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A curated list of the best portfolio page examples on the web. He also has a nice one-sided portfolio. There are 10 fantastic portfolio websites from artists and art managers

Visit - com - com - to find the best portfolio of designs, CVs and creative ressources. A freelance graphics and calligraphic arts professional, Sergey Shapiro applies literacy to a wide range of areas of graphics work. This includes logodesign, identities, packaging and more. Headquartered in Moscow, Russia, Sergey works with various businesses, engineering firms, specifiers and customers around the globe.

Sandlin is a senior graphics artist during the days and a free-lance illuminator at nights under the name SockMonkee. In addition to his free-lance work, Chris own and operate the SockMonkee Collections, which are exclusively a selection of artworks and clothing for sale. Cami?-?a free-lance Illustrator. Visit our website at for more portfolio and CV inspiration.

Top 10 Amazing Portfolio Websites from Google Designers

Mr. Jihoon is a Master's degree student in Human-centered Design & Engineering from the University of Washington at Seattle and a former Google Daydream Internship. Van is a Salesforce based project manager and a former Google UX developer. Sánat Rath resides in New York City and works for Google as a UX design engineer for Docs, Sheets & Slides.

San Francisco-based product creator Rachel Schmitz is interested in educational technologies and softwares. Previously she worked at Google, Rumble Games, AVG Technologies and Presidio Knolls School. Anne is Interaction Creator for Google Search in London, UK. Sketched the Google Assistant's futures, focused on making the wizard's skills findable, and directed the Google Assistant's styling under iPOS and preferences.

Currently Fiona Yeung is working for Google in the Material Design group. Designers from Silicon Valley, known for the creation of the Google Android-Logos. He is a UI design veteran on the charge of the charge chart group. Jueremiah is a Google design artist who creates children's 3-D game. is a UX Lead & Manager at Google Translate.

Previously, he worked in the Google AdWords group as a senior design engineer. Would you like more inspiration from the design portfolio?

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