Best Restaurant Sites 2015

The best restaurant locations in 2015

The Best Restaurant Website Design Idea As your restaurant develops over the years, so should your website. We' ve gathered some of our favourite restaurant websites before and after the conversion to awaken some idea as you re-visit your restaurant on-line. She is a favourite restaurant with Michelin star rankings in San Francisco, but her website felt disorganized and did not mirror the look and feel of her work.

The new design gives Quince an elegantly sophisticated website that fits in with the restaurant's own dining and ambience. And with BentoBox, you can simply refresh your menu, lessons, photos and more yourself - in just a few moments. Best part: Although Le Garage in Sausalito, CA, had a website, it was not portable, making it particularly hard for visitors to find important information such as bookings, meals and opening times.

Nor did they have on-line free gifts selling, which limited the customer's choice to buy either over the telephone or in-person. Le Garage now has a fully reactive website that allows visitors to find the information they need quickly and simply. Le Garage also offers vouchers on its new website, so it can generate income for customers to buy around the clock.

Best part: Built-in bookings so your customers can now make bookings directly from Le Garage's website instead of having to click on a third-party website, making the overall booking process smooth. Jeremy's Ale House in Manhattan was selling goods in her restaurant, while her on-line shop was obsolete, providing a disappointing shopping environment for her people.

Jeremy's website has been withdrawn, so she has added pictures and simple ordering methods to her shop. Also, they began to sell vouchers on their website, giving them a new way of taking them. Best part: Although the conduct of meetings is critical to the restaurant, Kyirisan's website did not contain any information about them.

Visitors were abandoned to find out about the event by verbal propaganda or when they accidentally had dinner. Now, this prestigious restaurant in D.C. clearly shows all its venues on its website. They have even added a booking enquiry page for personal meetings, so visitors can make seamless booking requests without having to send separate emails.

Best part: The Kyirisan added to its website home page alerts that help them easy communication of important information - up-to-date opening times, specific incidents and so on. Prior to its refurbishment, the Tonga Room had a website that was bewildering for the visitors. The Tonga Room website has been restructured so that visitors can find the most important information quickly and efficiently.

They have also added more colour and lively photographs so that the guest's ticking adventure begins as soon as they find them there. Best part: This will help them to expand their e-mail lists and to get in touch with visitors even from a distance. Visitors couldn't find out more about this offer on-line, and the restaurant may have failed to find the possible caterer.

They have now added a special section for food on their website, with a request page that allows customers to simply contact them and send and order on-line. Best part: Use Instagram as a means for Love & Salt to get in contact with its people. Now with over 20,000 supporters, they are making all their contributions available on their website as well as linking to their other community networks, making it easier for visitors to find and track them.

The Smyth & The Loyalist wanted to do more with e-commerce, but their former website was not associated with any kind of on-line payments. Now Smyth & The Loyalist have a website that fulfills their e-commerce requirements, with a fully featured pay engine that will help them selling vouchers on-line. Best part:

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