Best Photography Templates

The best photo templates

Fotocrati - A unique, high-performance WordPress template Are you looking for the best alternative for your photography website setup? You have come to the right place. You are all, more precisely, photography website setups. This means that if you click through and buy a topic or item, we get a fee. Generally all a photographer is looking for the same things: great overall look, great homepage or Landing Page, blogs, galleries and e-commerce.

Some, for example, do not come with blogging; some do not come with e-commerce; some are WordPress driven, while others are flash, etc.. What you will find below is an up-to-date listing of the best suppliers of photography website templates as well as micro-eviews. Wordprocessor themes for photographers. WorldPress is the most beloved website publishing tool in the industry.

These lists focus on "themes" or templates that you can set up on your self-hosted WordPress Web site. PhotoNexus, Invictus, Village, Anan, Core Minimalist, Photorific, MediaReel, Chocolate, 2. fully featured website solutions for photo enthusiasts. With Photocrati, you can create a unique, high-performance WordPress topic for the photographer only. The Photocrati may be the only WordPress topic listing here that provides integrated e-commerce galeries.

More than 60 different Photocrati style files are integrated, among them the following (click here for demos): The StudioPress Landscape is an older, classically looking photo website artwork from StudioPress, one of the most popular and popular WordPress themed stores. Happy Pixel is a beautiful looking 1 chunk style sheet for a blog. At the moment single-column templates are trendy for bridal photography.

Actually this topic is actually pixel Happy! It' a good way to share your traditional photos in a blog. One of the world' s top thematic manufacturers, ElegantThemes has created one of the most fashionable, photography-friendly templates for you. You have a few other photoblogging topics as well. A great benefit of elegant theming is that for only $39 you get ALL of their topics, not just deal focus.

The statue is a photographer-centered model of woo themes. It' s simple but attractive and comes well constructed by WordPress Themes, another of the popular WordPress themed stores. The majority of woo themes are designed in a commercial or magazinestyle, and this is one of their first true photographer-oriented templates. Photooland is an offer from WPZoom. It is a simple but sound website submission for photographs with a simple homepage design with large images and miniatures.

The PhotoNexus is a favorite photographic artwork available through ThemeForest. This was one of the early WordPress topics to present a side panel, a look that has since been adopted by many of the favorite topics on ThemeForest. The Invictus is a fancy web submission for photographers with a full sized wallpaper, filmstrip and homepage text.

It is one of many full-size templates shown here. Like many of the website templates, there is a very contemporary and classy look, a side panel and a large, eye-catching focus area. And Anan is a nice photogallery artwork. Like many others here, it provides a full-screen wallpaper.

A full frame gives all these topics a distinctive look. But Anan also uses a uniquely transparent monochrome display for contents. Heart features an attractive minimally designed look with a nice galery that extends across the monitor and runs through pictures. Photorific, another distinctive offer on the Envato online storefront, is a gorgeous photography website artwork with full-screen wallpaper and side menus.

Medireel is a beautifully titled and good-looking web artwork for the photographer that comes with a neat full-screen wallpaper and pop-up menus. Chocolate, like many of the newer types of WordPress topics, underlines how far WordPress has gone from traditional "blog" designs to full-blown websites that no longer look like WordPress topics at all, at least for those of us who are acquainted with topics from a few years ago.

FotoPurePress is a Foto-WordPress topic with a classical top with a big picture, but underlined by a beautiful set of galleries and a well-designed bottom. The Kin has a broad focus with a sidebar-style menus and pictures extending across the canvas. All in all, it is a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture that comes together and touches well.

Specere is a wonderfully designed photogallery artwork and comes with a full frame that will delight the visitor (or at least us). It is an elegantly designed, well-designed side panel combined with a classical photogallery. The Viewfinder, another product from the ThemeForest range, is a web based full width photograph submission that presents many pictures directly on the home page rather than fixing them to a large one.

Leverage the power of Photoshelter's trading platforms for your photography needs. You can use their themes, your own themes or a WordPress topic. Leverage SmugMug's high-performance trading capabilities for your photographic audience by using a WordPress topic with two-way synchronization. Headquartered in Australia, Photomerchant has established its own SEO-friendly trading site for photography.

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