Best Sermon Plugin for Wordpress

Best Preaching Plugin for Wordpress

The Sermon Manager is designed to help churches easily publish sermons online. Easy sermon archive and podcasting. Easy sermon archive and Podcasting. Premium plugin for WordPress. Just enable the plugin, type the short code on each page or post and choose your colours.

Please use the already existing medias! Featuring self-hosting voice and web conferencing capabilities, it's the best way to place all your conferencing in one place.

User-defined speed dial allows you to publish certain messages, series, speakers, books or themes on any page or posting. Viewers can browse your complete catalogue without exiting the site; no more lost occasions. In combination with our SEO-friendly permission link pages, your users will find your news on your website and across the web easy.

Bible is the pillar of every sermon. In addition, your guests can browse your Biblebuch messages using the "Books" drop-down list. The Sermon Browser and Sermon Manager are currently fully featured, the next plugin imports are imminent. Do you need your sermon collection immediately to use? It is also simple to adapt the fast reacting stops (if you are so nerdig).


The Sermon Manager is developed to help church communities simply post messages on-line. Fully functional podcast assistance for all your preaching, plus any sermon line, preacher, sermon topic or Bible volume! 5. 3+ - You can also use Sermon Manager with older Sites! Work with any topic and can be customised to appear exactly the way you want it to.

The Sermon Manager software allows the migration/import of other common preacher plug-ins such as Sermon Browser and Serial Engine. Preaching ] - Lists the 10 most recent preaching sessions. Per_page= "20"] - Lists the 20 most recent messages. Saturmon_images ] - Here all sermon rows and the corresponding images are listed in a raster.

line_podcasts ] - Lists the available podcast podcasts with beautiful large button sizes. The [ list_sermons] - This lists all shows or actors in a single, disordered state. newest_series ] - Displays information about the latest line of messages, complete with picture, track (optional), and descriptive text (optional). dropdown menu to quickly access all messages of a specific show or narrator.

Sermon Manager is available as a FREE product downlaod, but to get a free copy, we provide FREE of charge for those who need individual help, our Sermon Manager is available as a free upgrade. Payed service means you get privileged Sermon Manager forums and ticket privileges. It is also a way how you can make a donation to the charity to help us provide fast and free help and help with the plugin.

Chargeable technical assistance is available through our website. Do you want to help us improving the Sermon Manager or reporting a found error? In order to view the messages on the front end of your website, simply go to http://yourdomain. com/sermons if you have quite permission links activated, or post_type=wpfc_sermon if not.

You can also use the shortcode[sermons] on any page. What can I do to show messages on the front end? If you have activated nice permission links, please go to http://yourdomain. com/sermons or post_type=wpfc_sermon, if not. You can also use the abbreviation[Sermons] on any page or posting. Append post_type=wpfc_sermon as URL and labels to the Custom Links field and click on " Add to Menu".

The Sermon Manager is just the thing for my customer. The Sermon Manager is really a life-saving plugin for the administration of all our messages by our various clergy. This plugin I really like a lot. Excellent technical back-up and great software developement! So I had a few one-of-a-kind errors with their new imported from the Series Engine function, but they quickly found a solution and everything worked well.

This plugin is very easy to use and I like it. The Sermon manager's around the block. Great help! All I have to do is thank Nikola and the fantastic new staff at com They really made a "good but neglected" plugin a power pack with great emphasis and great help.

"The Sermon Manager " is open program resource management system. This plugin has been created by the following persons.

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