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Top Photo Galleries

The Courtesy International Center of Photography. The Three Shadows Photography Art Center. You spend two hours here and you'll be in the photo sky. Some of the best photo galleries in the city are Howard Greenberg Gallery, Steven Kasher Gallery, Leica Gallery SoHo, Yancey Richardson Gallery, Robert Mann Gallery, Pace/MacGill Gallery, Yossi Milo Gallery and Danziger Gallery. It is a dream destination for photo lovers.

Top photo galleries in New York from Fifth Avenue to LES

Although her repertoire includes artist working in other media, Janet Borden shows mainly modern photographs in her name-giving art studio, which opened in Soho in 1988 before she moved to the Dumbo area in 2016. Representing Robert H. Cumming, Jan Groover, Martin Parr and John Pfahl, among others, current photography personalities.

The Upper East Side Galerie, established by Daniel Silverstein and Kim Bourus, former director of Magnum Photos' culture project, concentrates primarily on the work of modern photography. Staley Wise was opened in 1981 and specialises in the exhibition of works by master designers of photography, such as Richard Avedon, David LaChapelle and Herb Ritts.

The Aperture Foundation, established in 1952, is hosting this show as part of its long-standing commitment to promoting photography as an artistic discipline. Innumerable photographs, among them the largest ones in the media, have shown their work here over the years. Established in 1987, this twentieth century photography and modern photography center has moved from the Upper East Side to Midtown, Soho, and Chelsea, where it has moved to its most recent home.

The James Danzigers Namensvettergalerie has been in operation since 1989 and is characterised by a clever, stylish programme of exhibitions which includes many, many other photographs by Abelardo Morell, Richard Misrach and Chuck Close. Further works by the artist are also on display. Soho and Chelsea, the Galerie relocated to its present site on the Lower East Side in 2016.

The Howard Greenberg Gallery, established in 1981, concentrates on classical photography of the twentieth and eighteenth centuries, among them works by media greats such as Berenice Abbott, Edward Steichen and Henri Cartier-Bresson. International Center of Photography is the outstanding New York based institute dedicated to photography. In 1999, the company sold the property and moved to the city centre on Sixth Avenue.

Besides the showrooms, the ICP has a large public collection with tens of millions of biographical documents and photographs and a secondary modern building (currently located in the city centre until 2018). Pace/MacGill, part of the Pace Gallery' empiric, concentrates on photography and shows such well-known artists as Walker Evans, Robert Frank and Irving Penn.

Milo's stunning list of internationally renowned photographic talents includes up-and-coming supporters and incumbent filmmakers. Would you like to take a photo school?

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