Best Portfolios 2016

Top Portfolios 2016

You' re a frequent reader. You probably know I work on a portfolio tool called Semplice. of the best freelancer portfolios of 2016 Freelancers don't need to have a super-impressive portfoliosite packed with bell, pipe and scroll effect wax. Because if even some of the most popular designer can use a cutterservice like Behance to present their portfolios, there is no need why not the whole team.

This means that if you have the amount of work, effort and money to build a customized web site that shows your own personal touch to the UX concept and UX way of designing, then it won't affect your ability to find work. When you consider this, it is useful to find out what other contractors have done with their portfolios pages.

These are six samples that have all been presented this year and that all act as a resource for creativity..... Durimel is a Paris-based free-lance artist and graphic artist who focuses on printed and electronic designs, corporate identities and interactivity. Kevin Boudot, a free-lance hands-on development engineer, created his own website, which was started last months, and his navigational system is both extremely unique and very intuitively.

Move your mouse pointer over the title of the projects on the home page and the pictures of the heroes will appear; click on one and then browse through its complete inventory. Sean Klassen, a Denver, Colorado-based based graphic artist, is combining his obsession with digital media to develop rich interactivity, application and branding for some of the world's largest brand names.

Prior to that, he co-founded Legwork and recently became self-employed to concentrate on new possibilities in UX, UI and device designs. A further page with an orginal view on the navigational, Klassen's homepage shows three current project in the links section, similar to a content page of a magazin.

Among the three chapters there are two more, one covers Klassen's work with Legwork, another shows different designs. It is his passion for color that is most strongly communicated by this beautiful minimalistic, one-sided portfolios page. He is an interactivity creator who is passionately committed to designing your world. He lives in California and quit New Deal in 2014 to start his own business and hasn't been looking back since.

He has a reserved home page for his web site with only a small text intro and an appealing animated backdrop. A UX artist and Austrian artist, Melanie Daveid currently lives in Berlin. Works of artwork and illustration were her gate to the creativity business, and this is reflected in her beautiful portfolios.

She is a graphics and artist  whose field of activity comprises assignments in the fields of designing, independent work and education and whose customers range from Helvetica to ZEIT and TopShop. It has two sites, one with a focus on her art work, but it is her graphics art collection that we are most interested in.

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