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It' s again the time of year when Sony announces the shortlist of the best photos to take part in the biggest photo competition in the world. Get the perfect photo images. Award-winning photographer Brock Best from Utah captures stunning wedding photos and portraits from coast to coast. Guidebook to the best photo sites in Lofoten, complete with a map and tips on where to stay and when to visit Lofoten. The Brooks Falls in Katmai National Park is one of the most famous places in the world to observe and photograph active grizzly bears that eat salmon.

Photos from all over the globe

We had a great year for photography with an array of pictures to fill us with irrepressible happiness, smiles, sorrow, rage, grief, enthusiasm and itch. It' s only normal to want to refeel everything by looking back at the best pictures from 2017. In a year that is filled with hot policy discourses, scandalous (but not so shocking) outbursts, and disastrous catastrophes around the world, it is particularly important to look back and recall the light points of the last 12 month.

Fortunately, hopes and ease can always be opened up through photography. Each photograph is a snapshot locked in space, with its own level of values, both visually and emotionally. Frequently used as a means of documenting one' s own lives, photography is used as a contemporary Zeitkapsel. Rather than wait dozens of years to explore this rich source of imagery, we take a look back at the striking pictures that have shaped our minds over the past 365 years.

Let's take a look back with the best pictures of the year 2017.

The best pictures will take your breath away.

It' s again the part of the year in which Sony shortlists the best pictures to take part in the world' s largest photo competition. This includes, as always, the best pictures not only from pros, but also from hobbyists. Only a few dusts of diamonds can be seen during the winter months.

So it took four years for this work to work since I began taking it. It'?s an original piece of jewellery. The original one' s pink. Normally diamonds look cloudy, but only turn yellow at dawn. expressing the diamonds as a quiet woodsman. Quiet kingdom. Until today I still bear this daydream within me and realize it very thankfully through my photography.

Every picture is a visualization of this exalted instant, whereupon the lovely sea creatures around me are impressively froze in their pristine surroundings. It is my intent to catch the essential of immersion in the experiences and present of the animals or habitats I photograph and divide their splendor and souls with others.

Hopefully, the pictures I take will make a contribution to the body of marine photography that exists, encouraging each of us to realize our own dreams of maintaining and building a better future in which we value and nurture all forms of expression. In the end, our comprehension and our celebration of the mere beauties and poems of living is inextricably tied to how we interact and connect with the countless combinations of vital energies around us.

My case is that it is the oceans and their sea dwellers that express my attention and joie de vivre. I, in turn, communicates this through my photography of the submarine area. The Shaolin Kungfu, also known as Shaolin Wushu, is one of the best known Wushu school in China. Shaolin Kung Fu's most important characteristic is "Zen Wu one", namely Zen in Wuhan, which practices Zen practice, so there is "Zen Martial Arts".

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