Best Stock Photo Sites to Sell your Photos

The best photo series for selling your photos

These are the best pages you should look at. What sells better on stock photo pages, editorial or commercial photos? Top 8 Sites to Sell Your Stock Pictures Taking pictures is a pastime that everyone should study a little about. You can even make some cash with your photos by making and marketing stock photos. It is not the most profitable way you can take as a professional photographer, but it has almost no risks and almost no overhead (apart from the overhead of taking the photos, of course).

These are the best pages you should look at. This is the most stunning stock photo website on the web today. Currently over 335,000 photographs are registered as collaborators, and the services are used by tens of millions of publications including Scholastic, Deutsch and Huffington Post.

Snapwire's special function is "Request photos": publishers can send photo enquiries at fixed rates so that the photographer you're looking for can fulfil them on call. When you want to express your creative power in your stock photos, this is an great way to do so. Retain 70% of your turnover with succesful requirement photos.

Or, if you just want to post and sell photos on the market place, keep 50% of your turnover. The Alamy is not yet the best known stock photo website, but it does arrive. With one of the best shared income ratios, no exclusive photo downloads required, a state-of-the-art user friendly user experience that is simple to use and requires no pre-approval for your photos.

Alamy's current membership is 40,000 participating members and the site's coverage is global. That means your photos won't have too much rivalry (which is a big storage problem), but still be seen by enough shoppers who can sell (which is a small storage problem).

Hold 50% of the turnover. 123rf Stock is an actual photo retail outlet. More than 68 million photos in the public libraries ensure that this site meets two important criteria: it's been a while and it' still in use. The more you sell, the more you earn" this website uses a money share pricing scheme.

Initially, you make a small amount per file, but as your file size grows, so does the value of each file. The level of your contribution depends on how many songs you have downloaded and what kind of songs you have downloaded in the last 12 years. From 30% to 60% of revenue with on-demand shoppers.

Five hundred px is a photographer community where you can post your own pictures and approve them for comment, preference and sale. The most serious of photographers are to some extent engaged with the site, so you should begin using them if you aren't already. There is also a section of the website named Marketplace where you can post your photos for sale to the general market (as distinct from the sale directly from your portfolio).

Attendance is free, but there are several conditions you must meet if you wish to stay a premium payer. Retain 30% of your revenue on photos that are not exclusively for the Marketplaceplace. Retain 60% of your revenue on photos exclusively for the Marketplace Shop online at $500px. The name Dreamstime is one of the oldest and best known in the stock photo world.

This also means that this is the kind of level of craftsmanship you have to deliver as a performer. All Dreamstime pictures are subject to strict image inspection and require permission before being offered for purchase. However, for all this work it has some of the best disbursements in the industry.

Hold between 25% and 50% of your turnover as a non-exclusive participant, according to picture size and type. Hold 60% of the turnover as an exclusiv participant in exclusiv pictures. Photolia used to be a large picture series until it was purchased and integrated into Adobe Stock. Although Fotolia's website still does exist, it is better to use Adobe Stock now, as it will be there in the coming years all the impetus will take place.

Hold 33% of your turnover for photos and graphic vectors. iStock (sometimes also referred to as iStockphoto) is another of these stock picture pages, but unlike Dreamstime it has gradually lost much of its gloss due to its low income share rate. Firstly, iStock is a Getty Images owner, which gives it a broad coverage and high awareness of the company's brands.

However, this also means a great deal of rivalry, so you'll have a tough job to sell gunshots, and you won't get much in the way of commissions from those you sell (even as an exclusivity contributor). It is recommended not to use iStock as the primary resource, but as an additional resource for picture revenue.

When you become exclusively, you are better off on one of the other pages above. Hold 15% of turnover as a non-exclusive participant. Hold between 25% and 45% of turnover as an employee. One of the major sites we use for pictures is Sharestock and we are very pleased with the results.

It has a huge collection, great photos, and a simpler user experience than ever. to sell your own photos? Our pay scale differs slightly from most of the other sites we have covered: instead of counting on a mere percent fee, you get a per-picture discount, and this discount rises as your life-time revenue as a premium payer rises.

From $0.25 to $2.85 per picture downloaded, based on purchaser, picture model, picture size, and your life gain as a participant. However, custom images deserve between 20% and 30% of the sales value. Here is the toughest reality about photography: No amount of good you are, making a living with it is never simple.

Stock photographers should reckon with beginners earning between $1 and $100 per months for a long while. After uploading tens of millions of images, you should be expecting to make something that comes very close to a part-time salary, let alone a full-time salary. But you can increase your chances if you know which kinds of photos sell best.

A last remark: Know your statutory photographic prerogatives! Be careful that nobody tears you off or robs your pictures - and that you do not violate the copyright of others! You' re remembering to be a stock photographer? You' re not? What pages are most attractive to you? If you know of other sites we have been missing, please let us know in the comment below!

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