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Best-of-breed portfolio design

Plotta Nieminen is an illustrator, graphic artist and art director from Helsinki, Finland. And Matt Pamer is an art director, designer and illustrator who lives in Brooklyn. The French artistic director and designer Elise Eskanazi uses the homepage of her online portfolio to get a quick overview of her projects. Our favourite portfolios of successful graphic designers have been rounded off. Maybe you're like us and just like to look at design portfolios to get completely inspired.

Best 15 modern design portfolio of 2018

A nicely arranged portfolio is a must for every web and graphics creator. A lot of professionals try to develop their own distinctive portfolio design when they present their best work to attract customers and develop their capabilities. This article introduces some of these uniquely and creatively created design collections that we have seen on the web.

When you' re thinking of creating your own portfolio website or improving your latest design, visit these beautiful portfolio sites for inspired ideas. is a Californian graphics and interactivity artist. He' uses his portfolio very well to show how good he really is. Built-in an uncommon usability paradigm, Ben replaces scroll bar with a more engaging one.

In fact, this is a brilliantly designed solution that enhances usability on portable equipment. Furthermore, the whole website is also full of stylistic animation and transitional effect. Tokyo web and UX designers Kuon Yagi have a portfolio of killers full of animation and vivid colours. Kuon has a fully immersive wallpaper and uses numerous motion graphics on its portfolio website.

Another of the reasons why we wanted to put this site at the top was the careful choice of colours for this website design. This portfolio's most cool feature is its transitional effect. Cheng is a Toronto-based graduate of the University of Toronto. Your portfolio website uses a minimalistic design with a contemporary feel.

Rachel presents her portfolio directly on the homepage with nice mock-ups and Call to action (CTA) button to learn more about each article. Rachel's portfolio is best of all simple. Quickly she gets to the point and shows her abilities in the portfolio galery on the homepage of the website.

Marco Marino, the UX and UI designers from Italy, also has an amazing portfolio website. Its homepage contains less than 20 words. One of the features that really attracted our interest was the portfolio page of Marco's website. His portfolio only shows the name of the portfolio he worked on. When you move the cursor over an element, an icon will appear that refers to the current work.

A page with further information only opens when you click on a portfolio element. This is Julie, a free-lance graphics artist from Amsterdam. Your portfolio website is characterized by an idiosyncratic design with a funny welcome note and an exceptionally lively backdrop. Julie's website is characterized by an uncommon design, which also contains many transitional effects.

It also uses a wave effect on its miniature views, which also introduces an interactivity feature into the users overall impression. ANNOUNCER: Jane Song is a Georgia based design artist. She is currently working at MailChimp to create nice promotional material for the group. Jane`s portfolio website is quite easy and straightforward.

Everyone who attends a design portfolio is expecting to see something, and there are many pictures. Jane's website does not let the public down by showing all her portfolio elements on the homepage. And as you can see, his portfolio website is also supported by WordPress and he uses his own custom design for his website.

On the Portfolio page of the website there is a scrollable galery of Olivier's best works, which shows a thumbnail when you move the mouse over an element. Polevoy is a Daniel products developer. Its website uses a scrolling design that accentuates its work by presenting an element every downroll.

Daniel?s portfolio website is the ideal example of the finest in minimumism. They are simply full-screen representations of his portfolio of works. The Rhode Island resident graphics artist Eugene So also has a nice portfolio that uses a contemporary split page design. Every element in your portfolio also opens to display more detail in the same screen without delay.

Provides an easy website browsing experiance that improves usability. He is an accomplished freelance artist who works at LinkedIn. He has worked on some of the most important functions of the site, such as LinkedIn Elevate. There is much to be learned by design professionals from their own portfolio website. Stephens website is characterised by a minimalist design with a deep colouring.

Stephen's homepage emphasizes many different kinds of work he has done and shows his design at the same as well. WordPress supports the whole site and uses a gentle transitional effect to open portfolio elements with minimal loading times. The portfolio of the francophone graphics artist Etienne Godiard is really unique.

WordPress-based website uses a uniquely designed design that allows the user to browse through the portfolio elements by moving up and down. In addition, the whole web design is very interactively. If you look at each portfolio element, it shows the project as a galery of pictures that respond to movement of the mice.

Martin is a Dutch based design artist. Its portfolio website is characterized by a sleek one-page design that emphasizes its work to date. Martin has reserved the remainder of the room on his website for the portfolio galleries. In the Portfolio section is a beautiful designed galery that adapts well to any prior picture as you move down.

When you click on an element, a new Modal dialog opens quickly, displaying more information about each work. She is a visually and usefully experienced artist who has worked with many well-known corporations such as Microsoft and Ford. But on her website there is a minimalist design that shows her past work.

Karen's website has a simple picture galery that shows a short introduction about each picture when you move your mouse over it. Each case in the portfolio opens immediately when you click on it, with no delay in charging. Ahmad Qaisar is an interactive artist from Pakistan. Its website has a solid design that occupies only the top half of the canvas.

As you scroll down, each element in your portfolio opens with a gentle transitional effect. This website design's simplicity and minimalism makes it easy for audiences to research and find out more about any portfolio design activity. Qaisar also uses interactivity in its web design to make the site even more user-friendly.

The graphic and web design artist Alex Coven has a truly uniquely portfolio website. Like many other design philosophies in our portfolio, Alex uses his portfolio to enhance his full-screen image project and allows individuals to find out more about his work by guiding them to a case studies page via an interactive icon.

One more thing you will note about his website design is the use of different colours that actually go well with the overall design. A portfolio website will allow you to enhance your service and capabilities as a pro and attract more customers. Now is the best timeframe to create one if you don't have a portfolio website yet.

With WordPress, you can now create a portfolio site with just a few mouse clicks. With WordPress, you can create a portfolio site in just a few seconds. It doesn't even need programming or web design expertise. Expand your portfolio and gain new customers!

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