Best Portfolio Themes

Top portfolio themes

Thus many great works deserve a beautiful online portfolio. Twenty-five high-quality WordPress portfolio themes It' now simpler than ever to use plattforms like WordPress and Tumblr to build a high impact and pro page portfolio of designs that is simple to manipulate and navigation similar to a blogsite. Surely you don't have to be a web designer assistant to build a neat looking portfolio site these days. What you need is a web designer and a web designer.

There' a range of practical WordPressutorials and elegant Portfolio WordPress themes to help you get the most out of your work. We have selected 25 of the highest grade WordPress portfolio themes. Remember that topics in our professionally crafted range are purchased choices (most costs around $50, with the lowest price being $9 and the most costly on our schedule being $69).

To view free WordPress topics, see our best free WordPress topics review. This is the topic for you if you like fast, full-screen, easy websites. Bolec was developed for portfolio and photo websites, but is also suited for many other uses. Bolec is based on Twitter's bootstrap frameworks and offers many page themes that you can work with.

Aoko is well suited for a portfolio site with immediate visibility. It will attract a lot of interest thanks to its four-way full-screen menus with videonavigation and will delight the visitor with its mixture of clear styling and CSS3 animated contents. It is completely reactive and simple to customize and comes with free upgrades and free technical assistance.

Creative professionals and designer who want to quickly put together a portfolio. Paragon is a colorful, reactive portfolio theme for contractors and agency professionals that uses WordPress Live Customizer to help you create and modify your website and see the changes on-the-fly.

Fizz makes your job a lot simpler if you work across a range of different lifestyles or across a range of different fields and want your portfolio's users to be able to choose the right filtering for their needs. They allow you to build categories filtering in a linking style that immediately reorganizes your portfolio when you click; Fizz also provides real-time customization and WooCommerce assistance.

A lightweight and versatile, it is a highly reactive retina-enabled portfolio theme with limitless list layout and many different projects to work with. With over 20 useful plug-ins in Air's built-in Page builder, you can put it all together, and every detail is engineered to run smoothly and perfectly to ensure a great customer experience.

North is a completely reactive and parallel one-page WordPress story developed for creativity and agency, available in 14 ready-made flavors to match any work you want to bring out. You can also easily customize your own layouts, and there is even an install script to help you get started.

Developed for creative professionals and professional photography, jQuery Masonry uses jQuery layouts for vibrant screen rulings that really give you the power to get the most out of your work. It' s fast and retina-ready with eight user-defined mail playing options, plus six user-defined broadgets and all the socially acceptable share capabilities you'll probably need.

Keeping your choices open with Assemble, a topic that offers you a selection of 18 homepage layout for your portfolio. So if you have already posted your work on Behance and would like to have your own portfolio site, you can use the BeDojo plug-in to bring it all into your WordPress site.

This also works as a regular topic - you don't have to have a Behance portfolio. Open with an effective movie is a great way to attract the viewer's eye, and this Portfolio Movie templates allows you to do just that. When you can't choose if you want something minimum or universal for your portfolio site, Stag offers you the best of both worlds. Stag offers you the best of both worlds. What's more, Stag offers you the best of both worlds. Stag offers you the best of both worlds. Stag offers you the best of both worlds.

It is based on Visual Composer, which makes it easier to create appealing pages, but if you need functions like pallax wallpapers and motion graphics, they are easily implemented. Vong is a contemporary, minimalistic portfolio topic suited for both freelance and agency clients. Based on CSS3 it offers three portfolio size and a fully reactive light box as well as WooCommerce functionality.

You can even use HTML5 movie as the page headback. It' s worth it, too, because it's the most pricey WordPress topic on our roster at $69. You' ve come to the right place with the Alpha for a fast-reacting Mobil-First topic that is extremely adaptable and quickly lights up. Its eye-catching, user-defined portfolio slide works well with both scrolling and moving interactions.

And it uses AJAX to upload portfolio files with stunning visuals, and the drag-and-drop Writer lets you quickly create good-looking pages.

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