Best Themed Restaurants in the World

The best themed restaurants in the world

In Britches in Melbourne, Australia, will scare you in a good way. themed restaurants around the world Of course, when you go out for dinner, you always want to choose a good eating area. Sometimes, however, you want to go somewhere where it' s enjoyable, different and original - and that's where themed restaurants come in. Several of the themed restaurants out there are definitely a little mysterious, such as Modern Toilet, a bathromm that has several sites in Asia.

When you think it may sound less than appetising to be eating meals from mini-toilet trays, don't be worried - there are many other themed restaurants out there. Visit some of the most stunning themed restaurants in the world and be ready to schedule your next holiday to visit as many as possible.

As a Halloween enthusiast, you'll want to make a point of visiting this great Australian Halloween town.

Located under water, this is a breathtaking place to be. With a 180-degree ocean panorama that means you can have a snack while observing the marine environment as it swims right past you. Constructed in a true sequoia, about 32 ft in the sky, this cocoon-shaped pedestal diner is accessed via a raised canopy path.

Nearly everything is made of ice-cream, which includes desks, chairs, plates as well as jars (although they are serving dishes that are hot). There is a cool minus temp. in the eatery and there are icecream statues everywhere. A ninja serves you at a ninja in New York City, New York. It' quite evident that the subject of this tribeca is ninja, tribeca, ninjas.

Meals are varied and costly, but the ambience is very pleasant. Better aircraft feed at Airbus A-380 in Taipei, Taiwan. Airbus A-380 is a themed aircraft dinner that is too good for words. Its interior is a replica of the world's biggest airliner and provides the sensation of dining on the aircraft - simply better.

Most of the meals are presented in bowls, but don't worry: it doesn't flavour like a normal plane ticket. In Pomze in Paris, France, it's all about the motto Apfel. Dedicated to eating apple. The Safe House is a clandestine thematic agency that really fits the name.

Frðheimar in Iceland has everything from potatoes to beers. Our diner is situated in a tropical hothouse, so you can eat between many different kinds of tropical fruits, even in Iceland in summer. Anything on the menue is prepared with homemade potatoes, incl. homemade icecream and beers. The Calico Cath Cafe in Shinjuku, Tokyo, is the place for cats to be.

Everywhere there are kittens and the visitors get free dried fodder to eat and drink with the cattle. Made Rex has a post-apocalyptic topic that makes the meal a little scary, but also very funny. O'Naturel in Paris, France, will make you hide everything. O'Naturel is the first naturist in Paris, and yes, you eat nude, along with everyone else.

The Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku, Japan, presents an interesting show.

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