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Top 30 simple WordPress topics of the year 2016 WorldPress is a very sophisticated and efficient software that offers you endless opportunities. WordPress can be anything from a basic blogsite to a first-class restaurantscape; WordPress can do anything for you just because the web site is so rich. Occasionally, when you want something easy - just something stylish that is not too conspicuous and not too difficult to furnish.

Luckily WordPress can do that too. These lists will go through some of the very basic WordPress topics that don't require much setup overhead and won't mess with your visitor's complex navigational or effect skills. Tropical is characterised by a very plain and slim shape with a brightly coloured headboard that extends across the entire width.

It' s a WordPress theme that focuses on your contents, not on the unusual functions. Although it comes with WordPress Customizer, which allows you to customize most of the page without having to touch a single piece of text, it doesn't need it because its ease is its strong point. The Wiles is a basic raster-based design for WordPress that - once again - focuses on your work.

Comes with WordPress Customizer, which allows you to customize its appearance as you like, while at the same time fully responding. As the name implies, it is a very fundamental WP topic. It' s fully reactive, but this is where the list of featured products ends. Not that it comes with any extravagant special effect or function, but it's very easy - consider it a springboard.

Begin with the base theme and customise it as you wish, and when you're done, move on to better topics with more functions to meet your needs. The Twenty Sixteen is a design directly from the vault of WordPress itself as a standard design for WordPress.

It' a very easy WordPress theme that just focuses on your contents and has almost no uniqueness. However, unlike its forerunners, it is fully reactive and fully adaptable if you are willing to get messy with the stain. The Brixton is a WordPress theme that is easy to use, but has many comprehensive functions to make your website look good in all your workspaces.

Best of all, it gives you an opportunity to either keep the site easy or choose to include more items. Featuring boundless colour choices, 6-post template and fresh designs, Brixton is certainly one of the best topics on our site to try a basic website look.

The Posty is a neat and stylish design developed for a straightforward blogs. It' s completely reactive and has several uniquely laid out pages from which you can select for all of its pages. Comes with WordPress Customizer too and allows you to adjust the design with ease. What's more, you can easily change the design of your WordPress customizer. Like Twenty Sixteen, it' s very easy and doesn't contain many functions, but it' s fully reactive.

Whilst it is a very fundamental and straightforward WP topic, it is simply to turn it into something complex. As a one-page version, Alure is fully reactive and includes user-defined widgets such as the Instagram Feed widget. There are a number of functions in the design - but you have the opportunity to keep things straightforward because they come standard.

The EasyNote is an unbelievably easy design for WordPress with a uniquely designed slide control designed for use in blogging. This topic comes with over three different homepage and six post-page layout options. GosipBlog is a very easy WordPress theme to launch a blogs. It' s a fully reactive design, and most of the time everything is adaptable.

The Lucid is an elegant and easy WordPress style sheet that also offers a number of choices. It' s completely reactive and can be customized with five different styles - and comes with the ePanel Dashboard. Although it is a free topic, it conveys the feeling of a prime topic.

WordPress Customizer offers clear text with great fonts and a large title image that can be adjusted with WordPress Customizer. The Rosemary is a fully reactive, easy to use WordPress style sheet with a very easy layout and colour scheme. Comes with a nice custom slide bar, five different predefined layout for your blogs and your posts pages, all of which are Customizable with the WordPress Customizer.

There also comes with over five different customized plug-ins and widgets that have been developed specifically for the design, and the design is also fully responsiv. The Olsen Light is a fully responsives and easy to use design that comes with some really beautiful features and is unbelievably easy to use at the same time. There comes bundled with some customized widgets just for the theme and has a wealth of customization choices.

The Marilyn is a theme with a very basic but colourful colour range. It' not a very feature-rich topic, but it has all the main functions - and it' s fully functional. scheme is an issue that only looks easy at first glance - inside, though it includes some extremely optimized functions for searching machines, an ad administration board, an integrated verification system and much more.

Design is also fully reactive and can be fully customized, complete with a fully user-defined style guide. Color is a very easy and easy theme for WordPress that is still elegantly to look at. It' a fully reactive design and comes with the InfoBar plug-in, which allows you to display a message panel at the top of your website to attract your visitors' interest.

The Foodica is a completely appealing theme with a basic look. At Foodica, our main focus is on providing you with the best possible nutritional blogs possible. The Foodica is fully reactive and comes with Visual Customizer. The adventure is a basic, but nice topic that is mostly intended to help hosting a blogs for you. It has an unbelievably easy map layout and is fully reactive.

At first glance, it looks very easy, but it includes some extended functions that make it unbelievably easy to browse through them. Refresh your next article as your users browse - making it easy to browse and explore your site. It is also fully reactive and comes with a user-defined page creator that can be dragged and dropped.

PeoplePress is a theme that tries to grasp the look of early IOS releases - something that isn't very fashionable, but rather comfortable to the touch. It' also very easy to browse and fully responds with five different pre-built themes to select from using the included ePanel Dashboard.

The Paisley is a raster design with large pictures and basic colours - but all of this is fully customisable. It' s fully reactive and offers functions like endless scroll for your blogs. At first sight Ankor may not look like the simplest theme out there, but it is extremely flexible.

It' s also fully reactive, and everything is adaptable, as it also comes with extensive training manuals to help you do whatever you want with the subject. The Modern Studio is characterised not only by a very basic and slim shape, but also by a basic colour range - monochrome. Based on the Genesis Foundation, this WordPress theme offers a variety of adaptation possibilities with full responsiveness.

EasyMag is a theme with a basic look that is intended for your blog in magazinestyle. Also it is fully reactive and adaptable with the WordPressditor. WizWay is a very basic WordPress theme that doesn't concentrate on add functionality. WizWay tries to be as easy as possible - the only thing you have is the possibility to modify the theme color.

Whilst the topic is very easy in terms of functions, it is still fully reactive so you shouldn't miss it. One Engine is a fundamental one-page theme that is very adaptable and from which you can select from a variety of avenues. Provides user-defined pallax and videotape wallpapers, and the entire theme is fully reactive.

Voux is one of the most feature-rich topics for WordPress, which is also very easy to search for your users. Voux is also fully reactive and comes with Visual Composer, which allows you to modify the look and feel of any page by simply drag and drop. iCook is a very stylish design that is also very easy to use.

Designed on the Tesla platform, it gives you power to manage and customize. It' s fully reactive and has amazing functionality like a special ADJAX Contactsheet. Kerif is a one-sided topic that is easy to search. It' s fully reactive and highly customisable with full WooCommerce capability.

It' also included with SiteOrigin Page Builder and fully supported fully customized background. SocialViral is a map-based theme - one of the easiest ways to navigate. ThusciallyViral concentrates on making your contents virtual - while maintaining a website friendly interface so these new users can easily navigate through your website.

This theme is fully reactive and comes with various user-defined special effect and option settings. Some of the most varied and simplest topics for WordPress. Most of them are just in terms of how they look, while at the same doing a ton of great feature stuff.

An easy to browse website is the secret to gaining and retaining traffic. A subject that offers just that is obviously valuable. Hopefully these issues have been useful in your quest for it.

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