Best Portfolio Sites 2016

Beste Portfolio Pages 2016

It creates websites that are beautiful, interactive, responsive and friendly. After the latest Cargo and Wix updates, we offer 11 of the best art and design portfolio websites. Some of the best portfolio pages, but not all, show the designer's creativity.

Best new portfolio locations, February 2016

We welcome everyone to the portfolio raid in February. Please note: I judge these pages by how good they look for me. Sometimes UX will suffer, e.g. many of these pages rely on JavaScript to show their contents at all. Daiki Kato's portfolio declares him an artistic artist, and this is reflected in the way he designs.

Schwarzmeal is a professional video and video company specializing in video animation. As many others, they have decided to create a minimalist style that lets their work stand out. Featuring a straightforward styling, good UX and an apparent ability to introduce, I think Blackmeal's portfolio is the best kind. The SpaceCraft Joinery presents its cabinetry and interiors in a dedicated work-first portfolio with brief, cute case histories.

The portfolio of Jan-Paul Koudstaal looks great, works great and makes something interesting with the whole Screenshot-of-site-in-mobile-device trends. By and large, it is a fantastically one-sided portfolio. Both Henrik Leichsenring and Sofia Gillström work together as partner in a designer studios. Her portfolio is quite a stellar example of what happens when a designer practices what her styles are and largely adheres to them.

While the low level of contrasts between text and wallpaper in the "about us" section of the homepage may come back to take a crack at it, the remainder of the page is a fabulous blend of proper UX and contemporary styling. What I don't like is websites that rely on JS to display contents and navigate to the point where the website fails without JS.

They use the effect of para-laxis for their portfolio, which works quickly, unobtrusively and almost naturally. The Rafael Merino portfolio is just beautiful enough to be viewed in full-screen only. Omnam Group's portfolio focuses on real estate developments in a pleasingly minimalistic way. It' tough to make a text look so good with repetitive text, but they did it.

The work of Filip Turner is full of geometrical designs and powerful type. Its portfolio page is no different. For Leandro Lima, his illustrations and interactivity are presented in a portfolio of plain lines that tell powerful stories on each page of the film. Coupled with a look that can really be described as relaxed, it makes you want to waste a while browsing through your work.

On each page Lu Yu's portfolio shows her unmistakable styling. Each page is almost like a piece of artwork, with different colour patterns and a lay-out to suit the contents. Chimero's portfolio does an excellent job of getting the most out of his work. My guess is that the whole of his portfolio of articles is meant to help him selling his book, which is fairly.

It works with its straightforward, matter-of-fact styling and pleasantly readable typeface. The Isaias portfolio is similar to journal layout, but is obviously designed for the web. Combines a high animation style with a classical deep gray and deep reddish look. Deadwater' s website is characterized by a plain but unorthodox (for the web) layout. Your artwork is complemented by the use of basic animation.

This, and it's just beautiful. Zeecom designs seem to be following the current tendency to transfer your text (and other elements) semi-overlapping to pictures or via backgrounds in an asymmetric style. Whilst this often makes other websites more difficult to access, Zeecom's staff have understood it well. From the very beginning, this portfolio of fashions puts the work right in front of your eyes.

It' easy, nice and organised according to fashions. Without colour to help you, your layouts and your typefaces should be better amazing. He prefers it, although there is actually a certain colour in the portfolio area, which is appropriate. Fifty percent of their navigational hyperlinks are about their service, and you need to click through to see their portfolio.

The Emilie Garnier side is easy and beautiful. Mathew Bambach's portfolio is audaciously accentuated, perhaps full, with warm rose.

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