have trouble with the subject. Its design is equipped with a variety of functions such as MailPoet newsletter, scroll bar, feature ured mail box optional, double page optional, etc. The design can be used in a variety of ways.

This topic gives you an additional typeface so you can easily begin creating your next job in no more than a flash. Characteristics of hipsteria: The Tauras is a minimalist WordPress topic that is suited to the diversity of personal/blog sites. There are many ways this topic can help you make beautiful and breathtaking web pages.

Because of its fast reacting styling it looks impressive on all trays and portable units. It' s fully packed with many different headers, endless colour scheme, broad and packed layouts and much more. Topics include highest coding standards, easily readable docs, tutorial videos, prompt professional assistance required to build a great website.

There are many different heading styles with a number of choices to adjust your own colours, locations and variation for great navigational results. Characteristics of Tauras: The Suzette is an elegantly designed WordPress topic blog with a brand new feature called Suzette, which contains a powerful built-in built-in editor. You have three different choices for custom titles, which are easy, default, and imaginative, so select each one and build the site according to your needs.

Enhanced Enhancements feature allows you to view the changes you have made to your settings in real time. There is a special and strong section in this topic where you can get free lifelong fixes. This website can be adapted with the help of many different Customizing tool available in this topic.

When there is a trouble with the installation of the topic, don't be worried, you'll get the full instructions in the doc links. Suzette' s characteristics: The Tansy is a fully reactive WordPress topic blog that allows the readers to focus on your work. With this topic you can create a nice page for your blogger, no matter if it is about travelling, clothes, beauty, living or just a personal blog.

We guarantee that this topic will offer your reader a pleasurable read. Programming skills are not necessary in this area, so you can effortlessly build a website even though you are a non-technical individual. There are five different types of posting layout in this topic to help you customise your website with just one click.

You can get your blog and your appealing store page up and run in just a few moments. This works well with the latest WordPress release. It has many colour choices and 600+ scripts to select and use on your website. It' s interoperable with any browser that looks great on any device.

Tansy's characteristics: The Shadower Pro is a neat and user-friendly WordPress topic blog for viewing artwork and themes. There are many customizing utilities in this topic that are really handy to use and adapt your website. There is a sleek and contemporary styling that is great for the blogger. Included in the package is a Page Builder to help you build pages quickly and simply.

With this design you can adjust the scrolling animation for the mailing lists. Now you can simply bring in the demonstration contents where your design looks like the one you see in the demonstration. Topic contains pallax planes for the presented picture on a one page page. Undoubtedly, there are many extended functions available in this topic.

More than 600 Google scripts are available on the topic, allowing you to set text, headings, menus, tags, and brands on a unified page. Functions of Shadower Pro: We' ve tried to give some information about the blog, such as what it means and why it is important. We' ve thoroughly enumerated the best blog WordPress topics that give you the choices needed to create a nice personal or pro blog.

Also, choose one of the themes and begin to build a breathtaking website to discover your contents for your site's viewers. If you have already used these topics or have any questions, please leave a message below and we will try to resolve them.

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