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The best app for Rooted Android Device. Below are topics for you to customize your Android. Best 7 Topic Style Applications for Android 2018 "The ZunUI Topics is a great application that will help you customize your Android backgrounds. There' s such a wide range of topics to pick from, like character cartoons or simply very..

." "The ZunUI Topics is a great application that will help you customize your Android backgrounds. You have such a wide range of topics to select from, such as character cartoons or simply very classy outfits.

Unfortunately, this application seems to work best on Asus mobile telephones. There'?s interference when used on other androids." Thanks for your experience, your comments will be checked and posted soon.

Which is the best and best launch theme for Android in 2018?

Hey! Were you getting tired of the standard layouts of your Android phone? Would you like to take a look at your home video? Do you want to personalise your phone? This article will discuss 3 singular launches of Android. In contrast to other launch vehicles, the lenticular projector is different and has an incredible notion.

Inside this launch all applications are displayed on the start menu with small symbols. Touching or stroking your fingers on the monitor, these symbols began to appear stunningly zoomed out. Len Lens launcher is built on the objective zooming principle and I like it. Adjust the sizes of your symbols, the densities of the symbols, etc. according to your choices in the settings.

They can even mask all applications before the starter lense. In the following you will find the few screen shots of this launch. The name Nova certainly came to the fore when it came to top Android starters. It is the most beloved Android layman so far. The Nova Layuncher has been download 50 million copies from the GameStore.

You can get hundreds of different packages for the launch of the NuovaLuncher. Let's just discuss his facility for UI magic. Download and download the NOVA LUNCHER, MAGA UI icon package and clock widget from the above mentioned sites. You can now choose to use the standard launchers for your launch. Delete all pages and applications from the home page.

Open the UI application and press Apply Theme. Choose Nova launcher to use it. Once back in the UI application, go back and specify the background image as described below. Now open the Nova setting from the application tray and touch Desktop. Activate the Persistent finder under the symbol outline and choose the finder styling below.

Come out of the wallpaper and go to App & Widget Drawers. Enable the Swipe to open option in the App and Widget trains. Use App & Wiget Drawers to change the background to black with 0% opacity. Get out of the App & Widget drawers and go to the dock and deactivate it. Organize the symbols on the home page as described below.

Once you have arranged the symbols, long touch the home page and browse to the widget. Please click on the watch-widget which you have previously download from the above mentioned links. Adjust this watch widget in the upper right corner below the date. It is now your new design with Nova Intro. The NovaBackup script allows you to create this launch directly on your phone.

Open the Nova settings and scrolling down choose "Backup and import settings". Choose the filing and back-up files (Nova+MagmaSetup. novabackup) you just download. Navigate to the GUI and specify the paper. You can now place the watch widget.

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