Best Personal Blogs 2016

The best personal blogs 2016

Official Top 100 Personal Development Blogs are back! Have you ever wondered what the best personal development blogs will be in 2016? Lately I love blogs that focus on personal growth and mindfulness. Twenty-five personal development blogs for motivated women who absolutely must be read.

Best 16 personal websites of 2016

So if you ever thought, "I should make a personal website, but there's no way to make a great one," go ahead, because we have 16 good reason why that's completely not so. These pages were entered by our Best Personal Websites of 2016 competition reader like you, most of whom had no previous designing expertise, but used Squarespace for a lean webpage.

Couldn't have been more impressive - and in terms of tone, these pros couldn't be more satisfied with the results they achieved in personal branding. Cocamp is the pie for imaginative copy-writing. For example her whimsical website text "Think Leonardo da Vinci, but with more Dad jookes" to describe her character and "Send a carrier click " to forward to her contacts page shows that you don't have to be closed to be professionally, and that you can really make your character stand out with the words you use.

Martinez cleverly uses Squarespace's land pages to give the reader a fast overview of who he is, and then provides many other opportunities for those who want to know more. Even if you're not an artiste or a design person, his product range is a great example of how you can make a person interesting from a visual point of view.

Cath Pascual's concept, which creates a new label - The Social Whatnot - represents her work, is for those who are not sure how to transform themselves into a label, or who just want to be a little more imaginative. And we also liked the way she layered monochrome photographs to make the site interesting to look at without getting too preoccupied.

Rather than creating long descriptive texts, Chan creates brief, easily digested pieces with visual appealing pictures and then links them to the projects pages for those who want to discover more. Simply choose your favourite picture (or have a boyfriend take one), compose a brief and cute biography and link to your community pages where folks can find out more.

It' a good sign that even if you work in a more traditionally sector - in the case of Masterson, Bildung - you can still build an attractive website. He loves to describe not only his backgrounds and experiences, but also his philosophies, which means that we not only get a clear idea of what he does, but also how he does it.

There won't be much more work (you can copy pages to Squarespace and store them in translation) and will be really amazing if you show your abilities. "Owning a website makes job applications and presenting my portfolios a lot easier," she says. What we especially like is that she has a section on her About page called "Taylor at Work" and "Taylor at Home" to show both her career ambitions and her character.

For each of their abilities, Ong has designed a portfolios page so that the reader can go directly to those they are interested in and explore their astonishing work. He has a great deal of information to offer, and he organises his website intelligently according to the various abilities he has gained over the years, with experience, successes and instances among each.

As Thacker incorporates part of her photograph into a classic lifestyle collection, she goes one better and uses all of her own photographs within the website theme, showing her diverse passion and letting her creative power enhance her own market experience. Inspect your incoming mail for your first instalment of muse kindness.

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