Best Themed Restaurants

The best themed restaurants

Les dangers cachés du WiFi Les meilleurs restaurants à thème de Seattle. With an Escapist Twist, Kendall Jones explores the new wave of upscale restaurants. Craziest themed restaurants in the word There is a strange number of themed restaurants - among them those built on restrooms, clinics, prisons and planes. But many of these strangely themed restaurants - among them restrooms, clinics, prisons and planes - were extremely popular, although there was no attractive link to them. They' re omnipresent in Japan, China and Taiwan, but they' re not the only ones who like to go a little crazy when it comes to novelties.

There is a strange number of themed restaurants out there from Ukraine to the United States - take a look through the weirdest of them all. Truskavets, Ukraine status: Go to the topic: Burial If burial entrepreneurs have chosen to found a business (natural development?), this is the result. Chongqing, China status: Go to the topic: The League of Legends is based on a videogame and offers waiters-women in character outfits, and offers league-themed meals such as deep-fried skarnies (scorpions), along with other nerdish delights and potion-inspired drinks.

Rooms are adorned with league utensils, and there are stops in restaurants where guests can enjoy the games during the meal. Website: Status: Topic: In case you always wanted to fulfill your hidden dreams about cape and knife, this place has it all. Inside, the place is littered with trapdoors and passageways, and if you order a bonding type Martinie, it is "shaken" by firing through a piece of synthetic pipe through the dining room.

Tokyo, Japan status: Go to the topic: For those who believe that they should always be handled like a little girl, this place will do justice to this ruche madness. Taipei, Taiwan status: Go to the topic: This Barbie Bar is rose, very rose and themed, very themed. Barbie dummies are everywhere, and barmaids are wearing Tutus, while barmaids are trying really harshly (but often fail) to look like Ken.

Guests can order macaroons serviced in a Marti Gras category, or a cocktail like the Barbie 128 - a very rose blend. Taipei, Taiwan status: Go to the topic: Planes Airplane meal does not have the best call, but that did not stop the establishment of a dining with airplane theming. The majority of the meals on the menue are presented on bowls of plastics as they would stand 30,000 ft in the skies.

Website: Status: Topic: Äpfel While the name of the place may not be an appel, this sophisticated place is able to include 120 different kinds of fruits in its menus. Approximately 600 kg of Apples are supplied each week for use in meals such as Apfel-Zimtrollen and wasabimarinierten Lachs mit Grannysmith-Apfeln.

There is also a lounges where various cider and apples are sold, as well as a food store with apples ranging from chips to brands. Website: cabbages and cotton buds. com status: Topic: Childbirth Controls To encourage safer sexual practice in Thailand's countryside, the founder of cabbages and cotton bottles founded this place because they believe that childbirth controls should be as easy to access as vegetable markets.

It is decorated with a large number of colourful flower arrangements of cotton jelly and various sculptures, one of which is Santa Claus. Maybe the best part is the tagline found on the menus: Website: Status: Topic: Website: tw Status: Topic: Restrooms This is a very beloved Taiwanese resort - it attracts clients who are sitting on lavatory chairs while eating their meal in lavatory chair cans.

Beijing, China status: Go to the topic: Place: New York, NY status: Completed in 2012 theme: Mars/Out space While this place was unfortunately shut down about 100 years too early, the Marsian thematic place has really raised kitchen to a new standard (Planet?). They dressed up as extraterrestrials while providing their clients with Moroccan blue lights and room-themed furnishings.

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