Best Photography Wordpress Themes 2016

Top Photography Wordpress Topics 2016

We have manually selected the best 20+ of them for you. After that is said, let's take a look at some of the best free WordPress photography themes. Searching for the best photography Wordpress themes? We have conducted a thorough analysis of the most popular photo themes and found some that we liked.

Fifty+ Attraktive Fotografie WordPress themes for 2016

WordPress has become very widespread in recent years, and to this day it provides 24% of all web sites worldwide. That means that WordPress can be used to create any kind of website. It has great promise for the photographer, also because there are so many great themes on the site, both free and top of the range.

We have a ton of WordPress photography themes available that have been specifically developed for photoblogs. While some of the themes are full photography setups, others are light weight models that use the default features and plug-ins of WordPress. I will present over 50 contemporary and contemporary photography themes from various renowned and trustworthy collections in this series.

Topics designed especially for professionals, hobbyists, photobloggers, fine art professionals or anyone who wants to present their work in style. Here are some of the best WordPress themes for the photographer. Hopefully you will find a useful yet accessible design for your website. The Snapshot is a WordPress stick y photos topic designed to help you promote your photos on-line in different resolution.

Topic designs use whitespace and a clear lay-out to make your photographs look their best. Designed with e-commerce in mind, it allows you to choose from four different designs and has AJAX-based basket functions immediately after unpacking. In addition, the look has built-in social-sharing controls and a clear side bar that lets you add more information to each photo.

And the design itself is unbelievably simple to setup and fully optimised for power. The Timber is a multi-faceted photo topic for WordPress that gives your medias a refreshing and exciting touch. No matter if your mouse is a scenery, a meal or a person, this topic gives you the right tool to present your work efficiently, with temperamental transitional elements that complement it.

Intelligent art galleries make it easier for a photographer to present all types of material on their website - pictures, movies, text - if they convey your messages, Timber will help. Several of the extra functions you get are streaming capability, a customizable title page, automatic EXIF files, automatic matching, shortcuts, a powerful base based on SQL and a full integrated set of search engines.

A WordPress topic in fat print, developed for painters, photographs and graphic design. It uses large images and light highlights to help the webmaster elegantly present their work. User can tailor the design to their company's corporate identity by adjusting colour highlights and picture overlay.

The best feature of this topic is that it allows the user to present their latest contributions and project on the homepage of the website in a grid-based format. Its design is also fully compliant with the WooCommerce plug-in. Though MagXP is a staple topic, it also works great as a photo topic by focusing on your pictures.

It comes with several home page layout and a variety of adjustment possibilities to help you build a truly custom website. MagXP is optimised for searching engines right from the start, which is one of its outstanding characteristics. It is WooCommerce-enabled and comes with over 630 Google fonts.

As a multi-purpose topic, it comes with over 20 exclusive demonstrations that allow the webmaster to try out different template types to see which one best fits their contents. Great styling and high performance features make this a real eye-catcher in the crowd. What's more, it's a great way to get your message across. The Alien WP's Hatch Pro themes are professional-looking, minimalist photography themes for WordPress.

With some of the very best layouts and themes available, it also gives you greater granularity over Hatch Pro customization. There is an integrated Authors Information field in the design that allows end-users to add customized HTML contents. Additionally, a call out section and 3-column layouts are provided to enhance customer retention and improve your rate of return.

Hatch Pro is a fully-fledged photo topic and has mail format specially optimised for your visitors' viewing and surfing needs. Any photo topic with such a feature will certainly be astonishing! The Themezilla distance meter is a subject specially developed for the photographer. Topic's grid-based design allows the webmaster to present their latest project on their website while maximising precious screens.

It includes a portable Hamburg meal that keeps diversions to a bare minimum. What's more, it's a great way to get to know your friends and family. The Rangefinder is supplied with PSD and SCSS data enabling you to make customized changes to your designs. Frames Photography is a good option for website users looking for a neat, minimalistic photo subject to help them present their work on-line.

It is a unique subject that is incredible strong, fast reacting and fast reacting. The full frame raster galleries and galleries and portfolios in brickwork styles are both backed up by frame photography. User can also use the high-performance administration console to organize their photos and make necessary adjustments. Because of its unembellished look, the pattern looks really stylish and ingenious.

Easily build a project galery with the help of the powerful Project plug-in. Several layout choices allow you to change the layout of your pages, and Live Customizer allows you to customize your web content to your own individual taste. 100% reactive, Addison has Bootstrap 3 capability to resize the website to any display area.

When you' re looking for a full-screen photography topic that puts your contents in the spotlight, you'll like Viewed. It is a fun and exciting way for people to present their photos in an exciting way. Views are fully reactive and browsersafe, ensuring that your audience can view your website from any devices.

A powerful photo topic, exposed uses library capabilities to help prospective professional photographers efficiently communicate their work with a burgeoning public. SmoothThemes' framework and Drag and Drop Builder are included with the package, making it really simple to customise the look. As well as the customisation choices, if you have limited resources or are looking for a professional-looking way to get your site up and run in just a few moments, you can also try one of the many ready-made designs and outfits.

If you are looking for a minimalistic look, one of the best topics on the market is photovoltaic power. Behind the scene designers understood the latest website fashions and made elegant use of the whitespace to produce a visual photo focus - Photo Power. Topic is delivered with a slide and color row galery directly from the boxes and allows the user to choose between two galery presentation choices - brickwork or net.

A full-width roundabout is provided for the subject, supporting both vertical and horizontal formats. It is fully reactive and looks great on any size display. The best thing about this topic is that it is optimised for searching engines and offers an amazingly high level of sophistication. A feature-rich photo motif for WordPress pages, it comes with several slide control and short code integrations that make it simple to set up your web site in just a few moments.

Offering a large variety of customisation choices, the topic allows a webmaster to tailor their website to their own unique style. Some of the best thingsxposure has to offer is that it is e-commerce-enabled and works smoothly with the WooCommerce plug-in. The Camilla is a contemporary, minimalist and reactive work. The topic focuses more on your work (e.g. photography, free lance typing, web designing, etc.) and your creative potential.

There are many great functions such as scrolling horizontally, scrolling parallaxes, full-screen galeries, a page lay-out and three different pre-defined colour variants to select from. Other functions include: shortcuts, sliders with customized transition settings, optimised speech recognition, font awesome incorporation, kid topic prepared, translated and more. It is a high quality and adaptable photography topic that is suitable for Freelancer, Agency or private Sites.

It' s a rugged and full of fantastic functions like Life themes customizedizer, fast response customization, return on investment, optimised search engine (SEO), Google font, postal formats and full documentary. Monstrous, this model belongs to the monstrous gene and has all its best characteristics. Cherry Framework and offers you extended functions and an intuitively operated administration dashboard.

The fully reactive and retina-ready styling will work perfectly on all hand-held units. It was ThemeIsle who created the rocko photo themed. RoCoPhoto is a premier photo topic that provides the ideal platform for your work. There'?s no tricks, nothing out of date, just a classic look that draws the user's eye to you and your talents - that's the way it should be.

Several of the functions are - advanced sliders, well drafted coding, neat portfolios area, excellent technical supports and much more. It is a retina-ready design for the photographer, illustrator, graphics designer and other professional who wants to present their work. Concerning the administration UI, this topic uses a very minimum amount of effort, so that your work gets more exposure and appreciation.

There are two different headers for this topic - bright / dim UI headers, according to your choices for the slide show or the fixed wallpaper. The Darkroom has a very simple look and feel and a very simple graphical environment that lets you make small changes to your look and feel. It is a photographic motif with limitless possibilities and a customisable radio button.

It is designed with the latest HTML5 and CSS3 codec. It has a contemporary look and feel and a highly reactive platform combined with maximal versatility allows you to tailor this topic to your needs. It is created with the latest HTML5 and CSS3 codes. It has a clear layout and a clear option pane.

Several of the most important functions are - striated pages, full frame movie, limitless folder layout, full frame layout, documentary, and soon/under contruction page with counters. Functions included - integrated rating system, limitless fonts option, simple Google maps option, preparation for translations, excellent fonts option, Ayaxified navigator and advanced documentations.

Trends are a minimalist topic for photo, film, photo, creativity and galleries webpages. It comes with a strong option pane that you can use to make small optimizations to your website. It is a well-designed subject for the presentation of photography, wildlife, travelling and nice pictures. A few of the most important functions are - fast reacting web site layout, full page galleries, uniquely categorized sliders, one-click demonstration import, jaxed page navigator, full backup videos, optimised for performance, and three different blogs layout. eClipse is a neat and fast reacting WordPress topic developed for photo and photo portfolios.

It comes with multiple homepage layout, picture, video, sample and colour wallpapers that make the designs customisable and easy to use. Part of it are striped page, full screen brickwork portfolios, galleries section, brickwork blogs, and full screen patterns. Further functions are Dragging & Dropping Page Builders, Contacts Forms, Infinite Colour Varies, Returnable, Fast Response Designs, Infinite Colour Varies, Preparation for Translations, Emailchimp Supports, WPML Supports, User Defined 404 Page, Upcoming Page, Google Font Integrations and more.

The Sama is a colourful WordPress topic with many customisation possibilities and a pagebuilder. Has the Visual Composer plugin to accelerate the page building proces and has a nice Ajax Page Loading function (can be disabled). Extra functions including - WooCommerce integrations, preparation for translations, bricklayer portfolios page, user-defined mail type, contacts page and full-screen sliders page.

CORDER is a singular and simple to use Photography WordPress topic, which was created with the professionals photographers and their needs as primary focus. It' s full of great stuff and has been meticulously designed to make it easier to present your memorable pictures. Topic identifies picture framework arrangement that allows your picture to lift out.

It is the latest WordPress topic published in this sector, but it has already proved to be one of the best-selling themes of its kind. Like the name implies, Tatto Studios subject is specifically developed for tattoo, piercing and corporeal arts sites, but it can also be used for photography or galleries website.

It' s a completely appealing design, which means it looks just as good on your smart phone and tray as it does on your desk. The Cesar is a neat, contemporary and reactive subject that is well adapted to photography, galleries, portfolios or any other kind of website that focuses on pictures. It uses the latest web technology and reinforces the retinal graphic for a better visual experience.

Its design is engineered to look great on all popular desktops as well as tablets and portable equipment. Fifteen galleries as well as portfolios, extended topic choices, Google Webfonts integrations, community messaging, WooCommerce integrations, videotutorials, and documentary are some of the most important of these.

The Evermore is a strong, reactive subject developed with a neat and minimalist touch. It' s full of all the functions you need to present yourself or your company with professional and stylish work. There is also a Topic Option panel that offers a number of great choices to help you organize and change every facet of your WordPress topic.

Evermore gives you full power over how your contents are presented. The Shape is a high-quality minimalist style topic developed for portfolios, face-to-face websites, creativity studios and other image-centric websites. TeslaThemes' WordPress Theme premium photography allows you to create your own website where you can present your latest work and your latest project with pictures.

It has a very clear and minimalist look with soft transitions and extended functions based on the Tesla framework. Among the most important functions are fast response designs, filtering galeries, fantastic visuals, integrated contacts forms, newsletters, Google Map with pull & fall and much more.

The topic is well documentated, which enables a fast introduction. The Folo is a WordPress topic that is perfectly suited for image-centered web pages, portfolios and private Blogs. You could use it for small and medium sized agents, face-to-face and corporate blogging, and any other kind of company that wants to put more value on the company's product range.

A raster layouts supported by Masonry Layouts is used for the styling, with endless scroll, tidy illuminated box portfolios, softwaves, as well as user-defined broadgets. The Folo has a highly reactive option pane that lets you make small improvements to your designs without having to touch a line of coding. The Photocrati is an all-in-one WordPress topic for the photographer and artist.

It is designed with built-in eCommerce capabilities, so you can simply resell your pictures without having to use an additional WordPress plug-in. Several of the main characteristics of this topic are: Sixty homepage looks, five gorgeous galleries display, high-performance back-end galleries manager, fast-response designs, topic option panels, picture security, integrated eCommerce, and more.

The King Size is a versatile WordPress topic created with two different colour combinations, bright and deep. It has an elegantly styled look which means that it can be used for various uses such as gallery, agencies sites, web designers and photography sites. Briefly, it is a great topic to present your work.

It' s full of some fantastic functions like - full-screen wallpaper, five different galeries to present your work, extended topic option, twitter widgets, shortcuts and much more. OrganicThemes Photographer's Topic is a high-performance topic that allows you to present your photographs in full splendour.

It has a homepage with minimum styling element, so your pictures get more exposure. Fotographer is supported by the beloved software suite, Setframe. Frameworks are full of functions such as responsive grids, retina optimisation, shortcuts, featured video, WooCommerce and Gravity Forms compatible supports, customisation capabilities and customisations.

Memories was developed by CSSIgniter and offers you a plain and minimalist style that focuses more on your work. This is driven by the JetPack plug-in and is used for the Photogallery, so you can modify your designs without worrying about getting caught up in the subject. Several of the most important functions are - fast reactive site interface so that your site can work on small screens, user-defined menu, blogs layouts and page Galerie flexibility for the presentation of your arteries.

In addition, it also contains all the common functions (shortcodes, location, user-defined template and options) you'll find in any other topic. Zimpolio is a meticulously handcrafted, fast-reacting WordPress topic. Full frame design offers a variety of advanced functions such as - multi-site suport, translatable, 50+ shortcuts, different template for & portfolios, breadcrumb navigator, user-defined Widget for tweets & current entries, well drafted and user-defined management option panels.

Full screen is an appealing photogallery topic from Themify. It has a minimum size appearance, an appealing lay-out and a full-screen art collection to present your work. There is a beautiful photogallery with the pictures in the centre. You have two choices for the normal WordPress Warehouse - Fotowischer and Leuchtkasten.

Extra functions includes customized welcome messages, headers, grid display layouts, fringe graphics, 4 column footswitch widgets, customized footswitch text, back to top key animation, 7 themes skin, and children themes assistance (Here's a good tutorial on everything you need to know about WordPress Children Themes).

The Zoomy is a WordPress photography wordpress topic with a fun portable look, perfect for dashboard enthusiasts, Instagram enthusiasts, painters and anyone else who wants to present their work. It' s full of all the extravagant stuff you need to set up your own photo shop or blogs. A few of the most important functions are:

The Core is a neat, reactive and minimalistic WordPress topic for photography, portfolios and face-to-face web sites. It has a sleek look, but uses many floor pictures, so make sure you take a good look at it before you make the buy. Functions include: comprehensive option panels, portfoliostyle, customized widgets for current postings, tweet feature feeder, contactsheet, video & audio, built-in shortcuts and HTML default.

The Skylab is a premium portfolio / photography WordPress themes with an advanced, touch-sensitive, super-smooth, hardware-accelerated slide control for the photographer, illustrator, graphics designer, arts and creativity director, film director, architect, designer, deluxe company or blogger. Functions included fast-response styling, unparalleled layouts, full set of documents, user-defined panels, voice location assistance, and a comprehensive option window.

Mode9 is developed by EngineThemes, the same firm that developed the Galleria WordPress theming. Fast-reacting, Fashion9 is a photo topic that is particularly suited for imaginative photography. There are many choices and functions that make it simple to adapt and adapt to your needs. Added functionality includes built-in shortcuts, 17-button shortcuts, and highly customizable management capabilities.

The PhotoPro is a neat and professionally WordPress topic specifically developed for the photographer. Emphasis is placed on making a great screen available for the presentation of your work. It' s minimum size coupled with some great jQuery features and great layout will make your website stands out from the masses and capture the eye of your traffic.

Functions includes 4 different galleries lifestyles, user-defined skin, ease of use on the go, detailled user manuals, scrolling and much more. The Dano is a multi-puprose and highly reactive WordPress topic for small and medium sized agencies and businesses. It has an appealing look, which means your website is fully optimised for tables and phones. The Dano comes with all the extravagant functions like shortcuts, Google scripts, localisation, integrated Ayax Contacts forms, short code generators, widget supports, infinite colours, multi-purpose home pages and fully optimised for advancedEO.

Sourc is a fast-reacting topic that uses a great styling and typeography among other great functions. It is fully portable and has many optional extras that make it simple to customise the look. The best thing about this topic is that it comes with a seperate short code plug-in, so if you want to modify the look in the near term, you can simply do so without interrupting your website.

Added functionality includes customizable management tools, user-defined pages, page styles, user-defined style sheets, user-defined symbols, and 5 PSD files. It also offers 4 different mail format types depending on your real contents, this can be picture, movie, audio, galery or normal item. It is a clear, contemporary and reactive subject for the photographer and artist.

Created by ElegantThemes. Functions included - full localisation, premier technical assistance, shortcuts, topic option panels, page styles. The HQ Photography topic was developed to keep an eye on the photographer, photojournalist and other visually impaired people. Design comes with a Drag & Drops GT3 Page Builder, so you can make small optimizations without having to touch a line of coding.

Added functionality includes secure portals, customized target page, Google font assistance, customized shortcuts, portfolios pages, Postformat assistance for YouTube & Vimeo, integrated admin interface, integrated admin interface and full user manual.... Which photo subject do you use? What photo subject did you like best? Do you have a photo topic that I have been missing and that you have found or made?

When you have a special request for a photo topic, please let me know in the comment area and I will try to suggest the best topic for your website.

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