Best Portfolio for 2017

The best portfolio for 2017

"The investment activity of the companies developed in 2017 in connection with a solid business climate. Mixing and matching our 20 most popular exchange-traded funds to create four model portfolios that meet the needs of most investors. Best 20 new portfolio locations, June 2017 It'?s June, and the brutalism bow is back. Having disappeared into the phenomena I call "post-minimalism", simple old brutalism seems to be making a break.

In addition, it is a fairly diverse range of portfolio that you can all get into. That' exactly what Nick Jones' portfolio is, and it just felt awesome.

Senthil' s portfolio makes me feel a little bit old for the day when everyone wanted their website to look like Apple's. It looks good, with a sturdy guy, lots of contrasts for the sleek layouts, a beautiful colour palette...oh, and the giant rotating 3-D thing that accompanies you throughout the page.

It seems that Doberman loves to blend things together. Her use of college layouts, colour and typesetting in combination makes me feel that the site is a mixture of post-minimalism and brutality. The Leszek Juraszczyk portfolio is almost aggressive post-minimalist. All the right scores are hit, from the single-spaced script to the bare-bones lay-out to the almost trivial pallet.

Even with some of the images overlaying other items, it looks sophisticated and graceful to convey a feeling of profundity. Burkhard decided on a lay-out that was horizontally oriented in order to present his products in a somewhat brutal - yet good-looking - outline. Nevertheless, it is well processed and simply pleasing to look at.

Biron portfolio thinks it's easy to keep. No, no, it's on the homepage. Most of the remaining designs deliver what they promised with a straightforward, minimalistic look. Altogether it's well done, though sometimes reminding of WordArt. dn&co. dn&co. dn&co. dn&co. dn&co. puts the work in the foreground, with just a touch of brutality hidden around the verbal borders of the work.

Well it' s either violent or post-minimalism, and I have a tough job seeing the differences at this point. The Cole Townsend portfolio is much more like a curriculum vitae and deliberately avoid the use of pictures. Surely this is one of the most colourful portfolio items of this months. That is mitigated when you click on a portfolio item, but you still have the feeling that "vibrant artsy stuff is going down" on the entire site.

Yulia Chistiakova's website is as colourful as her illustrations and webdesigns. In spite of its simple nature, it is extremely stylised and simply permeated by a simple person. Seems a little like materials styling. Its website is a champion of Google branding. Combining the well-known portfolio themes we've seen with a strong brand ing experience, viget's website is a true masterpiece of Google's branding.

Take a look at the portfolio of Clement Simon. It is a humble place with brickwork, sound images and sleek type. By " smart type " I mean that the text is a little too small. However, you probably don't need a picture library if you have a résumé that is as good as Niks.

Both typographically and in substance. Each item seems to be very meticulously coordinated, beyond the usual effort of the designer. It' s good to see a trade-off in a universe of minimally designed pages that are so often black and white and super-coloured pages that dazzle the eye.

This is achieved by using a rainstorm of accented colours in very small decoration pieces, in combination with a kind of soft grey for badges and other large surface features. In combination with a generally sound overall look, you get a minimalistic website that still catches the eye. Cibík' s portfolio is minimalistic and does this where a stylist neglects to turn off his raster display when launching the website.

In addition, the types on this page are just as outstanding as the eye-catching, yet inconspicuously animated images that I like.

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