Best Squarespace Websites 2016

Top Place Websites 2016

Ten of the best Squarespace sites. New 7 Templates for Business and Professional Services - The Official Place Blog We are constantly working on website design that shows what you do and who you are, in the best possible perspective. Therefore, we are pleased to publish seven new submissions covering a broad range of companies and professionals. Harris' uniquely designed project pages and sleek standard typefaces make it ideal for any company that wants to present text-heavy contents simply and comprehensively.

Numerous navigational and introductory areas help your guests find out about your services and what you can do for them. When your company has nice pictures to divide, Artesia brings clients to the doors with animated pictures such as fading and sliding effect. An easy page to land, with whitespace and clicking buttons that allow your users to explore the different facets of your company.

We highlight your product or service with a customisable shop, captivating 3-D scroll graphics and many different styling choices. It' also good for companies that want a long, scrollable homepage that combines a fistful of pictures with breathtaking type. The clear typeface and minimalistic lay-out are ideal for companies or professionals who need to communicate subtle detail about their work.

A practical toolbar makes it easier for the visitor to find what he is looking for. Clear and straightforward motto offers various style choices that will make your website sparkle even if you don't have many pictures. Menu block will help you build elegant menu while the inserted contents will make slight quantities of contents appetising.

Companies and professionals with lots of visually rich media will enjoy this easy and challenging submission. Banners make a daring start, while 3-D scroll effect involves customers in your work. This is a collection of templates with a grid-style home page that will create an appealing overview of your work.

Discover all our new presets here and find out more by looking for preset name on our help page.

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