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The best personal blogs

It'?s just gonna look like his best time, if anything. eighteen personal websites to help you create your own

If you are submitting an application for a position, you will usually be asked to provide a CV and covering letter or perhaps your LinkedIn account name. However, there are better ways to differentiate yourself from your competitors, and creating a personal website is one of them. Made with Sketch. Made with Sketch. Made with sketch.

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Sketch not included. Made with Sketch. Made with Sketch. It should be a simple page that shows your professional experiences. Although it is good to be succinct, there are hardly any ways to communicate your singularity or let your character show through at all. Whilst a CV is a largely unalterable piece of work, a personal website can be customised and refreshed depending on what you're working on or what you want to highlight.

Overall, a personal website can have several objectives, but perhaps it is the best way to tell your stories. Since 53% of employer report that the CV alone does not give enough information to tell if the nominee is a good match, this can really help your chances.

When you are considering building your own personal website, read the following few samples that might make a difference. No matter whether you are building a one-page website or a bigger web site pipeline, the web CV is a personalised way to share information and demonstrate your technology capabilities - and can be used by all kinds of jobseekers.

If you have very little work practice, you can use a website to get a better idea of your abilities and yourself as a potential applicant, while relying on your personal CV to give you essential information. In contrast to a default CV file, Sheng's website makes it simple for him to embed logo and linkable content that allows him to emphasize his abilities in the field of web design and web design.

I like that a visitor has the possibility to browse down his page to see all website category ("About me", "My passion", etc.), or to navigate to a particular page using the top-links. My System" section can be read like a corporate vision, and this personal note will help to humanise his work and make it more catchy.

Derolez' web CV is fashionable, fun and educational. He shows his character, his brand-name and his competences in a way that is still very clear and easy. To say nothing of the use of one-of-a-kind typefaces and geometrical superimpositions that give his name a striking character. Or, choose one of the popular link sites to join him on a platform like Twitter - where the look and feel of your visually stunning asset connects smoothly with the look and feel of your website's brand.

Johnson's amazing résumé, you have to see it to believe it. Pretty pictures of globets help supplement his planet scientific backgrounds, and animation makes his CV an adventure rather than a documentary. Harris's résumé uses photographs to tell his personal tale - and it somehow sounds like a funky, digitized album.

Covering all the basics of a CV - and some more - it discusses its education backgrounds, job experiences and abilities in a very visually appealing way. It is clear that Harris has taken the trouble to select the right words to describe every move of his personal and business itinerary.

Halpin's résumé is brief, cute and to the point, which is true to his vote and personal website advertising. Coding your CV so that it can be searched by searching machines. Provide a PDF format for downloading your CV so that the recruiter can include it in your document.

Maintain consistency of your website labeling with your documents: Similar lettering, colours and pictures should be used to make them easily recognizable. Remember the colours, pictures and medias that you want to be part of your history and that you couldn't put in a documentary CV. Creating an on-line portfolios is a very useful personal messaging and merchandising instrument when your professional expertise and skills require it.

Indeed, photography, graphic arts, illustration, writing and media professionals can use web portals to present their capabilities in a more user-friendly way than a CV or a hardcopy folder. It is important to make the designing of your corporate image as easy as possible so that pictures attract visitors' interest, and D'Orio achieves this by using fat photos on its website.

He also makes it easier for prospective clients to easily retrieve his work free of cost. Just click on the Hamburg top link and choose + Generate a Portable Document to choose as many pictures as you want to use. However, by turning his website into a collection of pictures from various campaign he's been working on, he makes sure your site users are ready to click again and again to find out more about him.

There' also a great CTA at the top of the page that takes the visitor to his latest blogs. Humorously copying his website - especially in the 17 Random Things and Oh Yes, They're Speaking paragraphs - it helps to show his abilities and at the same time make him more catchy.

On these pages you will also find his contacts on the right side so that you can be reached and connected at any time: Daveid's development pipeline includes clear, well-branded images of Daveid's campaign and app work, and she shows her programming knowledge when you click through to see the peculiarities of her work.

Whilst it may seem too miniscule to contain only three samples of her work, Daveid has provided a level of support to her client base by incorporating her best and most notable work. By the end of the afternoon, it is better to have fewer instances of excellency in your portfolios than many instances of mediocrity. What is more, you will be able to find a better example of excellency in your portfolios. Christian Lee's portofolio is busily packed and colourful in a way that works.

Its web portofolio includes eye-catching design with recognisable trademarks such as Target and Mario as well as buy link to its works. Another portofolio in the look of a colour pop art gallary that makes it funny, gives it character and makes it more unforgettable. The use of a logo or other brand is an eye-catcher for your visitor, even if you present your work.

Perhaps your character, your stile and your humour could be what distinguishes you from others! When your wallet is full of pictures, logotypes and other imagery, make sure your customers can easily browse to where they can get in touch with you. Blogs are an intelligent way to give your work a personal touch, document your experience and expand your write muscle.

If you are a professional author, you can create a personal blogs, but practically anyone can take advantage of having a blogs added to their website and making useful contents available to their audiences. It looks a little more busy, but its brand consistency will help your site stay navigated. It uses a globus symbol to move traffic around the site, making it simple to browse outside the blogs.

There is also a "Best Of" section where new users can find out what the blogs cover to get used to. Best part? Your blogs uses a plain blank backdrop to pop their foods photograph, create uniquely branded images to make them unforgettable, and mini-bio to customize their website. Kendra's blogs are packed with information about her lifestyle, backgrounds and experiences, but she prevents stunning visits by using a bright backdrop and organising the blogs to avoid upset.

Corporate blogs that post more than 16 articles per calendar months receive almost 3.5 times the web-traffic of blogs that post less than four articles per calendar months. And another great way to help yourself and your abilities is to build a personal website that serves as a demo of your programming, designing, illustrating or developing abilities.

While Tonnina shows sophisticated and complex web developing abilities, the pictures and symbols he uses are still clear and easily understood. It also provides an easier way to display your CV at the top of your website for those who don't want to browse through the Animation. Thanks to the stylish wallpaper and the minimalistic website layout, his experiences really stand out.

In addition, he shows his knowledge of designing and programming at the bottom of his website, where he shows his capacity to encode changes to the wallpaper as well. That little tap makes his demonstration more interactively and makes the visitor stop and think: "That's great! Leonardi Diamond Entertainment uses its amazing demonstration website using motion and web developing capabilities to expand its product range and turn it into a videogame for website users.

Its bizarre brand-name and unprecedented way of exchanging information make its website unforgettable for you. Its website begins as an empty whitepaper and ends as a fully interaktive website where users can see how it codes itself. It' s the fun part that makes this site unforgettable and makes its capabilities highly competitive.

Stank has done a good piece of work on Stank's demosite to show that he has the web designer chopps, and she goes one better by letting people know everything about him, his agent and his passion. This is a compilation of consumables that immediately reflects Stank's character and references. Make a name for yourself and use consistently designed logo and color to help your name and skill be identified in the variety of your visions.

Don't overload your users with too many different graphics at once - especially if your demonstration is highly visual. Make sure the images are easily understandable so that your users are not bombed when they are visiting your site.

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