Best Photography Blog Sites

Top Photography Blog Pages

Take a look at these best free blogging pages. The PetaPixel is another helpful photo website for beginners. Hints for successful effective blogging for photographers. Like the best web designers, Wix offers a wide range of templates, marketing tools and blog options. The official blog of the world's largest royalty-free image subscription site.

Best photoblogs you should read in 2017.

The Resource Magazine got and still gets an awesome feedback on our top photography blog schedule that will come, but we really wanted to refresh it to make it more pertinent to what we actually enjoy now. Browse through these blog posts, find new ideas, find inspiration and more! By this, here is a listing, in no particular order, of 12 photography blogs that we think you should be following in 2017 (you know, besides resource of course).

Fellowship became famous in the photographic industry when co-founder Lee Morris did a trendy photoshoot with his iPhone 3GS. It' s just one example of the creative and groundbreaking way the blog has been communicating to readership since both Morris and co-founder Patrick Hall created it in 2010.

This website provides a tutorial, review and advisory service for novices and professionals in the area. Established in December 1998, DP Review is today the world's most widely used online photography website. This blog contains a large online camcorder databank, camcorder and tech reports, picture gallery, picture competitions and much more.

The DP Review is very instructive and is a great first step into photography. The PetaPixel is another useful photo website for novices. Authors for the blog also publish interesting tales that can inspire you to go out and begin taking photographs. PetaPixel not only specialises in education but also in the exchange of photographic cultural histories.

The RGG EDU Blog is probably for the more experienced amateur but don't be intimidated by its contents. This website provides fantastic critiques of new, exciting technologies that you want to know more about. In addition, they are posting a great deal of tutorial material and behind the scene material that is always useful.

The CreativeLive Blog is one of the most useful blog entries on this page. If you are an instagrammer who has recently chosen to become a true professional or someone who has been in business for years, this blog provides courses and on-line Tutorials for every age group. An experienced professional can also attend a course and get to know something new.

Not only is the Retouchist website easy to browse, but it also features many interesting photographic items as well as various How-To items. Authors of the blog keep the reader committed and at the same times brief. In addition, the site provides photo -shop-tutorials for those who want to start working with photography.

Ranging from Hollywood director tips to blog postings that show readership how to make their material more compelling in Adobe Premiere Pro, the No Movie School demonstrates its commitment to helping both moviemakers and non-film makers. The SLR Lounge has the most interesting interview with the best in the industry. Surprising authors have spoken with Jade Beall, Eli Dreyfuss and many others, and these interview are definitely a must if you want to get guidance from those who have a career in the area.

The SLR Lounge is also a great site for new technologies and device tutorials and technical review. Are you looking for a wonderful, fascinating photography blog? Ken Kaminesky is a master of the arts of travelling photography. He has taken commercially produced lifestyles for stick photographers such as Getty Images, Corbis and Jupiterimages, and co-founded Discovery Photos Tours in 2016.

In addition to his photographs, which you can watch for long periods of time, you can also get confused in Kaminesky's story telling on his blog. Imagine Eric Kim's road photography as inspirational and easy at the same time. While most of these blog entries give detailed, specialized tips, such as what kind of camera to use, or a tutorial on the latest processing tools, Kim's contributions convey a different message:

If you want to be a professional and be a professional and be a professional in photography, your company's mission is to just go out and do it. "Whatever your circumstances, there is no better moment for you to become a professional filmmaker than now. "What I like about Kim's photoblog is that he gives me tips on how to just take the opportunity to follow his ardor.

There is also a YouTube page where he checks gear and publishes video from his road-shootings. Photographers know that illumination is indispensable for any type of shot. Stalking Light offers hints on how to light up your photography as well as suggestions on topics such as better pictures on Instagram and simple instructions for novice photographers.

This preset gives every photograph an elegantly designed look and a perfectly rendered image. Okay, yeah, it's a corporate blog, but help us out: it's not what you think. Yes, if you are trying to find the best gear, LensRentals certainly has that corner. Authors analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each and every item, feel it for themselves, and then review how the item can help you, the professional or not.

Even more, LensRentals is the absolutely best resource for the most detailed work on the sciences behind the tool. There is a purpose to the Academy of Retouching: to offer an formation to those who are so passionately interested in photographing as they are. You' ll be learning from the best of the best in the business: professionals who retouch, publish professionals and award-winning photographers and digitizers.

No matter if you're just finding out how to browse through Photoshop, or if you're an authority looking for just a single dosage of Instagram-Inspiration every day, this site has lots of interesting and worth knowing contents. Well, look no further, because MusicBed Blog has everything you want. The Phoblographer provides advice, review and photo messaging for those who are interested in what's happening in the fields or want to learn more about new techniques and devices they can't wait to get their fingers on.

There is also a fun inspiring tabs that include photography that any visitor to the site would find themselves falling in love with. The Premium Beat is a useful, educational website for moviemakers and those who want to know more about digital imaging, videoproduction, motion graphic arts and more capabilities in the market. As well as providing Final Cut Pro, Avid, and more Tutorials, this site has a wealth of interesting and compelling stories for those who want to know more about what's going on behind the curtains of a particular movie, or who aspire to be like their favourite movie maker.

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