Best Portfolio website 2016

2016 Best Portfolio Website

The portfolio has a handcrafted character. Best new portfolio locations, July 2016 The reason why the portfolio of agencies of the pixelindustry looks very similar to a topic is because they are making topics. It may not be the most inventive piece of furniture in the whole wide range, but it certainly shows its strength and talent. The portfolio of David Alexander puts you straight into work with a large, image-focused, fully image-friendly outline.

Martine goalait les movies' portfolio site, a corporate videoproduction firm, includes a two-part feeling that I like. In combination with the brief, high-quality clip used as the backdrop for the videotape, the entire website looks contemporary and professionally designed and seems to match the look of the presented videotapes. The portfolio of Aycan Elijah Yilmaz is the second I have seen as it encompasses the "Galaxy Beard".

Cooks portfolio is easy, largely black and white with a subtle typeface. In fact, we could get rid of our almost total dependency on giant (and thus slowly loading) photographs. Videoproduction studio's white list goes back to the full 90's multi-media presentations, but with advanced technology and styling. I have often resisted the thoroughness of this type of styling, but that doesn't mean it's not beautiful.

I have to go on the assumption that 4musketier is a designer because although I can't speak German, it's in the portfolio section. It' really a shallow pattern from the book, which seems more devoted to a passive variation of the arc itself than to a particular colour pattern. All of the styling looks as if it has been done with great care, and that alone is already deserving of a look.

The portfolio of Lachlan Kincaid takes us back to the minimalist realm, with a more verbatim interpretation of "white space". It is a straightforward website that divides the accent between text and image to create the right setting for all the works presented. Electrop Enjin?s portfolio site begins with a blast by presenting a 3-D Polygon Globus that enlarges and... well, I won?t ruin it.

Most of the remaining facilities are much easier and not too dramatic, but certainly pleasant to the eyes. Olle's portfolio page for studios connects minimumism with a touch of Bauhaus styling. Just change small page detail or the whole colour chart to fit the contents.... that matters too.

The locomotive's portfolio site is a great example of a website that' material design driven and doesn't always look like Google. Yes, certain items keep this very material design very special haptics, but the site has a lot of its own character. Try to mix a contemporary look, a strict monochrome colouring, a little symmetry and you will get ARA17.

Well, I like my grayscale pages as you know, but it's not often someone can actually get a look with almost sound blacks (it'll look sound blacks on most displays anyway), and a bunch of them. The C RCL portfolio site makes a high-risk decision with the use of a full-screen merry-go-round in the centre of the one-page website.

The Whitehall is an architectural home in New York City. The entire distribution work is left to the outstanding photographs of their project, which are presented in full picture mode. Part of the website is kept easy, gives you just enough information and no more. Uzik Brokerage Portfolio Site is another one that is not too inventive, but too well done to be ignored.

It' just has a fabulous use of pictures, types, colors and everything else. Dunlop Builders' portfolio is another great example of a minimally invasive location. The portfolio of the composer David Schweitzer is not a one-page website, but it might as well be. Nearly randomly coloured geometrical forms are used to give an otherwise monumental website a boost, although they make the text slightly less readable where they overlay.

Okay, Geordie Wood's portfolio is, to be frank, a useless jumble. lt felt experimentally, a little unpredictably, like the photograph it shows. We' re getting more and more experimented with Sam Lord Flavin's portfolio. The one-sided portfolio of poor people at Villa Böhnke initially felt more like a collection of collages than anything else. The Jon Monttenegro portfolio offers us another very minimalistic one-sided portfolio.

The scroll down gives us a different backdrop colour that never seems unpleasant, so that's pretty good. Our portfolio for people & machines gives us more symmetry, more minimumism, more quality. The Pilote portfolio presents its portfolio in just two photographs. You present your printing and graphics designs by zoom in on each item as you click through the menu.

The Brave People's portfolio site is another that is not too inventive, but still nice.

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