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Do you know other top websites that use Squarespace? You' ve chosen Squarespace for your website, great friend! The Indian Gardens looks like it's using the Marquee Squarespace template with some adjustments.

Twenty-five unique site samples with square space

Square Space is by far one of the newest website construction plattforms, but that doesn't mean that the organization hasn't made a splash when it comes to assisting clients who want to start shopping on-line, blogging and running businesses as well. Overall, Squarespace has made a name for itself by offering some of the finest template on the shelves.

Every theme contains essential elements such as feeds, blogs, sliders and more. If you can perform an update for a full shop on-line, did we say that the styles are unbelievable? Since Squarespace is a media-oriented website development tool, it is no wonder that hundreds of thousand businesses have turned to Squarespace to build their websites.

Squarespace has just about everything from educational to magazine, from technology firms to nutrition blogs. Best of all, the front and back interfaces are the most elegant out there. So we wanted to take a few moments to see some of the best samples of Squarespace's places.

Do not hesitate to save them as bookmarks and come back to them if you come across a function that you are not sure is working with Squarespace. Based on the above mentioned lists, we have created the website of the Marina Abramovic Institute, which puts a strong emphasis on the medias. Videos, feeds, social networking tools and blogs are all displayed on the homepage, and they even have a donate tool on one of the pages.

Welsh House is a travelling website with minimalist designs and a strong emphasis on type and subtile aesthetic. Every element in the raster refers to a single page of the products with a discreet slide control that shows different pictures in the same place. With Squarespace, Fire & Flour is able to present its handmade online marketing brands to the web world.

There is a dark ground with lettering in red and blue and the high-quality pictures of the products make the page stylish and upmarket. Contentently has a breathtaking on-line publication, similar to that of Vice. Tokyobike New York distributes articles made for bicycles. You can see that the shop is quite impressing and that different products are available.

With a vertical centre, the styling uses a singular blotchy back ground pattern that resembles a dinner counter. Freemans Restaurants site gives us a sound insight into what a meal with Squarespace can do. Lessons and menu are all on the homepage, but the best part is that they all lay over the pictures.

You will find that this direct-to-consumer mailbox can still work well through the Squarespace system, and they discuss the necessary actions you need to take to get your mailbox into the email. The Rodarte clothes store offers clothes, and the overall look and feel of the site is exactly what a designer can do with Squarespace.

This fast-fire slide control attracts a lot of interest and shows the latest style to folks, while the bottom edge softkeys are the only other items on the homepage. Darren Booth knows how to create a squarespace project with Squarespace, as you will see from the grid-based layouts he has created.

There is also a blogs website for exchanging information with customers and you will find some bottom of the page as well. And we are also pleased that the magazine offers a shop for the purchase of articles. Have a look at the PICA Things We Love website if you are trying to create a product range or a basic library of elements.

This website features an introduction page with a classy full-screen wallpaper picture and a tagline with two Call to Action buttons. While one of the icons leads you to the page, the other is a link to the store. It will not be possible for a system as complicated as Lyft to run on Squarespace, but his blogs will.

It is a great example of how you can incorporate Squarespace into an already established website. So for example, you may have an eCommerce shop and want to get a more imaginative blogs, as distinct from something you might find through WIX or Weebly. Collective Quarterly Website is another magazin, but it has some pretty special features that make us want to divide it with all of you.

In order to get started, the registration forms for the newsletters are actually at the top, and you can see that the search engines for online services are also there. It gives you a great understanding of how to move elements on the Squarespace user-interface. There is also a large videomodule available to show some of the sushi cooks who do what they do best.

She is a Chicago-based ceramics designer who uses Squarespace to present her work. They are intelligently seperated and provided with sufficient white space, which makes them easy to recognize. Alder' s page shows only a single picture and some additional search engines on the homepage. User can browse to the bottom menue where they will find gallery button, menue button, message button and contacts button.

Hodinkee site comprises a broad palette of modular products uniquely designed for Squarespace. Scroll down to see a full blogs with pretty and giant pictures. R29 Creative's website shows how overlay text and large headers work with each other. It is also great because the corporation provides online content services to expand the site.

Aesop has a nice homepage with a central lay-out and a classy picture of the products as a heroic picture. Call to Action is a brief comment and a subtile but visual Ghostbutton that leads the visitor directly to the webpage. Whilst the shopping experience is minimalist, you will still find all the important functions you need, such as products pages and a check-out page with an order overview.

This is a dedicated auto related blogs, and the style headers give you a good ideas of what you can do with your own Squarespace website. There is a seek bar at the top, and several link pages for socially relevant content are at the bottom, but the main emphasis on the site is the centred blogs.

At any time, the button remains invisible, which would make sense for a hairdresser. So now that you've had the opportunity to see some of the hottest Squarespace samples available on-line, let us know if you know of any other nice design made on the same site.

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