Best Theme Music

The best theme music

Vote on The Greatest Soundtracks in Film History for the best all-around sound. Forty Greatest Movie Character Character Theme Music Topic: Although it is performed over the opening and close tracks, Ray Parker Junior's classics are really in their splendor over the assembly of Venkman, Stantz and Spengler as their reputations grow and they receive more inquiries for their service. Topic: The Michael Giacchino music chart shows the whole of Ellie and Carl Fredricksen's romantic affairs, but later in the film he really puts on the strings of his heart when the latter sees through a novel the former has abandoned in his now dilapidated home at Paradise Falls.

Sensitive and cheering, Giacchino changes the tempo of the music all the time to alter the observer's emotion, giggling like a swine at one point and crying like a child in another. Topic: Dylan's picking of his guitars leads us into the film's two main characters, while Sam Peckinpah skilfully intersects between Pat's and Billy's deaths, while killing hens for laughs.

His effect: After Dylan apparently was Billy The Kid in a previous lifetime, he was obviously the ideal person to write a track for Peckinpah's beautiful westerns. Topic: Clapton's lamenting guitars are the ideal sounds to emphasize Mel Gibson's murderous policeman, and no two scenes orchestrate this more than his half attempted emotionally murderous assault while observing Bugs Bunny.

Topic: Topic: Topic: Underestimated by criminals, Andrew Dominik's West flourishes thanks to a mix of Nick Cave's sound, the Kiwi director's singular visions, Hugh Ross's impeccable narrative, and Brad Pitt's greatest performances, all of which unite in a mesmerizing opening sequence that familiarizes us with the revolver hero.

Renamed after an aggresive looser with an exaggerated fondness for alcohol, the theme of Miles (Paul Giamatti) leads us into the desire to be writers and his wretched life as he gears up for a weeks drink with his best pal Jack (Thomas Haden Church). Demanding and even slightly irritating, it is the kind of music that distills any sex environment almost immediately.

So it' just great for Miles. Topic: Topic: Whenever Batman (Adam West) and Robin (Burt Ward) run, drive or are part of a mounting, the undying tone of Neal Hefti's Iconic Salve can be overheard.

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